Friday, February 18, 2011

Real Crisis Is Coming And It's Coming Fast

Forget stocks, the real crisis is coming… and it’s coming fast.

Indeed, it first hit in 2008 though it was almost entirely off the radar of the American public. While all eyes were glued to the carnage in the stock market and brokerage account balances, a far more serious crisis began to unfold rocking 30 countries around the globe.

I’m talking about food shortages.

Aside from a few rice shortages that were induced by export restrictions in Asia, food received little or no coverage from the financial media in 2008. Yet, food shortages started riots in over 30 countries worldwide. In Egypt people were actually stabbing each other while standing in line for bread.

We’re now seeing the second round of this disaster occurring in Egypt and other Arab countries today. Thanks to the Fed’s funny money policies, food prices have hit records. And even the Fed’s phony measures show that vegetable prices are up 13%!


  1. No way man! There will always be McDonald's Drive Thru Meals!!! Want Biggee Upsized Fries and Sugar Coke with that order? Want a Piping Hot Apple Pie too?

    You Got It!!! Paris Hilton, Hormonal Contraceptives, Beer, Commercial Sports, SUVs with A.C. and Leather Interiors!!!

    Dude, We got it goin' on here in the United States!!! Why do you want to put us on a Downer Trip?

    Just Chill Out and Tune in to Charlie Sheen's Two and a Half Men and Charley's Real Life Way of Living! Emulate Lindsay Lohan and Charley Sheen Dude and stop with the Pompous Secular Moralizing!!

    I mean, Like, Life is Short Dude, Just Let the Good Times Roll!!!

    Party Like it's the End of the World!!!

  2. Just like Spaccolli said:

    Hey Dude.....Let's Party!

    Wall Street is nearing 15-thousand and like Gordon Gecko said:

    Greed is GOOD!

    China is setting up sovereign free trade zones in every state and like Schmirnoff said:

    Amerika...what a coutry!

    ...and like Khrushchev said:

    We will take Amerika not by the sword but by the heart of capitalism...we will bankrupt her fiancially!

    ...Hey Dude...lets party...pass the Stoli Comrade!

  3. The baby boomers are doing fine so they don't care about anyone else.

  4. Behold the harlot.

    For she caters to many for her own lust’s sake,
    And uses the lusts and vanities of men’s hearts
    As leaven for her new bread baked in the furnace,
    Given to the masses, to eat and become fat, and to drink...

  5. ??? say what, man WTF U talkin bout homes? 7:02

    I'm one of "them" boomer's, I don't have a LCD TV, I still use my 19 in 25 year old one, I don't use High Speed ISP, I still use dial-up, I don't have or ever have had a cell phone, I can't pay 40 fkn bucks a month for just so i can text my buddy next to me. And no way can I mess with some 600 buck Iphone or Ipad, let alone the monthly charges for that shit.

    yet just about every body else under the boomer's seems to roll along just fine with ALL that shit, you hardly see anybody on the road without a damned cell glued to their ear, who the hell needs to be yappin that much while drivin?

    Keep watchin survivor and dancing with the stars homeboy!

    The best thing you got going though is that you will have more time to waddle around the planet than us boomer's, so enjoy the extra time.

  6. There won't be any food shortages. Our Lord and savior the most high Obama will simply create food out of thin air just like he has done with the money supply.

    You people have a short memory. Don't you remember how the community organizer with NO real world experience was going to solve ALL of the world's problems? Didn't he get a Nobel prize after only 2 weeks in office in anticipation of his wondrous miracles?

  7. 9:16,

    I couldn't agree more. Baby boomers were a degenerate form of the prior generation, which held the real revolutionaries. The baby boomers were not all Hippies however.

    There were two kinds of Hippies, ones that only dressed it or listened to the music (with some pot smoking), and those that were into drugs, and figuring out how to destroy the USA through Communism.

    Communism however was funded by the Elites to help smother the American middle class into oblivion as the uber corporatists were the only ones to benefit. We haven't had Capitalism in a VERY long time in this country. Each time we receive it it only lasts a decade or so before being taken away by administrations that pump out the regulations and prohibitions.

    Boomers are far greater than X and Y in every manner possible, despite being a crap version of their glorious parents. The Hippies were the crap of the boomers, but most boomers either grew out of it or didn't take part of it. Hippies were given false credit for having saved the world by the Elites for a reason. It simply helps kill the youth today by having losers as heroes.

