Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HOW IT WILL ALL END : Debt Jubilee or WWIII ?


  1. "Bring "IT" On!!!"

  2. Another N .Korea war propaganda 'inteligence" beat up ?
    All modern nuclear or electronic weaponry like EMP,HAAP weather modifications or nuclear bombs , space satellite weaponry , intercontinental missile weaponry and the like should only be kept monopolized in the hands of the more "responsible" peacful big powers and thir allied military alliance nations.

    I mean, this weaponry is dangerous in the wrong hands ,just look at the results of when that more responsible big power country dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki civilians and later when Macarthur justly threatened to nuke Korea in an earlier US Korean invasion and that to this day still circulates peace /armistice preserving nuclear armed aircraft carriers off the coast of Korea to preserve the imposed division of the country.
    As it once did in Vietnam attempting to threaten and actualy bomb the Vietnamese into reasonable submission and national division .
    Or that later used GPS guided cruise missiles to bomb the hell out of Iraq in harmless video game like wars of hunts for non existent WMD.Including by using such modern ,safe even for its own troops ,western technological marvels like using depleted Uranium ammunition.
    Depleted Uranium is an affordable effective cheap ,by- product waste material ,of the Americans peacful Nuclear industry.

    The insane claim is made by “rogue nations” opposing that big power nuclear monopoly system , crazy countries like north Korea and Iran ,countries that even say they need them for peaceful electric power development or even for national defence against a superpower that always threatens their independence ‘with all options on the table” threats.

    That rogue state behavior is absolutely impermissible to any responsible high tech superpower worth its salt.:)))


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