Monday, February 14, 2011

The Toxic Gulf : Where is the National Media Coverage?

I know many of you with national voices read this blog, because you’ve been kind enough to tell me so. I’ve raised a glass or two with some of you, and traded barbs with others. It’s been an honor to, on occasion, be included in your work. Your reporting and attention is valued, and that’s why I’m addressing you personally and collectively in this post.
We’re dying down here on the Gulf – and we need your help to restore our way of life and our culture.
The economic devastation is hitting everyone from waitresses to fishermen to restaurateurs to property owners. Figuratively and literally, we’re dying. My neighbors and some of my clients are reporting severe illnesses directly related to the spill. We have names, we have case studies. We even have some local reporters with the courage to cover what is fast becoming a health crisis among cleanup workers and residents living in coastal communities (see But local coverage, compelling as it is, isn’t enough.
We need the attention of the national media, and we need it right away.
From the beginning, human health effects of the spill have largely been pushed aside both by the federal government and the national media? We were hyper-focused on “who’s to blame?” and “when will they cap the well?” and how economic damages would be assessed. All the while, cleanup workers and coastal residents were inhaling toxic fumes – touching and, in some cases, swimming in contaminated Gulf waters. And soon enough the oil and dispersants washed ashore, into our food chain and our population.
Government officials continue to say we’re all-clear – particularly when it comes to seafood safety. But these are the same BP “partners” who sold you the story of 5,000 barrels a day and rubber-stamped the use of the toxic dispersant Corexit. Let’s not forget when the U.S. Coast Guard became BP rent-a-cops and setup “safety zones” around heavily impacted areas to prevent journalists, photographers and other prying eyes from seeing the damage. Or when there were no underwater oil plumes, until of course, there were. Or the “vast majority of oil is gone” message, until that was laughed out of the debate. I don’t know about you, but I see a pattern here.
We’re awash in oil, dispersant and misinformation.
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  1. Well here's my idea on what to do. You go get some newspapers from the last couple of weeks and read how the people of Egypt cleaned house and you do the same damn thing.
    Protest until the cows come home.

  2. Thanks for posting this EA. I have been following this since day one. This is another cover up, like 911, Gulf War veterans, the economy etc. This may be the worst of all, as it appears all the gulf residents are affected, and could eventually kill millions.

    A good website to follow this disaster is:

  3. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the billions recently given to those claiming health problems from the 9/11 cleanup. I feel confident there are no scumbag lawyers getting ready to file huge lawsuits. And that kindly old lady "chemist" surely knows what she is talking about because... well because she looks "kindly". Nice touch by the way to show that guy in a wheelchair but where was his doctor? What! His doctor won't say his so-called health problems were caused by swimming in the gulf??? Go figure. But rest assured there will be a couple million people sign on to this turkey and you and I will pay to make a couple hundred lawyers filthy rich (was that redundant?).

  4. 2:01: If you are so knowledgeable about this disaster, then why not go down to the gulf and spend the day in the water (the gulf)? And then go out that night, assuming you are conscience, and eat all the gulf seafood you can.

    Enjoy your trip!

    Man, you disinfo guys are everywhere, with the coming collapse, what will you do then? The govt will not have any fake money to pay you.

    Get a conscience 2:01, that's a start.

  5. they'll never admit there's a problem. they never do

  6. And Agent Orange never caused our troops to succumb to cancer, right?

  7. True enough, agent orange was a great example of a scam. It was investigated up down and sideways and the only thing they could show it caused was acne. Litereally millions of people swim in the Gulf and yet no one is sick except for a few fakers. The sea food is flowing to local restuarants and all around the nation and no one is sick. This is a scam! Be skeptical, I have no problem with that, but don't contribute to the hype.


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