    Hippies stood for the following. Drugs, absence of hard work and dedication, mixed with reckless and unrealistic pursuits. These have become the basic fabric of consciousness for those under 40 (most). The younger - the worse. Each decade seems to breed a far more violent and careless group of humans.

    The real losers that only care about themselves 7:02, are those too conceited to even question if their own perceptions might be wrong. Fucking little brats (I'm one of them) demand that the entire universe revolves around us. We demand that the universe would destroy the world to give us our fantasy world, which we conceal the true intentions by labeling the capitalist system as the problem, and how the rich are the source of evil. The true desire of course is so we can have a world without work.

    We like to think young men dying in the second Great War were just dumb fools who didn't have the great "intellects" we have and that we wouldn't have been suckered into "fake wars" like them. What a pedestal we place ourselves on huh?

    One hundred million people in the 20th century were exterminated in Genocidal fashion under Communist and/or Fascist governments. But for some strange reason our lazy, piss drinking generation who never had to sacrifice a cell phone imagine this kind of existence is for "everyone else".

    Yeah I can see it so perspicuously, how incisively mankind's predicament cuts into our hearts in contrast to those selfish baby boomers that are the only ones able to work 80 hour weeks even at 60 years old.

    9:16, you really need to reflect on your self centeredness. (Ha... ha.) I am truly. It hurts to do so. I always believed I was the STAR of the world. Now I'm coming to realize how unlearned I am, and how much distance there is to go from 22 before I can call myself anything other than an insignificant idiot with a deranged sense of entitlement.

  8. And who counts the millions of dead killed in "genocidal fashion" from the US imperialists imposing its "democracy" "free Trade" “freedom” system in the rest of the world since the end of world WW2 ,starting with the bombing of civilian in cities like Dresden.
    And then in Tokyo and the atomic bombing of civilans in non military target cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki in an already militarily defeated Japan.

    Since then with all the CIA support for and defense of puppetry and 'pro-american dictators from Muslim Middle east oil Puppets to supporting 'democracy" of dictators warring against their peoples and democracy from the Philippines to Chile and in the rest of South America and in Asia in the defense of “freedom”.
    How many poor peasants died in those countries just for fighting for land reform.

    And directly by openly US wars ?

    Korea ,Vietnam ,Iraq ,Afghanistan to name only the major wars.

    But whose counting ?
    Mostly they are only poor brown people anyway.

    As long as it all supported Americans Imperialist Empire and export markets and oil and other natural recourses for Americans freedom to consume extra wealth cheaply from the rest of the world .

    Should we count the millions of children who die yearly of malnutrition in the failed capitalist counties of the Third World under Americas imposed 'free trade" dollar hegemony regime and by food monopolies and food supply future speculators like Americas Cargil ?

    More than a hundred Million since WW2 or more ?

    And how is the Empire count going ,in just this new century alone ,from Iraq ,to Afghanistan to Pakistan?

    But who in the US counts the dead and tortured and the drone killed at wedding parties anyway?

  9. chemical fertilizers worked well in the aral sea working well in china, coupled with some tree cutting. I'm sure science will save us...lololol
    hmmm..the bee's saw what's up, and left!
    ..what we ought to do-to protect the land-is cover the best farmland with mini malls and offices
    (I know-sounds dumb, but actions speak that we've done just that huh)
    and water...gotta have that lawn and those golf courses now...

  10. 5.19
    Is blaming the "selfish" baby boomers for a lack of "pure capitalism" and jobs in an anti-socialist anti older people rave.

    "selfish baby boomers that are the only ones able to work 80 hour weeks even at 60 years old.'

    With the implication that these jobs should belong to and are stolen from "non-selfish" young people.

    Now ,if america were realy still a physical wealth producing society, instead of a de-industrialised by free trade for capital shell .
    Not a services ,consumerist society ,not an unproductive of real profit ,dependent on foreign credit society , what a great gift to America those older people working would be !
    With plenty of oportunities being created for the youth.
    Instead 22 Year olds overpopulating america,useless mouths philosophising with plenty of time on their hands because of lack of even a spare time job , whine about lack of work.
    Because of how capitalism has actualy organised work in a society living on credit,where the youth feel they must blame the vigorious 'selfish " old workers for their problem as they will not die off, not by blaming a corrupted ,insolvant, failed banksterized capitalism.
    Yes ,It was all the fault of the hippie commies who will not do the decent thing and die!

  11. @ 5:11 from 9:16

    I was never a hippie, I joined the military at 17, stayed 27 , "hippie's" didn't like me much either.


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