Thursday, March 3, 2011

Four Time Bombs That Will Blow Up Wall Street

Put Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein in jail for six months, and all this will stop, all over Wall Street and America, a former congressional aide tells Matt Taibbi in his latest Rolling Stone attack, “Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? Financial crooks brought down the world’s economy — but the feds are doing more to protect them than to prosecute them.”
Taibbi’s right, everyone knows Wall Street’s run by a bunch of dictators who are doing more damage to democracy and capitalism than North Africa’s dictators. But jail the CEOs of Goldman, Citi, B. of A. or my old firm Morgan Stanley? Too late.

Berkshire contemplates acquisitions

Jamie Heller and Erik Holm discuss the implications of the newly released letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders from billionaire investor Warren Buffett.
Only a revolution will stop Wall Street’s self-destructive capitalism. And watching the people revolt against dictators like Mubarak and Gadhafi reminds us of the spirit that sparked America’s revolution in 1776. But today we need a 1930s-style revolution.
During the S&L crisis two decades ago America had a backbone, indicted 3,800 executives and bankers. Today’s leaders have no backbone. Besides jail time won’t reform the darkness consuming Wall Street’s soul. We’re all asleep, in denial about the moral crisis facing America. Yes, we need a new revolution.
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  1. Yeah; well, good luck with that... we are all waiting for the same thing; somebody that will step up. Me? not a chance in hell, I don't remotely posess even one necessary qualification

    The problem - it seems to me; is that this country is amazingly divided. How can we - as a nation ever come together completely when we have 8 different ethnicities under one roof; all
    vying to be "top dog" ?

    The same is true of Wall street, main street and Pa. Ave. They are all vying for the power
    via the money. It's energy, no - it's the unions, no - it's the minorities, no- it's the
    corrupt politicians, no- it's the day traders, no - it's our foreign policy, no- it's our liberal agenda, no- it's the conservative

    Blah, blah, blah friggin, blah ---

    We are like over freakin, diversified and damn! It's like - getting gadamn hard to tell who the frig is on first!

  2. Sounds about right to me 3:55, we'll just muddle on as usual.

    best thing that could happen……. remove the clown with the noise maker replace him with Rick, I need more info from Rick than the few sec they give him, just because he’s more on what is key to me, “interest rates”

    “are U listening Bernakapart?”

    And you fools at the BLS could do more “listening” too. "there IS inflation" out here!

  3. It is sad how both parents have to work jobs, or two each, and can't make a living. Before the 90s women didn't have to work. Today, single moms don't stand a chance.

    Sorry liberals, but the real reason why so many women are in the work force today is because they have to be. In our schools we are taught women weren't allowed to work until the 1940s. LOL!

    They act like men would hold them back if they tried to get in an airplane. Or they weren't allowed to shoot guns in the 1800s. Totally false. Women were allowed to work if they wanted. The reality is most didn't because they didn't want or need to.

    Can I have a long post here from that one Communist weirdo always enlightening us with his Progressive bias? It should read similar to the following mimickry.

    Progressive Schizophrenic: Most Americans are told this is caused by socialism, crying out against Marxists or Communists. They fail to see this as a failed Ponzi Scheme.
    Bernanke is busy socializing the banks losses.

    Third world nations are the target of the military industrial complex to take resources so the people in the USA could call it patriotism, spreading democracy.
    Failed Ponzi scheme is set up to protect military industrial complex. Socialism is cried.

    Would Mao approve of the Tea Party? Americans who attack the Soviets and blame Marxists. McCarthyism always made its way back in an economic crises when capitalism destroys lives and they're threatened with change!
    Many think God is needed to save the planet. We can get a real solution by being logical and get a president to redistribute the wealth and take it back from the banks and international corporations.
    Too many old guards stand against nature. Poor only suffer with a capitalist empire. All in Conservative America.

    The American empire has failed Ponzi Scheme, and won't control the third world countries which created their power.
    So do not mourn, but rejoice, for the world is changing for the better!

    (It's me again). Honestly, I think the guy has a tick or something. I hope someone can recognize the poster I'm immitating.

  4. Why would the politicians jail their financial benefactors? Obama didn't transfer all that middle class wealth to America's wealthiest just to see the team broken up. We're talking real money and power here. If you're not playing golf with Braack, then you aren't getting, you are giving.

  5. Good to see someone else have their eyes open. I thought everyone forgot wall street destroyed this country. The revolution will happen.Take out a few bankers and watch out.

  6. We need a Julius Caesar to fix the corruption. But I don't think Caesar would succeed in today's climate. The power is just too concentrated in the elite now.

  7. to carry on 6:28,

    Women were pulled into the working ranks to complete the destruction of the traditional family and the next generation. With children adrift, their public school re-programming could begin in conjunction with trash tv.

    Just look at the average 30 something self absorbed vaginized man, had to tell them apart from the clipped haired femanazi dyke.

    Mission accomplished.


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