Friday, March 11, 2011

Charles Nenner Forecasts Dow 5,000 & Major War by 2012


  1. The guy is a clown.
    He has a miserable track record.
    He will say anything to get his mug on TV.

  2. Apparently so. I did some googling of my own when I saw this and it seemed like he might have gotten one or two things right about his predictions but everything else, as usual, is forgotten. He was even bullish on gold at one point and predicted oil going down to 50-55 a barrel of oil by the end of 2010. Hmm...

  3. I guess I should say bearish on gold.

  4. Fox Business News....think the opposite.

  5. heres the issue. At any minute if the psycological state of the world shifts to panic like it did in 2009, and corporate profits turn to losses, you bet ya. But that is deflation and deleveraging. There will be a major liquidity crisis as soon as the people en mass start hitting the sell button.

    But until the people of the world catch on, inflation is the issue we need to worry about.. Its kinda sad because we are ultimately screwed by something, somewhere and some point.

    -obama took advantage of the the online viewership of people checking up on the tsunami.
    Which i think is very smart. To talk about rising oil, gaddafi and the talk of military intervention. The very real risks to the global econmic rebound.

    They have been fight a very tough force and that is deflation. And if you measure the dji in terms of gold or silver, there is no recovery.

  6. That is just one of many scenarios that can play out. Trying to predict the future is useless. The only thing that matters is NOW. The past is useless.

    If we hang onto this kind of stuff, past and future we are sure to all go insane.

    A large problem is we can not even imagine 12-24 hours without reading the news or watching tv, which is sure to remind u of what is going on.

    I felt a but nearvous last night and this morning, but i set my alarms and stuff. But there was tsunami heading to my home. I am 3 blocks from the ocean south of san francisco.

  7. Unfortunately, when you have huge numbers of unemployed people who will riot over a bunch of issues, the best way to distract them--or give them a job--is to send them to war.

    It's one of the possibilities I thought of last year, when I felt the world economy isn't going to recover. And by world economy, I mean the average person whom the corporations are squeezing. It was Wall Street investment banks and hedge funds, along with mortgage companies and bond rating companies that tanked the financial system...yet it's the taxpayers who are paying for it.

    Now that people are starting to realize what's going on, something else will have to distract them, and Charlie Sheen ain't enough to do it.


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