Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama: We Want ILLEGALS To Succeed?

On Monday, post-American President Obama appeared on the Spanish network Univision to chat and take questions from non-reporters. (I can’t remember the last time he had a town hall with Americans in English.)
Unsurprisingly, the subjects were illegal immigration and amnesty. In answer to a question about deporting illegal alien students, Obama replied, “We want them to succeed.”
It would be nice if the President was more concerned that American citizens succeed — like having jobs and such.
Anyway, why can’t young people succeed in the countries of their birth? It’s arrogant to believe that a fulfilling life can only be lived in the United States.
In addition, a recent study from the Migration Policy Institute found that an estimated 1.2 million college-educated immigrants in the United States were unemployed, while another 350,000 were unemployed.
At least the President understands that his power does not extend to overturning immigration laws passed by the Congress
Obama says he can’t order halt to deportations, Fox News, March 29, 2011
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  1. Is he talking about himself?

  2. My friend in Wisconsin tells me that the state universities have decided to give tuition breaks to illegals attending college--breaks that don't extend to students coming from other states. In other words, if you are an illegal alien you are entitled to more than a regular citizen.

  3. All the more reason to get rid of this "undocumented immigrant" from Kenya.

    So today I read that Gadaffi was considering nationalizing Libya's oil, taking control away from the oil companies currently operating in Libya and giving it to the people of Libya.

    Just as I figured, it's not about the people of Libya, it's about oil. I don't know what I'd do if Obozo actually told the truth for once in his pathetic life.

    Hey America, ya'll know that China and India are moving up fast. For the first time in their histories, common folks are buying cars. We can't allow that to happen (cuz I'm a stupid pig who will not allow domestic drilling) so we're gonna have to bomb Libya and take the oil. Is that OK with you Bubba?

  4. 9:59...You're on the right track! We'll take over the Middleast for OIL...you know there's a "ketch"...you'll like the the "Ketch"...the OIL will be shipped to...ready....hold it...hold it....here it comes....CHINA! This isn't a move for the US, Hell no! Its to sure up the Rothchilds and Lieghs investmenst in China!!! Again they(NWO) use the Americans as Fodder in someones elses war! We are a BUNCH OF SCHMUCKS! All for Paper Money!!!

  5. This is fox news.

    Start quoting reputable sources. Fox news is like 1/8 truth the rest is spin and slander.

    "its up to the viewer to figure out the truth" right?

    Big change is coming, and immigration issues are not changing. Monetary policy is not changing, war policy is not changing.

    And to answer your question, no these kids cannot lead fulfilling lives in the country in which they were born. But nor can i.. Fulfullment does not come from the world around you, but the world inside you.

  6. 10:49 - Would those "reputable sources" include MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NPR, and the rest of the leftstream media? What a joke!

  7. yeah what a friggin line - fullfullment ( mr progressive meant fullfilment) does not come from the world around you -it comes from within'

    Ask the black slaves of the CSA / USA where fullfilment comes from. It's hard to do much fullfiling when you haven't eaten in 3 days.

    This sure are really rosy when your living in the most advanced country on earth with spare time like the world has ever known and every program known to man ( then or now ) in full force and able to take care of you from cradle to grave - leagal or illegal; it don't really matter - we're an equal opportunity giveaway.

    You take that same rosy person with 12 hours a day of free time on their hands and put them on a sugar beet plantation for 2 weeks.

    That canary is singin' a whole different tune I guarantee you.

  8. Once we "deport" this so-called president from Kenya who insists he has a legal birth certificate but won't show it, the better we will be at evicting other cronies in gov't who are either traitors or illegal criminal on Wall Street.

    This Kenyan has spent millions of dollars to keep his records out of scrutiny is because he has something to hide.

    Of course he wants illegals to succeed...... He's on of them!


  9. 10:49 said,

    "Fulfullment does not come from the world around you, but the world inside you."

    2:21 responded,

    "Ask the black slaves of the CSA / USA where fullfilment comes from. It's hard to do much fullfiling when you haven't eaten in 3 days."

    This sounds like you're trying to stifle 10:49's viewpoint on how life should be into a false dilemma.

    Since 10:49 is not a slave, and hasn't experienced such conditions, you demand that anything he or she does is null?

    Wow. God forbid someone wants to enjoy their lucky lifestyles. Do you see any millionaires on television or even the billionaires walking around sobbing because they aren't suffering with the rest of mankind... at least labor wise? But you insist 10:49 is just so self centered and spoiled since he/she likes meditation and hasn't been a slave.

    I'll be sure later to go out and find a way to get raped just so I can understand what rape victims go through. Or maybe I'll sign up for the marines to go to Libya, and maybe come back one day with a missing limb. I'll be able to preach to others about how they don't know about nothin'...

    In other words; slavery, extreme labor, rape, war, and other terrible qualities in the world perhaps are supposed to be risen above? Maybe these aren't "normal" conditions, and maybe the only people who instigate them are dysfunctional sociopaths?

  10. 6:35 - Right on, brother, right on!


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