Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mankind Doom: Radiation May Be Leaking Continuously Into Sea-4,385 Times More Than The Legal Limit

TOKYO, March 31 (Reuters) - The consistently high levels of radiation found in the sea outside Japan's tsunami-damaged nuclear plant complex may mean that radiation is leaking out continuously, Japan's nuclear watchdog said on Thursday.
"That is a possibility," Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency Deputy Director-General Hidehiko Nishiyama told a news conference when asked if there was continuous contamination of the sea.
He added that regulators and engineers did not know where the leaks may be.


  1. Where will it all end?...I shudder to think.

    Growing up in Southern Cali I've been jumped, shot and stabbed and it never really fazed me.

    However, as these times reach an almost biblical level of evil destruction, stupidity and APATHY I am lost for words.

    WTF is going to happen to the old, the sick and kids?...How sick will the strong get eating contaminated food, drinking contaminated water and breathing contaminated air?

    It just blows my mind...While my fellow Americans...At least 90% sleep like social drones with no idea what's coming...Like fat cows with blinders, happy to drink Mountain Dew, eat Cheetos, sit on their asses while pretending to "work."

    Oh well Darwin's Law and all that...Time to cull the herd I guess...If people refuse to wake up then it becomes their fault for refusing to open their eyes...I do feel bad for the lil kids though.

  2. they'll sleep until sudden destruction comes upon them, then they'll yell to the gov to help them and they'll offer their idea of help, then they'll be worse off then if they had just awoken in the 1st place and made a push for a return to sound policy's.
    ...laughed the other day at the dodd/frank skin in the game if mbs's are sold to fannie/freddie taxpayers, was mentioning some of it to a friend..he didn't care..the glow tube was on and he CHOOSES to give all attention to some show...and the show after that show...and then there's the other show..anyway it's a choice, nobody is dumbed down by something in the food or water, choices, and we all choose

  3. If you knew God's word none of this would be a surprise. The harvest time nears, will you be wheat or chaff?

  4. Noodles - Did they jump, stab and shoot you because you call yourself "Noodles"?

  5. What exactly do you want people to do? Most of us are working trying to get by. Who the hell has time to protest? Who can afford to sit in jail for who the hell knows how long; now that we are all considered terrorists?

    Instead of telling people we should be doing something, why don't you do it? Clearly, you have lots of ideas. Post some and let's see what you got!

  6. Can I ask a serious question? I know we are going through earth changes and serious times right now, but why is it that every single piece of news here infers that it's the absolute end, now? I take it you meant "mankind doomed". Well, this latest piece of news, as bad as it is, does not mean mankind is doomed. Any radiation leak is bad, but it should be made clear that radioactive iodine only lasts about 8 days, and while this may be bad for the sea life around japan and anyone swimming nearby, I dont think THIS article means that all mankind is doomed. Have you ever heard of fair and accurate journalism? It's what keeps information balanced.

  7. 2;36 go and look at the next article and tell me how happy you truly are.

  8. Thru trials and tribulations; this too will come too pass. In the 12th century SALT was worth as much, and in alot of cases more than GOLD.


    2011 value? somewhere between 19 and 35 cents a pound

    It's ALWAYS wise to try and see the big picture - that's why history is documented by so many

  9. didn't I read the same thing about the oil spill in the gulf?

  10. Happiness doesn't have anything to do with it. I have always been unhappy with nuclear energy. I am unhappy with how the oil disaster went, and of course the Japan disaster is cause for concern as well. On top of that, I believe there will be more serious problems to come. BUT, we owe it to ourselves to remain accurate on what is going on as it happens and we should be careful not to exaggerate or over-react.

  11. It depended on where you lived ,inland etc.and the conditions imposed by ruling class taxes on getting your salt.
    The Venetian Empire enforced and monopolized the salt trade in some regions of Italy and Feudal Europe for centuries .

    The English Empire imposed taxes on colonial India .

    Ghandi ,famously supported the struggle against salt taxes , in which many Sihks for example had earlier been massacred in a protest march during WW1.

    The word salary is derived from the latin word for Salt .

    In some conquered areas ,where the Roman armies were able to enforce monolpolies ,the military were often paid their wages in salt.

    Salt ,functioning as a military State enforced
    commodity money , value form.

    A "Legal Tender" money .
    Good as gold or silver.

    Hence the old saying “are you worth your salt?

  12. I did find this helpful link regarding what the real health risks are and what the government and agencies aren't telling us:


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