Thursday, March 10, 2011


The way I see it, the banking cabal and friends were given TWO FULL YEARS to work their way out of this mess before the official manipulation spigots would be turned off for good. EVERYTHING I follow is lining up perfectly for the final destruction of our global monetary system in the next few months...and THIS TIME there is no escape for the banking cabal!
If I had a checklist of things necessary to "finish the job" of taking down the global banking powers that was started in 2008 it would be the following:
1) End the manipulation of the gold and silver markets by taking possession of the physical metal thus destroying the paper metal Ponzi schemes.
2) Crash the stock market and blame it again on the greed of the Banksters.
3) Raise the prices of everything necessary to live in order to increase the anger towards the philosophy of printing money at will.
4) Refuse to fund the ongoing budget deficit (or paying the interest) thus crashing the US Dollar.
5) Continue to condone the payout of huge bankster bonuses to raise the hatred towards the Wall Street criminals.
6) Introduce state and local government austerity measures so WE THE PEOPLE will rise up and fight together.
7) Turn the population against "saving the system" the next time there is a banking collapse.
That has been my "Road Map" for a while now and many of the above are already beginning to take place.
So what are the Bad Guys doing to counteract this take down?
Are The Silver Manipulators Playing The "Too Big To Fail" Card?
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  1. weeeey baby. thats how we fix the bastards. all hail silver? I don't think so hosay. Let me say why. First silver is nice to own. Silver is for rich white folk that sit at Holiday tables to show it off. Second silver is not going to put veggies in your mouth. Why spend my money? i can spend yours. Quoted. Moolan Rooje song. Silver and stuff can create buildings like old books say it did. Golden palaces, silver towers, brick castles. These are good to have in periods with war. We have metal now. Silver is able to conduct electric bolts. it can power houses. why not use silver to power electric bolts. I still am glad to see it being time for revoltion. bring down rich men, bankers, wallstreet, oil masters, and politicans not giving money out to the masses. Goverment is rsponsble to feed people and house them. If it fails the bums will take up arms.

    - Sam

  2. We certainly live in interesting times.

  3. Sam Sam Sam...Come here give us a hug.

    As for living in "Interesting Times" I believe that's a debatable Chinese curse...Although as a an observer of world events these times are AMAZING.

    Like some huge sci-fi political thriller with worldwide events...We are watching Rome at it's slides down from the apex into chaos...Not in centuries or decades but in months and short years.

    (By the way I bought that door stopper on the right side advertisements and it is hardcore...Highly recommended to those in apartments)

  4. I feel like I popped out of nowhere.

  5. I can tell you that something is going on in Asia for sure. I had 2 acquaintances, one from Malaysia and one from Australia, BOTH call me in the last 24 hours telling me to BUY SILVER! I have never experienced anything like this since the Hunt brothers.

  6. In an effort to maintain this blog by virtue of sheer numbers and not merely by content alone; I rather like that racy-looking little whizzer bike in the ads with the gas tank and 20c.c. gas engine-pur sang all the way!

  7. on the debit card fees, NP, I'll run mine through the sheddar and go cash only, screw the banksters


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