Monday, March 7, 2011

Saudi Arabia's `Day of Rage' Lures Record Bets on $200 Oil

Options traders are betting more than ever that crude oil is heading to $200 a barrel as some websites call for a “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia and anti- government protests spread in the Middle East and North Africa.
The CHART OF THE DAY shows open interest, or the number of outstanding contracts, for “call” options to buy New York crude for June delivery at $200 a barrel. The number has escalated, along with crude futures, to the highest since the options started trading in July 2009 amid worsening civil unrest in Libya and rare demonstrations in Saudi Arabia.
“If you look at the volatility and increase in money for call options in the last month or so, it does suggest that market participants are now more worried about the upside,” said Yingxi Yu, a Singapore-based commodity analyst with Barclays Plc. “People are also quite concerned about protests spreading across different parts of the region.”
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  2. It`s all a gigantic ruse to get everybody into electric vehicles-the only thing I ever plugged in was my 1967 Shick razor, and it was a fail. lol lol

  3. Speculators driving the market! No surprise there!!

  4. If everybody drives electric cars then when the government wants to control everybody they can send out xome frequency wave to shut the cars down when they want. Or shut down electrical grids so we can't juice up our cars then they can really control everybody. Or they can keep people from wandering more then fifty miles from home cause you got to recharge every hundred miles. I think the whole electric car thing is about control not conservation. What do you do with the big ol bulky batteries when their no longer any good. You throw them in a landfill so they can pollute the earth some more. I think were trade off one pollutant for a much worse one. Man becoming so full of himself that he thinks he has the answer. Ha Ha.

  5. 8;08 u got it. with say texas and it's rolling blackouts where to get more electrical generation?..coal, nuclear, or use thousands of acres-block it off-for those pretty windmills which are very efficient(HA-check great britain with many wmills and their efficiency), but what about the near extinct birds and-in other words nothing gets built to add to generation-ever)...LOL's a ruse to break the present system and give us a new one..control, with less people

  6. taxpayers gave GM money, they make volt, we should get volt for free..
    even those electric vespa type scooters only go a few
    check calculatedrisk for an article on infrastructure sales and we'll see more gov city state asset sales and that road used to avoid paying will be made to fall into disrepair..made to by contract...wonder how the stout electric's do over

  7. article on infrastructure sales is on naked capitalism, interesting. didn't rockefeller say something about travel in america would be so restricted and so expensive..

  8. Unrest has already hit Saudi Arabia...the question is whether or not it will get out of control. If the Saudis are lucky, they will have another 3-5 yrs before it becomes blatantly obvious they are running out of oil.

  9. 9:34...and that will be the perfect time for the Queen of the Upper Nile to make her reappearance-all the spotlights will be trained on downtown Anchorage as the banners wave proudly from the bastions proclaiming: "DRILL, BABY, DRILL!"...and around and around she goes...

  10. America ,the free world , should be willing, not just militarily, but with cash charity to stand by its friends in need, rich or poor.

    The US government Senate and Congress as friends of Freedom and the Saudi government Theocracy, should endorse and pass a emergency special tax on Americans to send cash and military Aid in support the great Saudi Kings kleptomaniac clan .

    A tax in defense of cheap oil ,Saudi private property and the continuing religious freedom of our Saudi ally.
    The king is now a friend in need after being forced to pass out $39 billions in handouts out of his own clans budgetary pockets in an attempts to head off any growing rebellion and movement for democracy.
    The Saudi clan should not be forced to bear the cost of these handouts alone.
    If America is prepared to send billions every year in ‘aid “ support of the euro- settlers state Israel ,surely a one off tax for “aid” to support the Saudi Kingan old and dear friend is now in order!
    Its time for Americans to reach into their own tax revenues for sending aid ,before it gets to $200 dolar a barrel of oil if the Saudis increase the price of oil in order to get back for the King that $39 billion .

    Call your Congressman now!

    The Sunni Wahabi ‘Muslim” religious sect (as once supported by the veil loving now dead Bin Laden) is doing the right thing in supporting rights of the Saudi king and backing the Opec monopoly and US oil based Dollar hegemony system ,as the Muslim basis for continuing US prosperity!

