Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bahrain Protesters: We Are Victorious

“We are victorious!” they chanted as they marched back into the square that has been the headquarters for their revolt against the Sunni monarchy in the predominantly Shiite island nation.
They also chanted: “The people want the removal of the regime.”
President Barack Obama discussed the situation with King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, asking him to hold those responsible for the violence accountable. He said in a statement that Bahrain must respect the “universal rights” of its people and embrace “meaningful reform.”
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  1. Hey, this is a terrible ,all this “human rights and democracy stuff” in elite run Bahrain too now !
    The USA fights wars to keep such elites in power, as in the First Gulf war to keep the Sunni Kuwaiti, royal family of oil in power .
    Now after after losing out in the second gulf war for control of oil (and dollar pricing) in Iraq to the majority Shias ,even if still represented ,temporarily at this time, by selected military backed US puppets.

    Where will the M.E .US Empire Navy Fleet be able to park its ass if they lose their base in Bahrein?
    While in Libya deals have been made as Gaddafi was bought to heel a few years ago .Now gaddafi is allowed to make populist noises as long as he delivers up the oil and gas.
    And the people are not satisfied?

    where is the stability to be had in todays Muslim world ?

    American freedom to prop up elites in the Muslim world is being threatened.

    But all is not black.
    victories Have been had.
    Its a good thing that a color/twitter revolution replaced Mubarak with his assistant Military policeman ,a real Democrat from the army responding to the peoples demands for sure! The USA needs send it more billions of Military Aid To keep this "new" "Hope and no change" lot from the army in power in Egypt .
    The future of Americans superpower Empire and the main thing ,above all Israels survival, depend on that.
    Democracy where will it end ?
    Even the Palestinians might start claiming a One PalestitineState solution with equality for all people whatever their religion or 'race" with a vote and "equal human rights" in all of occupied Palestine.
    If the muslim and Christian people get fed up with the UN imposed creation of only one recognised Israeli State in divided Palestine.
    If they get fed up with the occupation by colonial settlers of the rest of palestine too, even beyond the limits of what the UN originaly "Granted" to set up Israel.
    If they get fed up with the current Apartheid 'two States roadmap" that never actualy happens, "solution" for the US backed White Euro -colonialist settlers system.
    And demand real democracy and an end to Abbas and his "roadmap" supporting now ilegitmate outvoted minority backed "Palestinian Authority" that avoids fresh elections .
    Where will it all end if democracy is won!


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