Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stunning Unseen Japan Tsunami Footage



  1. The blast (and shock wave ) had no visible flame color and was followed shortly
    by smoke or steam clouds.
    Hydrogen exploding or burning without oxygen present is claimed to be invisible emitting no colored flame.
    The Japanese nuclear agency and power company in panic control mode implied claim ,is that Hydrogen was formed external to the very hot overheated core vessel. Said to be still structuraly intact .
    But the explosion could equally (?) have been the pressure of the melting down nuclear core vessel bursting or blowing off its superheated water pressure top escaping through the external building too.
    Whatever the truth of the explosions real cause ,it is clear that for either explanation the heat needed can only have come from a superheated uncontrollable meltdown now in progress

  2. Those bastards lie the Oil spill is actually 1,240 sq mi and like a wall 100 feet thick just sitting there all life forms will be extinct
    all people dying from fumes all is lost

    When was the last time you heard from this end all scenario

    Yeah = flavor of the day

  3. I want to know why; with all this global talk of green this and green that and renewable this
    blah blah blah - is japan ( a freakin' island) with ABUNDANT wind and major thermals from adjacant mainland and oh by the by - they get more damn sun in one quarter than we here in Ohio get in ayear!

    And they have 50 some nuclear reactors!?

    HMMM - Me smell some Kimchee

  4. kimchee is korean dish not japanese no wonder you live in ohio


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