Monday, March 14, 2011

"They're Basically in A Full-Scale Panic"

TOKYO: Japan's struggle to contain the crisis at a stricken nuclear power plant worsened sharply early on Tuesday morning, as emergency operations to pump seawater into one crippled reactor failed at least temporarily, increasing the risk of an uncontrolled release of radioactive material, officials said.

With the cooling systems malfunctioning simultaneously at three separate reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station after the powerful earthquake and tsunami, the acute crisis developed late Monday at reactor No. 2 of the plant, where a series of problems thwarted efforts to keep the core of the reactor covered with water — a step considered crucial to preventing the reactor's containment vessel from exploding and preventing the fuel inside it from melting down. ( Read: Second blast at stricken Japan nuclear plant )  

"They're basically in a full-scale panic" among Japanese power industry managers, said a senior nuclear industry executive late Monday night. The executive is not involved in managing the response to the reactors' difficulties but has many contacts in Japan. "They're in total disarray, they don't know what to do." 
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  1. There is need to panic. If california is going to be fucked, u can pretty much assume so is the rest of the world.

    The tsunami killed a lot more people than this nuclear thing ever will.

    Get real.

  2. 7:09 thanks God for letting us know exactly what's going to happen tomorrow. Mega-millions numbers please

  3. Famous last words

    "The tsunami killed a lot more people than this nuclear thing ever will.

    Get real. "

    Besides thats american GE technology bringing the best in life to you?

    Yes, famous last words as radiation levels rise to dangerous levels, while nuclear plants explode in Japan one after another,going off like a slow string of fireworks.
    And some people perhaps pray for another, but smaller ,tsumami to cool the plants down as their last hope.

  4. one story going the internet rounds ,and its not meant to be funny ,but more like "Well Thats life"comment and an exspression of stoic japanese humour even in ther face of very dire situations , says that one tsunami escape victim on hearing that the government advised people within a thirty mile radius of the nuclear plants to stay indoors ,said:
    'Sure O.K . but all my family has to do first is to find our house!"

  5. Nuclear Reactor, Boom Boom Boom Boom!

  6. Suburban Lawns saw this coming, watch the video on U tube Janitor, GE the murdering scum, made the Japanese buy their death, there are 30 of the same junky reactors in the USA. Coming soon to a town near you, thanks to the Military Industrial Complex and the USA Govt.

  7. I'm reading elsewhere that the back-up cooling systems were probably defective. Some posters who have worked in the nuclear industry say that companies do all they can to save money and cut corners (shades of BP and the Gulf). So it's quite likely that reactors here can have problems.

    I watched a science expert talk about the possibility of a major undersea fault (Cascadia) causing a tsunami to hit our west coast with a 100-foot-high wave. If that happens, we are even less prepared than the Japanese.

  8. I have been in Japan and the Japanese government ,or civil defense system ,has a very widespread loudspeaker early warning system in every suburban area.
    Little store cabins can often be seen on the footpaths containing stores of emergency supplies.
    Regular community drills are carried out to prepare the people for disasters.

    I have not been to the United States of Big Brother so I have no real direct experience and mat be wrong about this ,but all America has ,it seems to me ,is "Patriot" Acts and TSA job creation for x -ray machine selling by the Homeland 'Security" (internal spying) Department on behalf or Security company contractors profits at airports .
    All financed by Deficit spending money printing.

    As well as some "see something tell Big Sister " videos in Wall- Mart for promoting religious warfare against national minorities as suspect terrorists .
    So that they can be captured, locked up forever without trial and properly tortured to reveal their evil ways and plots for "hating americans Freedom".

    As Authorised by Patriot acts and Semi-monarchial- Presidential 'exectutive orders" for pretending that an ordinary Democratic Republic rule of law system still exists in Corporate State America .

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  10. 713 Thanks for your comments, now get back to your kkk, hick ass, right wing ass kissing ways.

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  12. Proud to be a ConservativeMarch 16, 2011 at 9:47 AM

    11:31/32 - No Mr. Lefty, I'm an upper middle class white collar conservative Republican living in the WEALTHIEST county in the country, who will help derail the LEFTIST, PROGRESSIVE agenda and get Obozo out of office in 2012.

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