Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get Ready For A New Currency

There is a lot of talk about the dollar losing it’s global reserve currency status and what is to replace it. A global reserve currency is a very privileged status that makes our paper fiat dollars the king of all currencies. The dollar represents the currency of the most powerful empire in the world. This dollar allows every nation access into the largest, deepest, and presumably safest markets in the world.
It is also the only currency to be used to buy the most vital resource in the world, oil. Through the London and New York markets, countries all over the world, are forced to keep dollars to buy oil from these banking houses. As a result of this unique status, countries also settle bilateral trade with each other with our dollars. So trade between countries like Venezuela and  Norway are not settled in Bolivars and Kroner, they are settled in dollars.

This unique status of the dollar is starting to fall apart and the Elite know it. Iran is now selling oil in any currency at the Iranian Oil Bourse in Kish Iran. (This is the real reason why there is a push for war with Iran.) This passive aggressive assault on the dollar has given the chance for other countries to question why they need the dollar at all. Especially when these dollars implicitly funds the aggressive American Empire. Countries like China and Russia have dropped the dollar from their bilateral trade. Japan may no longer see any reason to buy US dollars in the treasury markets, as they try to rebuild their economy after the triple disaster they are now facing.


  1. It's the Amero man! When it comes it's gonna make us all slaves, just like they done in the EU! It's gonna have a chip in it that tracks everywhere you go and everything you do! It will even keep track of your high score on Galaga!!!

  2. Of course the elites know the dollar is getting weaker-just as they had planned!

  3. step by step, with mankind it's 3 steps forward 1 step or 2 at times back but always forward. Maybe do some regional currency's 1st-get people used to and accepting of change, then 1 currency global, then why use paper of course which drug dealers use and is laundered and harder to track etc and have a card of sorts, then why have a card which can be lost or stolen or forged faked and your still required to present your papers at the checkpoints just implant a chip on board...of people


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