Friday, March 11, 2011

Raw Footage Of Japan Tsunami


Check the earthquake time here..

Note: Haarp graph on left coincides with the time of earthquake in Japan


  1. HAARP You going to go to the movies later...March 11, 2011 at 4:55 PM


    I'm so tired of this HAARP crap. We are just now learning about the nuclear energies of the atomic nucleus and how it interacts in our world not only in the common spacetime model of 4D but the oracular world of string theory, chaos theory, and that which introduces a physics of endless dimensions.

    You have any idea how complicated weather is!? The slightest purturbation can knock this whole solar system out of order and send it into a radically bizarre condition. It would no longer follow its presumed, for the last couple thousand years, conservative behavior.

    This planet is so vulnerable on its own. Our existence as such interesting creatures is proof of intelligent planning. A 12 billion year plot at the least, given the untantamount mathematical skills in overcoming probabilities with so low a number for many events to happen (centillions less likely than winning the lottery) that gave way to this planet and with those organic beings as the proto carbon based intelligence based on an electromagnetic and biochemical nervous system which could receive, translate, process, and transmit energies both physical and ultrasubtle and still unknown to any clueless scientist, then finally evolving down to us, mankind. (Greater species still to come!)

    The best part is that only in our brains is space and time relevant. To an entity with superconsciousness it all happened in one little flick, from alpha to omega. This means a being moving at the speed of light or faster will have infinite mass. Therefore will exceed the laws of physics and hence distance and barriers no longer apply. Forgive my discursiveness, I'll get back to the planet, weather, and chaos perambulation.

    First off, nobody can predict the weather. Forecasting is almost as innaccurate a science as futurology. Even the strongest computers with the most powerful function calculators, that can take in hundreds of different equations and algorithims, including the inputs of multiple different dimensions/systems of elements and factors in each function, can only make remote predictions about the weather with timespans ranging beyond the week. Prophecies, nothing more.

    The earth like I said, is amenable to any little flux of force external to the star system it rests in. If a meteor entered, happens constantly, the gravitational field of Jupiter or Saturn generally pull the body to them and prevent it from whacking us. Yet, the disturbance on the field throughout the solar system's orbital fields does get phased enough to "rock" our planet. No, we don't feel it or notice mountains quake, but it is enough to jolt the layers of the atmosphere, trickle down as it throws smaller energies into new courses (winds and clouds), which eventually adds up to effecting the time and place of hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, and rains. Butterflies flapping their wings can cause storms on Jupiter believe it or not. This kind of existence breeds too much fear in people, and they tend to dismiss it. Even scientists pretend it is not so since it is too complex for their sluggish, formality focused minds.

    My second and final point will be expounded in one simple question. What exactly do the Elites gain by creating earthquakes in countries considering the countries never seem to get damaged enough to stop social activity, not enough people die to hurt the cultures, and no buildings necessary for the continuation of economic activity are struck? Anyone want to answer that and can explain to me how the nations targeted reveal consistent patterns throughout more than half of the earthquakes that occur? Thanks.

  2. 1:55 so after that babble, the HAARP chart showing the jump, the time of the jump of the earthquake and you still believe in that "fairy godmother"? The ONLY way HAARP's chart moves, is WHEN THEY USE IT. They used it at that given time. FOR WHAT? WHY? The "when" has been answered.

  3. 2.22 you just dont grasp what is clear and obvious to the above entity with superconciousnes ,one or more of the infinite number of gods existing ouside of time and space ,outside of our real physical world stuff material based consciousness ,mere human earthling !!
    Have you no religious grasp of idealism of God and the big bangers club ?
    Expand your mind and you expand your universe at will. Just contemplate and understand the universal reality unconnected with matter in motion ,time and space inside his /her pure thought, but compassionately teaching Buddha brain!

    But true ,the effects of HAARP testing as shown on the chart above cannot be viewed in isolation, but in its interconnections with other events , for example the moon is closer to the earth than it has been for 18 years this has some gravitational and other effects.
    That in combination with HAARP may have created unexpected results effecting the "normal" rate of shifting of the tectonic plates?

  4. Could be...

    Why don't we accept that the earth is going through greater changes. There is a cycle to life. The seasons change, the planet changes, the galaxy changes. The world leaders do not have the kind of power to control earthquakes and hurricanes at will. It has nothing to do with the steady state of the solar system or the universe. It has more to do with the fact that earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and volcanoes (including supervolcanes) just happen. I believe the sun's activity and the inner core of the earth itself has more to do with it than anything else. Perhaps it is not coincidental that Chile and Japan just saw to of the largest quakes in history right around the same time that sunpot activity has intensified.

    Strap yourselves in, it may be an interesting ride.

  5. ...Butterflies flapping their wings can cause storms on Jupiter?? Who exactly is alive today on this planet that was able to come to this profound discovery? Must be some elevated human mind using ultra sensitive instrumentation developed at Area 51. They can`t even make an accurate determination as to what the hell brought down thousands of birds from less than 1000 ft altitude and within the range of the human eye. Predictions from a well-paid-in-bananas laboratory chimpanzee with a hot wire up his ass might be just aqs believable! ha ha.

  6. This is just sad. Can anyone say Haarp?

  7. Research Haarp- man made weather modification machines.

  8. hey btw u guys have know idea what this company does it vandalizes the weather with different programs set on their websites that only mastermind hackers can see (like me) notice one thing... all those random weather reports that we had earlier this year in summer...yeah weather reporters didnt make a mistake they just thought they was really haarps doing


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