Sunday, February 20, 2011

SILVER: A No Brainer


  1. Does your computer screen show the>
    advertisement off the the right? 2010 American
    Eagles Coin (spot price 1 oz. silver right now=
    $32.66; the add shows 'best' price =$42.49!
    Wow! DO NOT pay those premiums for silver! You
    can buy 1 oz 'rounds' which are just as good as
    these, if you're just wanting bullion, for +/-
    $1.00 or so over the spot price. Buy silver
    bullion, but just don't get ripped off!

  2. why are you calling 2:15 an idiot

  3. Ha!!!!!

    Got Silver you Beeches !!!!!

  4. no, 2:15 is kinda right. it depends on your purpose for buying silver. If you are planning on using it for a "prepper" purpose, then he is correct, forget about buying US coins, just but private mint. Its the same damn silver. if you want to buy it as an investment, then maybe US mint cause it might be easier to re-sell. I bought 170 rounds 2 years ago from a private mint and have profit but thats not what i bought it for. Silver is going to $50. Even then I will not sell, now if it gets to $200 maybe, but if its at $200 we probably have bigger issues than making a profit. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

  5. I don't know about a dollar over but APMEX usually hasgood prices on silver rounds not so much Silver Eagles.

    I say any silver is good to have must confess to buying up some old sterling silver utencils waaaay back in 2006 because I thought it was going to crash then...So far NADA.

    I have no idea how they keep it going but I appreciate the extra time.

  6. The only places you can really sell are ebay on auction or if you have a LOT of PMs either to Apmex or Tulving. You'll always get more for the Eagles and it's easier to liquidate them. Local dealers will usually give you more for the Eagles or other "name" coins. A lot of local dealers want nothing to do with generic rounds or bars, in my experience.

    But if you're buying PMs to sell on ebay, you could just sell anything else. You don't have to limit yourself to just PMs.

    If your primary purpose is as an inflation hedge, don't buy bullion at all. Instead get junk silver (90%). There are usually little to no premiums on the junk silver, plus they're actual American currency. You'd never want to spend it for the prices listed on them of course, but worst comes to worst they'd be the only currency recognized anymore most likely.


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