Thursday, March 31, 2011

Radiation Jet Stream Throughout The World

Click HERE and watch the radiation jet stream. Make sure you hit the play button on the left bottom of the screen. Frightening! Feel safe NOW?  Comments?


  1. Umm, for those who read, perhaps this is wormwood?

  2. Chernobyl is supposed to be

  3. If things proceed from bad to worse as looks likely in Japan,with one or more meltdowns in progress, the Japanese will have to “go to war” against the nuclear contamination of their people, land and water.
    The Japanese are well known for their emphasis on social values not individualist greed.

    In this war ,in which the fighters may only last a matter of minutes before receiving a fatal radiation dose or genetic damage an already aging Japan should send in only
    the still fit old as volunteers those willing to die for their country in the clean up.

    Japan should send in only those volunteers past the normal reproduction breeding age in their society. Say those over 50.
    Each fighter with the right to choose a quick death by say a cyanide pill after exposure and severe untreatable radiation caused sickness developing, preventing them later becoming a mass medical burden on society.

    Not the Young as is traditional in times of war. Their lives and genes must be preserved from radiation damage for a healthy future Japanese people and society .

    This war requires the opposite of past "normal" wars when the old and the elites send of the youth in armies to do the dying.

    Thousands of Russians were employed even ‘conscripted” in unsafe conditions to clean up the Chernobyl meltdown contamination .

    The Soviets had good social ideological values, in theory anyway,That the interests of the whole society is greater than that of the individual.
    Some ideologists say that the sending in of thousands workers and exposing them to radiation in this way, many of whom were bound to die ,only showed the contempt of the “communists” for human life .

    While others, including many Soviet people themselves now say that it was a necessity for protecting the lives of the majority in their society. And they may have stopped a lot of deadly levels of contamination spreading to the rest of Europe too.

    Just as many millions were prepared to fight and die in WW2 to defend their society and Eorope , and yes ,even the then Stalinist socialist society and culture ,from the racist Nazi invaders.

    In the past the Japanese fought criminal wars of aggression against other people, but the
    bravery of Japanese people in the final defense of their country even at the cost of their own lives is well known in the Kamakasi pilot example.
    But the whole Japanese Navy played a similar brave role . The last big Japanese warship leaving Japan to fight for an already defeated Japan only carried enough fuel to get to the naval battles and not enough fuel for the return trip. They went out prepared and fully knowing they would probably die.

    Now is the time for the old the “baby boomers” of Japan to be the heroes, to die for the future of the young ,if necessary .

  4. “NEW YORK (Reuters) - As foreign assignments go this must be just about the most dangerous going.
    A U.S. recruiter is hiring nuclear power workers in the United States to help Japan gain control of the stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant, which has been spewing radiation.
    The qualifications: Skills gained in the nuclear industry, a passport, a family willing to let you go, willingness to work in a radioactive zone.
    The rewards: Higher than normal pay and the challenge of solving a major crisis.”
    Send any American baby boomers that have got their nuclear experience in installing these old made in American systems in Japan .

    Its only fair that they help cleaning up the mess they helped to make!

    Besides ,it will as a bonus ,help out the American economic crisis in making future pension payments from the Ponzi social security system.

    Short life
    short pension!

  5. "Its only fair that they help cleaning up the mess they helped to make!"

    No it is not.
    do you want to know what's fair?
    Send the tepco executives and the the GE executives that approved that type of design to do the clean up. They knew that fukoshima plant was unsafe but they took the risk because (you guessed it) they knew that in our "democratic" west there is not such thing as corporate responsibility. Corporation create the conditions for a disaster because they want to save money and because they know that no high rank official will be held responsible for any disaster caused by their greed.
    We will be the ones that will suffer the consequences of any disaster. Some will be lucky enough to pay with some money, others will pay with their lives.
    So, you want fair? Simply make people, especially big executives pay for their mistakes and incompetence.


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