Friday, March 4, 2011

Max Keiser: Start A Revolution On The Banks And Gonzalo Lira's Latest


  1. Absolutely fantastic informative articles on
    SILVER...evryone should have the silver bullet
    to slay the fractional reserve corrupt money
    center banker elite!

  2. Call me slow or late to the table, but I have just recently realized, Max Keiser is a far leftist loon . He veils his "Redness" by only talking about a few topics, but go look into it, he is a true dangerous left revolutionary.While we might agree with him that the banking cartel stinks, we must not get in bed with him because what he and his ilk plan to fill the power void with is worse than what we have now.

  3. 11:13, paul's support, obama's support, whatever you think of either, is based on growing independent support. hell, US foreign policy support has been based on the same larger splintering support, whether bin laden, the shah, noriega, etc. we aren't interested in keiser's positions on abortion or the oscar winners, but he has nailed it with regard to oligarchy.

  4. I love Max but sometimes he only sees what he likes...Sort of like how the US loved Saddam since he countered Iran...Or the US like Mubarak because he stomped the Muslim Brotherhood etc etc.

    However in the end Max is correct better no masters than to be made a slave...However whenever there is a vaccum of power bad people shoot up through the ranks to take over...Meaning lots of innocents getting hurt.

    Problem seems to be the Elites or whatever you call them seem intent of taking more and more control of our lives...From seeing what we eat, regulating what we grow...legalizing what we don't want...Destroying whatever works.

    Like some HUGE game and we're the pawns...Down with the system...Let all the middle management who followed the directions of the higher ups suffer...Let the small man rebel against a system that only seems to roll for the rich.

    Will the new devil be as bad as the old devil?...Probably but the old devil has worn out his welcome...Lets take his mansions, confiscate his stolen loot...Let those that were up be down and see the difference...Let the fat be hungry for once.

    If half the sh*t Max proves is happening is implemented then we are in a weird sci-fi Matrix.

  5. I think 11:13 is the loon. The moment he calls for revolution in america he gets shaky in his boots and calls out "communist!". People on the right - republicans, etc. - are afraid of change. They want things to be just like they used to be, but they cant. What Max called for was a peoples revolution. Rule for the PEOPLE by the PEOPLE, or whats even better is no more rulers.

    However Max is kind of a hypocrite. He asks how long will it take for people in america to stand up and care, but he himself moved to europe years ago. Its easy to stand and judge from that position. Still i understand his passion and wanting to incite change.

  6. America will never revolt because there are too many sheep that are brain dead and can't buy a clue or even afford a clue. Americans still think the mainstream propaganda press reports about endless celebrities in trouble is reality and most of them still think that food comes from the supermarket.

    Such naive and ignorant people will never revolt no matter how bad things are because they are simply too dumb to revolt. Here's what will happen to America.

    The United States will collapse as a world nation from it's stupidity and humpty dumpty will not be able to put it back together again and neither will the professor from gilligan's island.

    So sit right down and you'll hear a tale, a tale of the titanic going down with this loser president and vice president in tow...



  7. Yeah, I agree. They will not riot.

    The video about the Walmart people really tells you the dummy mentality that overtook this country.

    From the president on down are a bunch of dimwits.

    Change is coming to America alright... A nation of idiots will devolve into a nation of Fred Flintstones.

    ...and remember that Walmart is where TSA wants people to see something say something!!! Right.. I saw something alright...


  8. Even though you paint a cartoon scene, it sounds better than the one of today. Do you think America is dumber than it was 50 years ago? what about 100 years ago?

    In 1870, 20 percent of the entire adult population was illiterate, and 80 percent of the black population was illiterate. By 1900 the situation had improved somewhat, but still 44 percent of blacks remained illiterate.

    Whats different today? There is still slavery but we just dont know it yet. Ill be glad when this system dissolves. Change is afoot all right!

  9. "None are so hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes."

    This includes democrats but especially republicans, because they typically support every war and all the breaks for the elite, like bankers and CEO's.

  10. 8:26 now only 7% of "minorities" are now function illiterate but I guarantee you that of the other 93%; 75% are riding Uncle Sugar and baby they are by now very accustomed to gettin' da sugar!

    So who's the slave now? How can you call someone born out of wedlock, never had a father
    went to a free school with free meals, has free health care and now has a free cell phone and is in free housing and never worked a day in his/her 30 something life ----- a slave ?!

    I call that ------ paradise !

    Come to Philly - I'll show you hundreds of them, just on my block.

  11. I think I will pass on that "paradise". Did you notice how you both judged this imaginary figure and spoke jealously of them all in one breath? So you wish you never had a dad or the money to buy a regular meal? You prefer living in a 12,000 shanty in the middle of the worst neighborhood in the city, where your sister or your best friend ends up dad or a crack head? Yeah, that's really living the high life, bro. HA HA!


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