Sunday, February 20, 2011

U.S Government Shutdown Imminent?

Another Video Here..


  1. I could hardly watch this video all the way through with Chris Mathews. Its just so blatantly obvious that msnbc is all left wing pro democrat.

  2. I agree with the prior comment. Just what does Mathews think is going to happen if Obama does get this budget passed. The following video is a bit more interesting and accurate.

  3. I will not waste my time watching those left wing communist dip shits.

    Shut down the Government? Sounds like a good first step. Replace Obummer with a non puppet like Ron Paul. We need a real leader in the WH to steer us through this fucked up mess.

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  4. 10:13 U R RIGHT ON! I CONCUR.

  5. Do you know what is even more retarded than the dems or repubs.. the people who actually think one is better than the other!


  7. Okay moron, stop getting hyper over your failed party. These people sounding off about democrats, and, more humorously communists, crack me up. You are the party of corporate thuggery and thieves, just like the one you are criticizing.

  8. Both parties are Criminal, but tell me one program the repugs have put forth, that has ever helped the middle class and the poor?? I dare any repug to just name one!

  9. I have a better challenge for you, name one program the Democrats have put forth that really helps the poor, rather than enables the looter class to undermine the productive class.
    Yes Republicans suck. The truth is, Democrats suck more and pretend they are on some moral high horse.

  10. we the people, have allowed, for many years.
    outsourced jobs for decades, what did any think would be the outcome, the someday, had to come.

  11. I don't want to play the better of the two evils game. Republicans suck, same goes for the Democrats. The Tea Party has been corrupted by the Republicans.


  12. Tack on the incivility and it's going to get very ugly, very fast!

  13. We need to get together.

    All folks basic needs are the same. Food, clothing, medical care, housing, relationships.

    All this nonsense about liberal vs. conservative dosen't matter when people aren't functioning or have to choose between necessities.

    Come on everyone, black, white, rich, poor, let's get together to solve American problems.

  14. I think he has revealed his emotions towards the middle lower classes. The looter class? And the middle upper class are the productive class? Actually its the lower classes that do the majority of the hard work. Perhaps you are a looter yourself

  15. medical care is over sold. many haven't seen a doc in years..grew old-died. many spent their life's money on doc, some got sick from pills, grew old while sick-died. difference is nothing left for kids I guess

  16. 8:05 I gotta agree with you on that one. The whole destroy the country and personal freedom thing just because we gotta have healthcare for all don't really make sense to me. I mean so what if we die 10 years sooner because we ate cheeseburgers instead of broccoli our whole lives. I hate broccoli and I hate the government telling me what to do. We are all gonna die, maybe death is what liberals fear the most?

  17. ^

    My father is a doctor and he almost never prescribes anything. He says the majority of doctors prescribe things in order to create disease and get themselves more money.

    He himself doesn't take anything. He did for awhile, and he was pretty miserable and angry. Then he turned his life around and put a commitment to being healthy--he doesn't take anything and just works out. He's in his mid-50s now and in the best health he's been in decades.

    My mother meanwhile is the exact opposite. She will go to doctors and take every drug they are willing to give to her. She always sick and is extremely sedentary. She is always complaining about something and causing trouble for other people.

    Americans would be far healthier if they put a commitment to exercising, clean air, good food and not doctors. A doctor doesn't want to prevent sickness, just treat it after it happens. Most of the food we eat is processed, chemically unhealthy garbage. A cheeseburger is not bad, but a cheeseburger cooked in bad grease and with a lot of preservatives IS bad.

    Now Obama wants to force everyone to have healthcare? A better idea would be to take more people off of it. Why are doctors and drug companies paid so much? Because it is a racket. Almost everything the government and media try to sell to people is just a business that doesn't help people.

    Loans for houses, cars, higher education and for health care are all bad deals for people. These are businesses propped up by the government by forcing everyone to go through these channels. Before loans were available to everyone and required these things were all cheaper because the market wouldn't support them otherwise.


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