Thursday, March 17, 2011

They Are Leaving Us To Die, Government Told Us NOTHING

Note: The Yen is Dying on Left
Residents of a town lying within the exclusion zone around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant claim they have been neglected by the Japanese government.
Minamisoma lies just 12 miles from the nuclear plant in crisis and villagers have been ordered to remain in their homes as their community lies on the edge of the state-ordered evacuation zone.
But as tonnes of water were dumped on the plant as the government attempted to prevent overheating, the mayor of Minamisoma has accused the authorities of ignoring his ‘isolated’ people’s plight.
‘They are leaving us to die,’ Katsunobu Sakarai told the BBC in a video interview.
‘We weren’t told when the first reactor exploded – we only heard about it on the TV. The government doesn’t tell us anything.’


  1. In Japan we see the failure and rot of a crony capitalism corporate state with a bureaucratic government incapable of acting in the national interest in a dire national emergency threatening the lives of millions of its own people .

    The solution to the nuclear problems was left in the hand of a private company already well known as corrupt and negligent convicted in the past for criminal behavior on safety matters for putting its own company profits in command ahead of public safety .

    The government has been sidelined by these private companies and a ‘regulating” nuclear body that has been in cahoots with the cover ups of the nuclear industry for decades,ever since originally American ‘safe” nuclear technology of multinational companies like Americas G.E. was imported into the country.

    The government has failed to act as a government take decisive coordinated control for the common good ,for example using the military and the best advice of uninterested national and international experts to coordinate a national response and action and is reduced as a crony capitalist “government” to making press conferences simply repeating the propaganda/information as supplied by the private power company that had its own private economic interests to protect.

  2. The UN is here giving permission to attack other countries ,acting on behalf of the Western imperialist NWO agenda of world government !

    The concept of national sovereignity and national independence is abandoned to prevent a coming 'massacre' in Bengazi as described as immanent in Fox news , an intervention by the 'world Community", namely the Imperialist countries The US and NATO and their dictatorial Arab puppet regimes suddenly interested in “human rights” .
    In Iraq it was preventing Saddam from using non existant Weapons of Mass destruction
    All this of course in Libya as in Iraq having nothing to do with any oil and the dollar hegemony system .
    It the old days for example in China it was 'free Trade" used to justify Opium wars then it was colonialist intervention in countries to "protect missionaries",colonianal settler businessmen and to stop Christan Nuns from being raped in the Congo .

  3. faux is always beating the war and blood drums, they are a sick propaganda org, all usa media is corrupt and in the pocket of big business.

  4. This article is a joke, like the nuclear spill which is not happening. This website has become a joke as a result of the continuous coverage it's been given.

    6:41, FOX is bad, but CNN and NBC are much worse.

    Oh, and to the guy who wrote this, to set him straight - the government loves focusing on the story of the nuclear problem. Moving on now.

  5. katrina and government neglect times 100 ?

    At Sendai Hospitals, Victims Go Without Painkillers and Food

    … “In the following days, cancer patients were sent home because there was no medication for their chemotherapy. More than 1,000 patients lived for four days on bread, canned corned beef and dried biscuits, said Mio Onodera, a 25-year-old nurse. There are no painkillers and intravenous tubes are being reused. “

  6. 8:25 are you mentally retarded and live under a rock?

  7. According to this article, the Yen was getting stronger until the Fed interfered:


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