    The wahabi “clerics” are now Issuing “religious Fatwas “ against even peoples petitions for democracy. These Wahabis are clearly the right kind of non “militant” Muslims, the true friends of America ,in the war against ‘jihadi terrorists” .

    But, the Iranian Shias and their Ayatollah clerics are shamelessly and no doubt in their usual “criminal” way , stirring up the Anti –American ,anti-Great Satan , religious democracy jihadi pot in Sunni run Saudi.
    :They report;
    “As anti-government demonstrators vow to continue their protests in Saudi Arabia, the country's senior Wahhabi clerics have censured the pro-democracy demonstrations “as un-Islamic.”
    "reform and advice do not take place through demonstrations and methods that fan sedition." in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

    "The council stresses that demonstrations are prohibited in this country..
    and to..’prevent evil”, that does not happen through intimidating and seditious statements on which signatures are collected."
    Another report clearly implies that the division of the national oil income is more democratic in Shia Iran .

    ”According a Reuters report, Saudi royals took some $2 billion of the national income in 1996, while they as well as others closely associated with Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz, now spend $10 billion of the country's earnings annually for personal expenses.

    … revenues from the sale of one million barrels of oil per day go to only five or six Saudi princes.

    Documents show the better part of national spending in Saudi Arabia over the past two decades has been allocated to the royal family.

    One such document reads that Saudi royals, who number in the thousands, are known to possess great wealth and spend lavishly.

    Monthly salaries given to the members of the royal family range from $800 a month for the most junior members to $270,000 per month for senior royals, reports Reuters. The figures do not include the expenses for wedding ceremonies and building palaces.

    The same report suggests that five percent of Saudi Arabia's official budget, was earmarked for personal salaries of the royal family.

    This comes as many senior officials and royals in Saudi Arabia have gone into business, pocketing upwards of $10 billion dollars besides their regular salaries.

    Some Saudi royals have even confiscated public land to sell to the Saudi government.”

  11. 9.59
    Is that you $arah ?

  12. 10:43 Yup! (burp! oink!)

  13. The US and NATO seem determined to create a Civil war situation in Libya so that more of the oil business can be put more firmly into the US pricing of oil Dollar hegemony system .
    For example with the Libyan oil business now being promised and directed into the hands of the US investing Saudi kings .

    Libyan Oil production after all the foreign workers have been removed and with a bit of war damage may take years to fully recover at old oil output levels.

    The Saudis have been asked by the US to help arm the rebels in order to develop a civil war situation. The US and NATO threaten no fly ones to back up and encourage possible secessionist oil area state rebels into fighting a tribalised Civil war to break up libya.

    The Libyans major oil Gas export partner is Italy So Libyan oil is now priced in Euros.

    But a bankrupt US is desperate to prop up demand for an oil backed dollar in order to sell US treasuries and strengthen and maintain the dollar hegemony system in world trade and finance

    Gaddafi and his clan and supporters are being forced to either fight or suffer the same fate as Saddam after he switched from pricing Iraq oil out of dollars .
    Win or be hanged.Like american defiant Saddam
    No other way out allowed !
    In this way civil war between the Libyan clans and areas is being guaranteed.
    And the Libyan oil sales will go to the Saudis and other more subsevient US oil puppet countries.
    The Euro currency gets squeesed too as a bonus !
    Any rumored attempts for compromise with the Gaddafi clan to escape to safe havens with at least some loot are being rejected and blocked.
    It is well known that the banked and foreign property wealth of the Gaddafi family has already been seized by the Western powers.
    Bloomberg reports for example
    Departure Deal Rejected
    Al Jazeera reported that Qaddafi asked a former prime minister, Jadallah Azzuz Talhi, to negotiate a safe departure for himself and family members. A member of the Qaddafi family and a rebel spokesman both publicly rejected such a deal.
    Saadi Qaddafi said on Al-Arabiya television yesterday that a departure by his father would result in a civil war.
    The interim council set up by rebels rejected the proposal, Al Jazeera reported, without saying how it obtained the information.
    Some Libyan officials are promoting a plan for Qaddafi to relinquish power to a “council of technocrats” that would oversee a transition toward a democratic government, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing an unidentified person familiar with the situation. The possibility of prosecution from an international criminal court could dissuade him from agreeing to such a solution, the newspaper said.


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