Sunday, February 20, 2011

Worldwide Revolution Spreading?

BEIJING- Postings circulating on the Internet have called on disgruntled Chinese to gather on Sunday in public places in 13 major cities to mark the "Jasmine Revolution" spreading through the Middle East.
The calls have apparently led the Chinese government to censor postings containing the word "jasmine" in an attempt to quell any potential unrest.
"We welcome... laid off workers and victims of forced evictions to participate in demonstrations, shout slogans and seek freedom, democracy and political reform to end 'one party rule'," one posting said.
Protesters were urged to shout slogans including "we want food to eat," "we want work," we want housing," "we want justice," "long live freedom," and "long live democracy."
Chinese authorities have sought to restrict media reports on the recent political turmoil that began in Tunisia as the "Jasmine Revolution" and spread to Egypt and throughout the Middle East.


  1. A "Jasmine Revolution", how bad can that be?
    Maybe it be more peaceful that the "Daisy Revolt" or the "Geranium Uprising".
    I have Star or Jasmine in my Back Yard and it smells lovely.

  2. listen to Gerald Celente to see what happens next.

    10:46 you must be a fag.

  3. 1121 you must be a southern, racist, redneck, hick, republsiveCon.

  4. But 10.46,are you a northern browneck,flower sniffing liberal fag.

  5. I don't know about 'worldwide', but I'll say
    this about the middle-eastern riots:
    These people are illiterate, meaning can't read
    or write. A large portion of them are inbred,
    meaning they marry their cousins and the gene
    pool is 'degenerating', their broke, unemployed,
    and they have nothing to lose. I suppose when
    that Iranian warship drops off a whole bunch of
    AK-47's, long-range missiles, ammo and other
    military gear, they'll just say: Here you go,
    boys, lets go to war! Why not? 'Protesting'
    isn't going to change our lives, knowamsayin?

  6. Instead of insulting each other, Libya has just collapsed! They dictator can't seem to be found. His son is speaking to the world as I write this.

  7. What's he saying to his world?

    Closer to the point; who the fuck really cares ?

    Just another 2 bit little fucking dictator that shoots, kills and maims any and all opposistion
    into his little world of drugs, sex and international terror. The real difference between them and us is that to Quade-Daffy; all life except his is EXTREMELY dispensable; for he is the supreme diety; neither peein' yellow or poopin' brown!

  8. You might care when the middle east stops pumping oil due to civil war and your gas is 15 bucks a gallon moron.

  9. Todays Islamic humor ?

    Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday called on Muslims to "remove" the US from the Islamic world.

    "The main problem in the Muslim world is the presence of the United States.
    It is the biggest problem. We need to address that," he told a gathering of Shiite and Sunni scholars in Tehran for an international conference on Islam.”

    What Theocratic arrogance !

    Everybody knows the USA has a god given right to protect its puppets in the middle east , whatever the Islamist “terrorists” god ,or Iran may say about the “Great Satan”

    Then , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad chimed in and attacked americas Commander in Chief Barack Obama on Friday, saying the American president cant control his emotions and "doesn't even know how to spell his own name properly."
    An Israeli source reports.,7340,L-4030469,00.html
    This is probably just the smart arse Iranian President Ima dinnerjacket and confirmed towelhead unfairly slandering all Americans as ignorant and dumb as usual.

    But, perhaps its true, or there is a grain of truth here .
    No American know how their Presidents name should be properly spelt after a couple of name changes and numerous versions on social security number applications .
    Who knows what name was put on his applications for foreign student loans ?.
    Barry or barrack Obama or Soetoro ?
    Who knows how it was spelt ?
    Only the CIA appears to know and keeps it all Mum as part of its agent protection services on “national security grounds” all past documents are ‘sealed”. Even the American peoples courts are waved off and have no right to ask.
    It appears that Obama, the black face “socialist” actor, may himself be confused about this name spelling business.
    As the American president has been unable to find and check out the English spelling of his original name on a long form American birth certificate ,for a bit of constitutional show and tell.

  10. Wordwide Revolution?
    Well in the "Islamic world"the struggle for national independence is heating up .

    The USA with its puppet Arab oil and anti- Iranian war politics and its recent open support at the UN by a veto in support of criminal Israeli expansionist euro-colonialist settlements and occupation of even more Palestinian land, is being defeated militarily in Iraq and Afghanistan and ideologically in the middle east and the entire Muslim world.
    It is perceived as weak has been superpower and its dominance a hangover of a different Era.

