Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Surgeon General: Buying Iodine a "Precaution"

The fear that a nuclear cloud could float from the shores of Japan to the shores of California has some people making a run on iodine tablets. Pharmacists across California report being flooded with requests.
State and county officials spent much of Tuesday trying to keep people calm by saying that getting the pills wasn't necessary, but then the United States surgeon general supported the idea as a worthy "precaution."
U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin is in the Bay Area touring a peninsula hospital. NBC Bay Area reporter Damian Trujillo asked her about the run on tablets and Dr. Benjamin said although she wasn't aware of people stocking up, she did not think that would be an overreaction. She said it was right to be prepared.
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  1. Here on this website those concerned about the growing economic crisis have been urging people to get prepared by stocking up on daily necessities ,they have been subject to much abuse as 'doomers" crazy conspiracy theorist survivalists etc., By economic crisis deniers trolling on behalf of the Bernanke confidence boosting ruling elite crowd .

    But we see even in Tokyo in crisis that normal "just in time shop" food and other daily supplies have quicky disapeared from the shops shelves .

    The situation is much worse in the Tsunami effected areas where even many dailly supply shops the 7-11s etc. have simply disapeared off the face of the earth .
    Whole families may be trying to share one thin blanket in below zero tempatures with no electricity, or even a bottled water supply,simply praying or hoping for a rice ball handout from the government.

  2. She's no surgeon and she's no general. A politically correct figurehead placed by an illegitimate usurper.

    I would not take her work on anything. Use your own brains people, this corrupt government ants you dead.

  3. The US armed forces should evacuate all inessential military and US civilians now employed by the US in Japan and
    especially any children and other family members now.
    Big US bases like Yokosuka and Yokota are right near these damaged radiation emmiting nuclear plants.

    The US should be sending in aid containing ships and planes and evacuating its own American citizens on the way back out .

    Most jappanese would be happy to see them go anyway.
    Especialy the ones occupying Okinawa since WW2 that have been refusing to go for years.

  4. it must have been so nice sitting on the couch, drinking bud and munching nachos while watching how US airforce was bombing Belgrade, Baghdad, Kabul, kids, women, civilians. Feel the fucking burn now, my dear American friends. Oh, better yet - eat pills and die! Send your marines and strike forces to stop the radiation... ha ha ha... you can't fuck with this enemy and this time it is coming to Your Land.

  5. leave the worthless us military there, they are dead already, if not they will be homeless and forgotten when they get home, the us does not give a crap about them, Mccain knew there were pows left in vietnam, but did nothing about it and let them stay there and die, some hero, NOT!

  6. Some other countries might actually care about the radiation danger to their citizens and are not abandoning their own government employees to their fate.

    Many companies are now flying their staff and families out of japan to safety.

    Bloomberg reports.
    France Evacuates
    France began evacuating nationals, Prime Minister Francois Fillon said, while Germany advised citizens to leave Japan.


  7. 3-10
    Ever hear what happened to 'viet-cong" POWs of the Americans ?
    Now just where were THEY imprisoned and treated according to the Geneva Conventions ?

    Or were they just shot on the spot or starved in “Tiger cages”or thrown out of helicopters ?

    You just watched to many Rambo and Rocky American hero fantasy movies when you were younger and still think it was all real 3.10 !

    But, Ah,McCain ,the Tokyo Rose or Lord Haw Haw radio hero of Vietnam ,it seems doesnt meet your fantasy Amerikan hero Rambo standards

    McCain himself was rescued and lived because Vietnamese peasants saved the injured Mc Cain from drowing in a fish pond after being shot down while illegally bombing Nth Vietnam without even a legal declaration of war.

    Instead of angry villagers shooting him on the spot as a war criminal ,he was treated for his injuries as a respected prisoner of war and so lived on to whine election time tall tales of bad treatment ,torture and the need for respecting the Geneva agreements .But for American heroes only of course.

    Now McCain as well as Bush and Obama now supports the torture and "rendition" of enemy “suspects” without legal rights to even a trial in Guantanomo Or Bagram.
    As well as supporting the daylight bailout robbery by banksters with TARP

    Well, what else would one expect ,from an old Tokyo Rose ?

  8. 1107 you mean tokyo mccain

  9. 1010: FU, anti-American bastard! One USAF laser-guided bomb coming right down your chimney, douche bag!

  10. 1013: Who gives a crap about geezer McCain. Let's talk about the bafoon who was elected POTUS - OBOZO, traitor-in-chief!

  11. 11:07: Has anyone ever called you nuts? Let me have the men in the white coats come over and take you away to the looney bin.

  12. 1010: I'll put one US Marine against a thousand anti-American ragheads like yourself any day! In fact, I'll have a USMC sniper vaporize your raghead like an exploding pumpkin with a 1,500 yard shot from his .50 caliber rifle. Raghead, MAKE MY DAY!

  13. Wow ,yet another player of the Sylvester/Clint/ us marine -sniper combo v. dumb brown raghead'make My Day" video war game!

    Or ,did you base that above scenario on "Blackhawk down"

    Whatever .
    Anyway it is all good american war super hero, fantasy, individualist stuff, Rambo .
    Never let reality interfere with your American Dream.
    1,000 indians to one american cowboy !
    Watch out for those sneaky asian ninjas kung fu creeps though .
    Pass the popcorn!

  14. 6:51 - Bring it on, anti-American, bring it on! Do NOT underestimate the strength and will of the USA and the American people. The Nazis and the Japs thought they were invincible and we reduced their countries, armies, navies, and air forces to complete rubble in no time. China and North Korea got a good taste of our wrath in the early 1950's. 1.0+ million NVA gooks were obliterated by us. Saddam's military was destroyed TWICE in 12 years. Al-Qaeda has been completely destroyed. Wanna another taste of American might! Yeah, I didn't think so.

  15. Yep ,for a 13 or 14 year old you have already been well conditioned in American bloodlust and militaristic fantasies.
    If you are older then that only proves that your ideological conditioning was completely successful and ingrained as your own permanent unique amerikan individualist “personality”.
    You now react like a conditioned Pavlovian Amerikan dog.Slavering at the mouth at even the mere thought of killing millions of brown people for American profits.
    A true educated product of the American system and its culture!
    Americans are addicted to war against weak brown peoples and trained since children by practising for hours on their CIA financially backed Video games .

    The ability to kill millions of ‘gooks” gives them self esteem and pride in their flag and the economic freedom to consume popcorn , Hollywood fantasies and cheap commodity products from the third world, even while living on food stamp handouts .

    Such a charming world civilizing culture!

    How could any sensible third world people in Korea ,Vietnam, Iraq , Afghanistan or even now Libya consider even resisting the armies and military might is right of such a charming people , or their great empires militarized economic and cultural system and become “anti-american”?
    Only if they are crazy insane inhuman dumb "rag heads" that deserve all they get!



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