Monday, March 28, 2011

Rainwater Across Entire US Contanimated With Japan Nuclear Radiation

Radiation In Massachusetts Rainwater Likely From Japan..
BOSTON — Health officials said Sunday that one sample of Massachusetts rainwater has registered very low concentrations of radiation, most likely from the Japanese nuclear power plant damaged earlier this month by an earthquake and tsunami.

John Auerbach, the Massachusetts commissioner of public health, said that radioiodine-131 found in the sample – one of more than 100 that have been taken around the country – has a short life of only eight days. He said the drinking water supply in the state was unaffected and officials do not expect any health concerns.

Before I continue with more from the article, are you serious Mr, John Auerbach? You mean to tell me that Radioactive iodine is being found in the rainwater yet the drinking water is unaffected? Who, just WHO!? in their right mind is seriously going to believe that? Our drinking water comes from the rainwater. WOW!!!! Doublespeak at it’s finest.

And what in the world has happened to objective journalism? An official says something that is totally nonsensical and it is printed and echoed to every news outlet in the country without even being questioned for validity.

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  1. This will stay with us for a few hundred years - whenever there are stong winds in Japan raising dust!
    You and your readers may also be interested in how to treat radioactively contaminated drinking water, one of the most pressing concerns in Japan and soon in regions further off:
    Maybe someone wants to help with Japanese and other languages?

  2. "And what in the world has happened to objective journalism? "

    The MSM is completely committed to getting Obama re-elected. Their will be NO bad news reported while he is president. Remember how they white-washed the gulf spill?

  3. The MSM? You are a moron dude, first: Faux 'News' is the #1 watched one in here in America, and they are far from fans of Obama.

    2nd - they are ALL corporate tools, and will support whomever pay them the most advertising $ and does the most lobbying work.

    Anyways, America is cooked as an empire not matter WHO is in charge politically now.

  4. When the folks from Mainstream propaganda press start dropping like flies then they will figure it out and stop reporting all those silly stories about celebrities and non news...

    But don't hold your least half have to drop from radiation before they'll do that..


  5. i meet many americans and they talk
    all the time and they say
    baaaaa baaaaaa
    goy gold beech.and food water

  6. also this is still going on.
    so every day theres more?
    where is the news?
    we are so screwed.

  7. I felt really sick today, no lie. I drink a lot of water everyday actually, but usually I get bottled water or filtered water. Today I drank a lot of tap water because I didn't have access to any of it.

    I was wondering what was wrong. Then I read's already started imo.

  8. Life is good in Greenwood, Missouri!

  9. Radiation is your friend - Ann Coultergeist

    Morons and brain dead personalities persist in the Mainstream propaganda press! :)

    That's why the MSM propaganda press keep reporting about useless celebrity news and other non news because they're trying to make you stupid.



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