Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Elite Keeps All Of Humanity In Perpetual Fear

The Elite keeps all of humanity in perpetual fear. Fear of war. Fear of money. Fear of politics. Fear of status. Fear of looking stupid. Fear of being different. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of losing your soul. Fear of whatever. They keep us in fear, because only then, can we easily controlled.

There are two important elements to free your mind from this trap and live life fearless. Number one is education. I have seen a lot of fearless people who have no clue, so education is important. The Elite will teach us sex education, drug education, death education and political correctness in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. But they will not teach you how our money works or what the founding fathers fought for. This institutional ignorance is done to keep your head down so you are easily controlled. They do such a good job of it in school that you eventually keep yourself down.

You don’t really fear war, markets, or anything else as much as you fear the unknown. Think about horror movies. You are not really scared of the bad guy, the blood, or screams. You are really scared because you don’t know what is going to happen and it looks so real to you. Usually after you watch the even most scary movie more than once, the fear wears off. You can then view the movie again a little more rationally. What if you went even further into the movie, and saw a documentary on the movie. There you can see how it was created and all of the effects used to make the horror movie. I bet you would might even laugh at the scary movie because you knew the whole story and saw how really fake it really is.


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  2. I like this blog a lot - there's lots of information here that you just don't see elsewhere...

    ... BUT:

    how can you rail against the elites keeping people in fear, when your own headlines and stories are, in many cases, just a bunch of fearmongering? Sorry for the criticism, but you detract from your own credibility by doing this. Yes, Fukushima is a disaster, but to what extent? That the plant is a complete economic loss for TEPCO, and will cost billions to clean up is obvious and beyond dispute. That some radioactivity has been released into the outside environoment is also obvious and beyond dispute. But talking about the jet stream transmitting radioactivity all over the place in THESE terms: "Click HERE and watch the radiation jet stream. Make sure you hit the play button on the left bottom of the screen. Frightening! Feel safe NOW?" is nothing more than fearmongering. Reporting that Iodine 131 levels are 180 or so times above the federal limit in a headline is misleading - the number may be true, but it is sensationalist because radioactive iodine degrades to almost nothing within a month or 2 - but the impression given by the headline is that SF Bay is forever poisoned. Puhleeeze!

    I write this comment in the hopes that this blog will get back to what it was a few months ago - more of a news report and less of a means of peddling hype and selling things. There IS a lot to be worried about in our future, and prepping is a good, rational idea that can be adopted by many people after calm, cool thought...but this kind of hype has a way of backfiring, of making all preppers look ridiculous and discrediting the entire idea, and thereby leading to leave preparation in society, which will make it harder on all preppers if there is a big disaster.

  3. The truth hurts doesn't it Texan? All of a sudden you're a nuclear scientist..if you don't like the story click on the next one.I don't make up the HEADLINES.

    This blog is coming to an the way.

  4. The truth doesn't hurt me - the truth just is. What I object to from anyone is sensationalizing things. You know, the same stories are reported in many places, not all of which are so hyperbolic. I know that headlines sell, this has been and always will be the case, but responsible people don't go around like Chicken Little, nor just verbatim taking headlines from those that do.

    My only motivation in making my first comment was to engage in constructive criticism, to help this blog improve. Sorry that you took it the wrong way but clearly the truth hurts you.

    BTW, I will continue to read this blog until it is finished. As I said earlier, there's lots here that is nowhere else, and I'm not a believer in throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

  5. E.A., your work on the blog is much appreciated. The daily diversity of articles demonstrates the time and effort you put into it. I hope you change your mind on ending the blog, but if not, you’ll be missed.


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