    Big and small Elite Puppets are coming under attack everywhere in the middle east and Muslim Pakistan now as ordinary Muslims of both the Shia and Sunni varieties from Pakistan to Palestine are finding increasing unity against what is perceived as US manipulative control and domination of the Muslim world.
    The influence and respect for Iran who tossed the American puppet Shah out years ago as a symbol af Muslim resistance grows daily not only amongst Shia populations but in Sunni and Arab countries too from Iraq to Syria. As American influence is undermined.

    The hijacking of the Egyptian revolution by a coup by an army The US finances will probably be its last successful desperate interference in the politics of the larger Muslim countries. That army and its head policeman even with the support of a tamed section of a “Muslim Brotherhood” will not hold together for very long. The Egyptions have had enough of being paid US poodles, including for policing the inhuman blockade of Palestinians ,fellow Arabs in the Gaza Ghetto, for Israel .

    Most Americans are not aware that In another major Muslim country Pakistan, after recent US drone attacks killing many civilians in Pakistan ,drone attacks that are passively condoned by a lickspittle Pakistani government and after growing terrorist attacks and murders by ‘muslim Miltants” in Pakistan , Attacks that most Pakistanis believe rightly or wrongly are really ‘false flag” terrorist incidents created by foreign provocateurs. Either by Anglo American imperialist intelligence or by Israeli agents.

    .The Americans have now completely isolated themselves in Pakistan by claiming ‘diplomatic immunity” and the release of an illegally armed American agent “Davis” after the shooting murder of two Pakistanis and the killing of an innocent pedestrian by an American embassy car agent rescue mission. The US has now attempted to backdate its embassy employment rolls and demand and threaten Pakistan for his immediate release even after murder.
    So all Pakistanis have had enough too and are demanding that the government and army stand up for Pakistani national sovereignty against American stand overs and interferance in Pakistani affairs and legal system.
    If you have probably not been made aware of this very important Pakistani “Davis” affair in American MSM ,Pakistani news reports and analysis may be found here.

  11. The people in the Islamic nations want an Islamic fascist government... Sharia Law. They hate the pro United States and Israeli leaders that have been established within and desire a full blown Muslim Kaliphate instead.

    The conspiracy circles and Marxists seem determined to make them out to be wonderful, sweet people fighting for their freedom and independence. Unfortunately for these dimwit westerners, their type of independence consists of mass murder against anyone not Muslim enough, Jews, gays, and women that speak too loud.

    Surprisingly most of the people in an Islamic country are eager for Sharia Law. Some aren't, but a large enough percentage does. In Egypt get ready for hardcore violence like you've never believed possible.

    The Rise of Islamic Radicalism, not anything remotely similar to real Islam, will bring within the next few decades, slaughter that will make the crimes committed by the Nazis and Soviet Communists look like a Disney film.

    Keep laughing and pretending it's all just a CIA fabrication. Keep at it, I'm just a government agent trying to hypnotize you into wanting to bomb Iran so we can get oil.

    Fucking hell! We have all the oil we could ever need in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico but we're giving that all up since it harms the eco system (joke). We didn't go to Iraq and Afghanastan to get oil. And I don't see why we needed to blow up the Trade Center buildings to get an excuse to go over. If the CIA had anywhere near that kind of power they would have been able to stage a war with nobody even knowing.

    You fucking David Icke clowns. My gosh it was all the Zionists. It was all the Pope. There are no Islamic Radicals, it's all just Manchurian Candidate. If the British royal family and the US government went away world peace, love, and harmony would take over and all evil will stop!

    What a God damn joke! Can I ask you educated brains what mankind was like 300 years ago? How about 2,500 years ago? Remember throwing girls off cliffs to please the gods? How about carving their vaginas out and drinking their blood to get psychic powers? Remember the Aztecs and how they would carve out hearts and eat the victims? Celts did that too, and also ripped off female breasts if they were the wives of enemy warriors. Or in African tribes those born of a cursed ancestor got their limbs cut off?
    But those evil American and British soldiers are absolutely forbidden from firing on armed hostiles if they are having a funeral or praying. Go look that up people. Rules of Engagement often means dying instead of defending themselves. We have all that power but we refrain from using it.

