Monday, February 14, 2011

It's End Game: Dollar Is Gone, Currency Revaluation..



  2. The whole thing sounds like crap. The banksters are not backing off as far as I can see. They got the dorks under control

  3. Complete fairy tale back by the people trying to get rich off the Dinar re valued. I am surprise you posted this. Some fairy tale group standing up to the Federal Reserve and we are all going to be saved. Sure! with Odumbo as President it never happen.

  4. 5:47, 5:17 you're absolutely 100% sure on those statements? I can bet my entire life savings on that post? Or are you talking out the side of your mouth, Mr. Elite.

  5. It does sound like a lot of well intentioned nonsense! I listened to this also a couple weeks ago and the fact that the lady with " extensive Chinese dealings" did not know that it was August 15th 1971 (and said it was 1972) when Nixon renegged Bretton Woods made me realize this, as well as a few other fundamental inaccuracies. Yes ,I too would love to see the US Treasury take control but i think they are dreaming, though I hope I am wrong.

  6. The insolvent debt ridden USA must either attempt to inflate away its debts or default .
    Future government revenues are all promised to bondholders and for bailouts socializing capitals losses.

    Marxists used to claim that industrial capital would impoverish the working class enlarging the mass of a property less proletariat and the internal contradiction between the working class and capital would lead to revolution for socialism.

    Well, what with a cut from colonialism ,neo-colonialists and imperialist profits flowing on to the working people in countries like America ,that revolution did not happen ,it was not necessary after all in the First World.

    Americans on the whole were happy with their lot especially in recent decades as the credit supply from finance capital for mortgages and credit cards was cheap and plentiful.

    Marx and his crisis theories was long since declared a dead dog ,discredited by credit practices and the printing of $ paper that made the first world market economy and property bubbles continually bloom and boom!

    The American dream And The Wall st and Fed fantasy was in full control in America . Government Keynesian militarism finance for wars and services and pensions that could all be financed by deficit spending and the printing press .

    No real profitable wealth creating industry required as long as the credit supply kept up a balance with demand.
    What an “economy” driven by consumer demand and credit consumption !

    After all Pre crisis the finance sector its shares and bonds ,not industrial production ,accounted for more than 40%of profits in a consumer credit driven services, unproductive of real profits economy.
    Retail profits from sales of Chinese cheap labor goodies at Wall mart and the retail/credit card supply were another contributor of big ‘American” profits and GD”P”.
    Till the interests on debts became un payable and it all went Ponzi belly up!

    In fact millions are now in seems permanently discarded and unemployed .
    Millions ,or one in six Americans are pauperized living on food stamp handouts.
    Millions more homebuyers and property flippers are being foreclosed on.

    The debt ridden middle classes savings and assets are flowing to ,or being looted by the small elite and bankster agents, that through the glories of competition and treasury handouts now own the bulk of Americas income earning physical assets and debt incomes .

    In short Americans are well on the way to becoming a propertyless proletariat of debt Peons living in under -employment in a Third World type country ,but not impoverished in the industrial capitalist exploitation process expected by Marx ,not by monopolized industrial capital ,but by debts to Ponzi usury finance capital.

    A division of labor had occurred internationally under the oil backed dollar hegemony system, whereby de-industrializing Americans became consumers on credit of industrial commodities produced by countries like China.
    The Chinese even became credit vendors financing the consumption of their own commodities and backed the “strong” dollar system by buying Treasury and housing bubble bonds to enlarge their profits.
    The new middle class and capitalists of China led by their own reformed “Communist Party” are doing O.K. They do not like Marx or the long departed “ignorant peasant” Mao either ,even if the majority peasantry is not doing so well now ,living in all the environmental pollution. Still some jobs are now available working in the industrial manufacturing export of wealth industries In China .
    While underemployed American debt peons wander around their now decrepit crime and drug and debt ridden Detroit cities wondering where their run down infrastructure and manufacturing industry went.
    They can’t even find an industrial capitalist to revolt against or an industrial means of wealth production to seize to rebuild their economy.
    Proving Marx was wrong!

