Saturday, March 5, 2011

Qaddafi Massacring His People

TRIPOLI, Libya — Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s militia stormed the rebels controlling the town of Zawiyah on Saturday morning in what two residents described as a “massacre.”
Should the U.S. Move Against Qaddafi?
What are the dangers for the U.S. and the international community in intervening in Libya?

An anti-Qaddafi protester clashed with Libyan security forces after Friday Prayer in the Tajura suburb of Tripoli. Government security officers showered hundreds of protesters there with tear gas. More Photos »
“I am watching neighbors dying unarmed in front of their homes,” one resident said in a telephone interview, with the sounds of heavy weapons and machine-gun fire in the background. The resident said the militias were using tanks and heavy artillery, attacking from both the east and west gates of the town. “I don’t know how many are being killed, but I know my neighborhood is being killed,” the resident said.

In a telephone interview a little more than three hours after the attack began, another resident said: “Everything is burning. We don’t know from which side they are shooting us — from the buildings or from the streets. People are falling everywhere.”
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  1. Should the USA intervine in ANY way

    NO !

    NO !


  2. I agree - NO US intervention...Where is the Arab League and OTHER regional orgs to intervene? Just because there is OIL there does not EQUATE to US Military intervention...

    Did people expect a peaceful reaction from a Dictator?

    I wonder what people will expect here in the US when SHTF...oh yeah it's beginning to stink here you smell that economic stink?!

  3. 10:26 its the U.S.'s OIL! Now back off.

  4. 10.49
    "Where is the Arab League and OTHER regional orgs to intervene?
    e.g.The Saudi ,bahreini royal family and the "new" army regime in Egypt?
    They should do their duty to their Western oil interest parners and their US military backers.
    What does the nearby Egyption government for example think it gets paid for with American aid besides being prison guards for isreal in Gaza?
    America ,after all as dominant overlord and guard of Arab national independence and human rights in the Arab lands ,has already told Quadafi its time to go.
    All arab puppets should get militarily on side now!

  5. Background to Libya how much is Western MSM “Little Hitler” oil war propaganda?

    It is easy for Americans to assume that Gaddafi rule has been no different from that of reactionary royal families of oil ,like the US backed kleptomaniac Saudi Royal Family .
    That Gaddafi has been just another tyrant amassing large sums of money in Swiss bank accounts impovering the masses.
    Dictators that are militarily propped up by western imperialism,And the USA now suddenly become newfound supporters of Arab “Human Rights”.
    The first question is: Is the revolt taking place in Libya fuelled by a concern over economic issues such as poverty and unemployment as the media would have us believe?

    With a reported 30% unemployed what are all those cheaplabour foreign workers doin in Libya?
    Let us examine some “facts” on Libya and Gaddafi as presented by his many supporters.

    Gaddafi is no “Taliban”or reactionary Muslim brotherhood supporter.
    These forces hate Qaddafi’s revolutionary reading of the Quran.
    After 9.11 and under western pressure Gaddafi has moderated much of his Anti-Imperialist stand ,and opened up his country more to western business , particularly British oil interests. As part of that process of compromise with the West there is no doubt that in recent years the Gaddafi family and clan appears to have taken advantage of that to corruptly enrich themselves at the Libyan peoples expense.

    Naturally many Libyans are concerned and a peoples uprising has occurred in order to root out that corruption believing that the sometimes eccentric Gaddafi no longer deserves their support .
    This is a good thing and the Libyan peoples struggles for a better corruption free Libya deserve our support.
    But ,there are elements that seek to create a Civil war ,a far cry from what is being portrayed in the western media as simply “peaceful protesters”..In fact, footage of the initial Benghazi revolt shows many men armed with AK 47s and RPGs. In the Green Book, Qaddafi argues for the transfer of all power, wealth and arms directly into the hands of the people themselves. No one can deny that the Libyan populace is heavily armed… It must be said that it is not usual practice for tyrants and dictators to arm their population.
    One report says:
    .. Libya has attained the highest standard of living in Africa. In 2007, in an article which appeared in the African Executive Magazine, Norah Owaraga noted that Libya, “unlike other oil producing countries such as Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, utilized the revenue from its oil to develop libya.

    “Today, Libya can boast one of the finest health care systems in the Arab and African World. All people have access to doctors, hospitals, clinics and medicines, completely free of all charges. The fact is that the Libyan revolution has achieved such a high standard of living for its people that they import labor from other parts of the world to do the (menial) jobs that the unemployed Libyans refuse to do.(despite 30% on government unemplyment incomes )
    . The standard of living of the people of Libya is one of the highest in Africa, falling in the category of countries with a GNP per capita of between USD 2,200 and 6,000.”
    This is all the more remarkable when we consider that in 1951 Libya was officially the poorest country in the world. According to the World Bank, the per capita income was less than $50 a year – even lower than India. ..
    The young people are well dressed, well fed and well educated. Libyans now earn more per capita than the British.
    The disparity in annual incomes… is smaller than in most countries. Libya’s wealth has been fairly spread throughout society.
    Every Libyan gets free, and often excellent, education, medical and health services. Compared with most citizens of the Third World countries, and with many in the First World, Libyans have it very good indeed.”
    “Lefty’ crap LIES???

  6. What is REALLY important is that we, the people around the world, educate ourself so we know what to do AFTER the "tough times" (world war 3?). As I see it the best solution is a "Venus Project", so all could have a good life. And I do believe it can only be true if we have a "the venus project". Utopia? No, just damn justice, for EVERYONE!! No more greedy. See Zeitgeist Moving Forward for info. At Youtube.

  7. heard the saudi's priced their crude to US lower then march price by .30 cents while raising price for nw europe and we protect their reign, and that's a way of paying it back eh

  8. if the Saudis can increase their oil outputs now libya is being shut down ,this will increase their oil incomes by a billion dollars a day.
    A motive for stirring up and financing a civil war by the "Muslim Brotherhood" in Libya?

  9. Not really

    'cause the saudis

    ARE NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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