    And still, we get in trouble for water boarding. That is not torture by the way. That's flaccid scare tactics - a weak method to use against soft skins. No fanatic or pain resistant, hard minded Jihadi would give in to water boarding. But that's all we can do. Otherwise, Socialists like Pelosi will get upset and have multiple, spontaneous orgasms while speaking to the nation about it on TV.

    But the Jihadis happily and proudly take western reporters or tourists hostage and behead them without any form of trial or concern for their well being. Still, we must take time to investigate a few Navy Seals for breaking a man's nose who wouldn't think twice about using a child as a bomb.

    Let me guess how some of you will respond...

    Al Qaeda Supporter: You idiot bigoted American! your so blinded by ignorance. look into the deaths of millions of Iraqi civilians because of your countrys bombing just to get a new colony to get rich from. u think u r fighting for freedom? Typical American!

    Something like that. Just to be sure you don't let that fly over your head, I'm NOT a patriot. I hate America. The only thing is that America is the lesser of evils. I'd say the only people nicer and more tolerant than Americans would be in Belize, Sweden, Holland, or Greenland. And that's about it.

  12. There is a site called with a map that shows how much foreign aid we give to most of the world (by individual country). We give tens of billions to the Arab countries (the most went to Pakistan), but apparently there is no real oversight on how the money is spent, other than getting these dictators to buy their weapons from us.

    Of the $1.5 billion given to Egypt, most of that came back to us as arms purchases, so you know that very little went to help the poor. What was amazing to me is that we give millions to Saudi Arabia. This is one of the richest oil-exporting countries in the world--they don't need our effing money!

    This country is incredibly fucked up. The Republicans are cutting aid for heating assistance to the poor, but they're giving tax credits to Exxon-Mobile.

  13. 6.26
    Your Orwellian /Amerikan civilisation pro torture 1984 two minute Enemy hate section was very good!

    And up to date too, on the facts of Islamo fascist/Marxist/Sharia law combo conspiracy threat against American freedoms and the lesser of two evils benevolent American empires support for human rights and Christian /Judeo civilizations values in the Muslim world .
    With only humane, harmless pinpoint bombing of civilian enemies ,and soft/non- torture of suspects according to the rules of civilized American military engagement .
    As we saw in Abu Graib and apparently still continuing under the Great leader Obama in Guantanomo Bay concentration camp today.

    America has ALWAYS fought against Sharia Law in EuroAsia!!!!

    As we can see by the USAs long time support for the freedom of people and women in the freedom loving monarchial /theocratic regime of Saudi Arabia , and by the creation and arming of the Sharia law enforcing Al Quada in Afghanistan in order to fight the Soviet enemy.

    Such a fresh modern American self centered view of the world . Your flexibility of thought and ability to adapt and update your American freedom empire propaganda thought to modern conditions is truly amazing. As your post appears to be a timely ,proper combination of both the old “right views of a Bush ,but updated to the more modern Obama “left’ empire American war justification stand .

    Again, I applaud such flexibility of adapting clear thinking patriotic American thought!Yet ,despite that flexibility , it all now agrees with the approved new and refined history facts ,as reported in the MSM daily “news” commentary daily.

    And Yes, Every body knows that Icke is really just the old lying ,anti-american , Islamic /marxist Goldstein enemy .
    After having a face change by plastic surgery.
    But ,he fools no real, true ,American patriot.

    America has ALWAYS fought for freedom and the Amerikan way of life against Sharia Law in EuroAsia!!!

  14. 8:22 - If I had my way a barrel of oil would have been 300 bucks a barrel 10 years ago. Cheap Oil has totally enslaved this nation. We built an entire way of life around an unending supply of $12 crude.

    We did not and will not actively pursue alternatives until the price is out of reach for 75% of the consuming public. 2 years ago when gas hit 4 bucks, it effectively shoved this nation into a major recession that has since turned into what we have now - guess where gas will be in July? We still have not learned our lesson from 2 years ago!

    My cars, and house run on natural gas, it's cheap. it's alot cleaner to the enviroment and best of all ---- it comes from my home county! providing jobs for my neighbors! Not some sonofabotch dictator who could give a shit!

    Let it go to 15 bucks - maybe THEN morons like YOU will wake the fuck up !

    Until then you mind numbed robots just line up at the gas station like the dumb sheeple you have become and Iran, Iraq and Libbbbbbyeah have come to depend

    Way to support you comrades in arms !


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