  7. 7:23 you can bet your life saving on pipe dreams and unicorns. I'll stick with what is real.

  8. The dollar is not printed with one horned unicorn symbols .Although the English pound does.

    The illuminati ,
    Satanists ,
    Worshipers of the usury God and reserve banking frauds of enslavement by debt creation ,have their own american symbolism.

    On the dollar it is the one controlling eye in the top down pyramid of their own elite rule through the power of money and debt creation.

    It is they who will decide to hyper-inflate or default on dollar debts in the interest of their shareholders.
    Thats just the manager, Ben Benanke duty ,to the shareholders .

    After all The Fed is a private bank.

    And thats the way capitalism works.

  9. 10:53 you missed my point completely I know the Federal Reserve note is fiat money. But to believe in some shadow group that is going to save the world is a joke. This about tricking people into buying the Iraq Dinar a classic pump and dump.

  10. 122:29 you know nothing. You know as much as us minions. Anything you state is just that, a statement. Anything can happen at anytime. Its quite insane for people to come on here unequivocally claim this won't happen or that's not true etc. YOU KNOW NOTHING.

  11. I call BS on this... Have been hearing this for years. Next...

  12. People like 10:12 are just trying to make you mad so they can get their kicks. Anyone who is that clueless as to what's happening at the stores alone, not to mention their standard of living in the past three years alone would have to be a crackhead if not mentally retarded.

    Regardless if you're a Communist, Conservative, believe in reptiles, don't know... every American should at least recognize how hard things are getting. If they aren't then they must be (see above)...

    5:11, 9:22, 10:12 (all the same person), doesn't even count as a full person. I gaurantee he's about 15 or so just surfing the web while his parents are at work. He's bored and is trying to entertain himself.

    Enough said. Keep preparing. It's only been three years, and look how bad things have become since then!

  13. C'mon. Quite with the BS. You post this without saying who's on the call, the purpose, etc.!!
    Who, Why, Where, What, When?

    My time is wasted by listening to it. Why do people do crap like this? There must be an ulterior motive or scam involved here.

  14. This is a rehash of the UCC/Freemen/Guardians of the Republic BS (remember the dudes who threatened all the govenors a while back). This is part of their schtick tied in with Cottrell (who they mention several times as a "leader" in the scam) and Leo Wanta crapola.

    The banksters associated with the FED, IRS, etc., are going to just say, Oh, we see, there's a new and better system; we really don't want amerika to become a 3rd world cesspool. We'll just go away. And the Chinese are going to say, yeah we want all the best for amerika so they'll buy stuff from us forever, since there is no other market on the face of the earth but amerikans. :)
    Yeah Right!!!
    Nice pipe dream but pleaseeeee!

  15. This is silly, whoever keeps posting that everyone is an elite or doesn't know anything just because they disagree. These people in the interview strike me as not all that bright. And who would go on broadcast radio and not disclose their names but disclose their regular voices for all to hear? Perhaps individuals linked to the Dinar Scam that has been mentioned.

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  17. This doesn't even remotely touch on the root cause of the problem. We are paying for the industrialization of China and the third world. We no longer are a productive country, rather we import more than we can afford. Not only is most of our food supply imported, so are most of our products, and our housing and land is slowly being bought up by the people we are indebted to for these products.
    We are perfectly capable of producing ALL of our own products and food supply. We have the oil reserves to see us through the change to a post-oil economy using renewable resources. We should STOP importing everything right now! Our so-called American companies are actually international companies PRODUCING wealth for China!
    NOT only have or industrial jobs but our information technology jobs have been exported. It was envisioned that we could keep on being the "top dog" by using the information technology and computers rather than products and services. Well, the service jobs as well as the technology jobs HAVE BEEN EXPORTED as well! An HP laptop is COMPLETELY chinese! If you buy a cheap laptop nowadays, not only is the hardware all built in china, the SOFTWARE is installed there as well, probably illegal copies (there is no copyright law in China.)
    We've lost the war, and unless you're willing to go back to farming and producing your own goods, you're part of the problem.

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