Wednesday, March 30, 2011

QE 3 Coming Gold And Silver To Soar!

March 30 2011: 
A new round of quantitative easing is on the way, Japan works to rebuild, Fed intervention in the currency markets, commodity costs move higher, Portugal in trouble, Fed doesnt help by lending to poor risks, cel networks spying, Enron investigations capped off with a fnal conviction.
In today’s world there is always plenty to write about and today is no exception.
As far as we are concerned QE3 is on the way accompanied by almost zero official interest rates. QE1 was to bail out the financial sectors in the US and Europe and QE2 was to bail out US government debt. That is why the Fed has purchased 70% to 80% of Treasuries. Previous debt and the $1.6 trillion of new debt created this year means someone has to buy that debt and there are very few buyers. That means the Fed has to buy most of paper with funds created out of thin air in this monetization process. Those tremendous amounts of funds will most certainly increase inflation. This policy is never ending unless default becomes inevitable. That is why money and credit has to be created indefinitely until hyperinflation occurs and the system eventually collapses. It is no surprise then along with economic, financial, social and political instability that there has been a steady movement into gold and silver related assets and commodities. As long as stimulus of one form or another continues to be used the problems won’t be solved and these investment vehicles will move higher and higher. Every time money and credit are created with no collateralized backing, such as gold and silver, the value of these aggregates in circulation falls, and such an endless cycle guarantees the demise of the currency and the rising value of gold and silver.
Recent tragic events in Japan has brought some unexpected developments, which for the time being could lift the economy from depression at least on a temporary basis. Funds committed aggregate just under $1 trillion not the official $309 billion. We believe the funds could be raised initially in the following way: $300 billion from the postal savings plan; $300 billion from yen bonds sold in the international market and $300 billion from the liquidation of US government and other US dollar denominated securities. That is for cleanup and infrastructure. Then Japanese insurance companies, as well as foreign insurers, have to raise billions more to pay off the insured.
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Japan Medical Facilities: No Treatement Without Being Certified Radiation Free


  1. Don't worry, the FDA says its OK. HAHAHAHAA

  2. FDA = Fuck Da Americans!

  3. Perhaps it’s Karma ?

    A “little bit” of radiation damage threatened in the homeland now ?
    Radioactive Iodine-131 in Rainwater Sample Near San Francisco was 18,100% above Federal Drinking Water Standard

    Chickens coming back home to roost?

    Karma can be a bitch.

    Suck it up in your water Nuclear terrorist America!

    This nuclear electric plant was developed as a profitable spin off of the Atomic weapons of the military industrial complex WMD programs and supplied to the Japanese as safe American technology by American G.E.
    All subsidized by the US taxpayers so GE could make a profit and provide jobs for Americans .

    Americans themselves in recent years have not been very concerned about spreading nuclear radiation materials in the Third World in recent years, from Iraq to Afghanistan and even in Libya today ,in the form of “Depleted” uranium ammunition and missile warheads in their wars ‘against” terror.

    America is the only country that has used Atomic weapons against another country , an already militarily defeated country ,by bombing the civilians in Nagasaki and Hiroshima cities ,not military targets. A crime against Humanity.

    The American military still keep these Nuclear “options on the table” to threaten counties all the time with nuclear war ,even countries that do not have nuclear weapons ,as an American right of Empire.

    But I am sure that any nuclear radiation now flowing to America will be just as safe and harmless as the American Experts assure everybody as Depleted Uranium in the Third World .
    No worries ,you can just suck it up as it accumulates in the water supply just as safely as in your milk ,just like having ordinary old safe Special K for breakfast it tastes just the same.


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