Monday, March 14, 2011

Radiation Within 10 Hours Of Tokyo

Naoto Kan urged people within 30 km (18 miles) of the facility north of Tokyo to remain indoors.
The French embassy in the capital warned in an advisory that a low level of radioactive wind could reach Tokyo -- 240 km (150 miles) south of the plant -- in about 10 hours.
The reactor operator asked the U.S. military for help, while Kyodo news agency said radiation levels nine times normal levels had been briefly detected in Kanagawa near Tokyo.
"We are making every effort to prevent the leak from spreading. I know that people are very worried but I would like to ask you to act calmly," Kan said in an address to the nation.
As concern about the crippling economic impact of the double disaster mounted, Japanese stocks plunged 7.0 percent to their lowest level in nearly two years, compounding a drop of 7.6 percent the day before. The two-day fall has wiped around $500 billion off the market.
There have been a total of four explosions at the plant since it was damaged in last Friday's massive earthquake and tsunami.


  1. From an article---poster comment:
    Um, guys, Japan owns almost $900 billion in US debt. What if they decide to sell that to rebuild? What if they have to? Then we collapse. The whole world is inter-connected and drowning in debt. Our ability to borrow won't last much longer. The flight to safety is occurring, but the world doesn't have infinite savings to lend us. And, don't forget, we're buying much of our own debt right now, anyway.

    Having us loan them money to rebuild is like using a credit card from the bank of China to make a payment to the bank of Japan and then throwing in a little extra on your bank of Japan payment to replace their building that burned down. And then China builds up its military.

    America will collapse the moment the world decides our debt cannot be repaid. We're just in denial right now. They will be forced to sell it. There will be a run on the United States of America of epic proportions. That's what almost happened in 2008, except Uncle Sam guaranteed everything. Who guarantees Uncle Sam, though?

  2. Moron Conservatives tonight are talking about making new nuclear sites in the usa, No wonder this country is about to fall.

  3. 50 Brave Fukushima Workers stay back to pump water while fully exposed. WE LOVE THEM.
    “If ever there were men who would should be noted for their bravery are the workers of Fukushima nuclear plant who have given up all their belongings and some even having lost their homes, are fighting bravely against the might of the devastation of the Nuclear meltdown.
    Officials said emergency efforts to pump seawater into three stricken reactors at the plant were continuing, but that most of the 800 workers at the Daiichi facility had been told to leave to avoid exposure to unhealthy levels of radiation at the plant. They said 50 workers would remain at the plant to pump seawater into three reactors and fight the fire at the fourth reactor.”

    Humanity, at its unselfish best of whatever religion or none , willing to lay down their lives for others!
    Truly magnificent heroes of our species still exist in our time!

  4. I have room for you in my house EA. But will America let you out? I am in Canada.

  5. I forgot to put the corporation marker after America.

  6. the news about nuclear accident will go away in a few weeks just like the BP oil spill. out of sight out of mind.

  7. One must wonder if this Japan event can cause a crisis for the USD that Russell has talked about leading to a significant jump in gold prices?

  8. Just to add, the affected area covers 16.5% of Japan's economy and 20% of the population. Their economy needs to borrow, but it already has a debt of about 200 percent of their GDP. The eartquake in Kobe in 1995 costed them 2,5% of their GDP.


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