Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy

Two years ago, George Soros said he wanted to reorganize the entire global economic system. In two short weeks, he is going to start - and no one seems to have noticed.

On April 8, a group he's funded with $50 million is holding a major economic conference and Soros's goal for such an event is to "establish new international rules" and "reform the currency system." It's all according to a plan laid out in a Nov. 4, 2009, Soros op-ed calling for "a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order."

The event is bringing together "more than 200 academic, business and government policy thought leaders' to repeat the famed 1944 Bretton Woods gathering that helped create the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Soros wants a new 'multilateral system," or an economic system where America isn't so dominant.

More than two-thirds of the slated speakers have direct ties to Soros. The billionaire who thinks "the main enemy of the open society, I believe, is no longer the communist but the capitalist threat" is taking no chances.
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  1. Thank you for posting this...Of course they don't want this meeting made public...would “YOU” tolerate the carving & divvying up of our country to the highest bidder and appointments of the 8 Regional Governors? Unfortunately one day soon we will awaken to find our political system has changed and our country gone to the most egregious Criminal! Seig Rothchilds….Sieg Rockefellors!

  2. Yet ANOTHER example of the LEFT trying to destroy America and remake it in their own SOCIALIST image! For all lefties who frequent this blog - how do you defend this? I really want to know!

  3. Sounds like a good idea to me, it is obvious that the banksters and their idea of capitalism have failed.

  4. 10:38 - Oh, you must be a LEFTIST or a believer in leftist ideologies. Get on board the choo choo train to the FEMA camp because that's where all SOCIALIST revolutions end up...with lots of DEAD people! Just ask the millions of victims of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.

  5. We have a lot of talking robots here. They hear something critical of their beloved but failed social order/economic system/American Dream and they chirp go "get on the FEMA camp train"....LOL!!! They live in the conservative paradigm but it doesnt mean everyone else lives in either right or left, mr. cartoon self parody. If you can't see what problems we've created with capitalism then you have been asleep a very long time, and no that doesnt make anyone a communist or Stalin to say it, my brainwashed slave.

  6. USA Patriot,
    are you for real?
    please tell me that at least you get paid to be this stupid!

  7. Every one of the posters completely missed the point about this amazing "man" who I swear is satan.

    Forget the banks and the politicos - this guy influences more negative anti american anti Jeffersonian anti constitution principles than

    These then are the people we should all be negative about, instead of each other. But instead of collectively opposing satan; we elect instead to each individually; bitch about such worthless trivia as how the banksters are ripping us off ( hint ---- don't use them and they cannot use you!)

    Meanwhile - satan has succeded in bringing to it's knees the most productive, prolific,and caring people the world has ever known and never fired a shot. This was all done by masterfully uniting these left wing progressives and leaving the conservative liberatarians to do what George knows they will do - stand by themselves, on their own two feet.

    That doesn't get you very far in George's world - remember he wants to "redistribute the wealth" not HIS ! mind you -- just everybody else's wealth!

    Peace OUT

  8. Satan? Let's try to stick to facts and the real world here. Number one, the global economy is already in shambles. The big whigs have been running around with their heads up their asses for quite a while now, trying to think up plans to keep the stuffing inside the worn out system we have in place, deluding themselves its not soon over with, and trying to keep the public equally deluded. number two, These kinds of accords are nothing new. Theyve tried to restructure it many times in the past. The Bretton Woods agreements are nothing new. It's the far right extremist/fundamentalists who keep telling us that there is a new Mao or Stalin, or worse yet Satin. And not only that its "all the lefty's fault".

    But these slow people are really missing the boat on whats going on. Now matter what they try to do to inject life into the thing, it's doom, doomed ya hear? Look at the signs. This is not just about one evil man trying to bring down the great American Way of life. Too bad so many Americans with their heads in the sand have to think it's ALL ABOUT THEM.

    We'll probably end up like Japan and it won't be because George Soros created an earthquake to destroy 6 reactors and cause a tsunami to roll over us, it will be our arrogance in thinking Nuclear Energy is safe, and humans are immune to mother nature.

  9. Not an uber religious man but weird how a one world currency mixed with a mark keeps popping up and how the bible speaks of a day when "a man's pay for the day will be equal to a day's work."

    Something HUGE is coming our way and kiddies it will NOT be a good thing.

    People have teased me since 2004 when I was prepping for a disaster being I live right on TOP of the San Andreas Fault and I felt the RE Market would NOt hold...remember how long it took the average American to wake up?

    In the last 3 days, 3 coworkers have hit me up for information on financial and general survival in case of a crash.

    Reason is besides spending my money where my mouth is...I actually made money going against the trend...I'm telling you we are the "New Argentina" and unlike them we do NOT know how to survive when our easy living lifestyle runs into shortages...Picture th einner cities...Picture unprepared minorities...Picture smaller or no supplies coming in. :O

    In order for soros to implement his ideas he MUST crash the system so they turn to his ideas as an alternative...Classic Manipulation 101.

    There is no one group of Elites...There's multiple ones...Each with their own agenda and WE are nothing but pawns on a grand scale chessboard called the world.

  10. 1:32/2:51 - Well, at least I'm not as stupid as someone like you two leftist morons who want to live in a socialist utopian fantasy world. That "experiment" has FAILED every time it's been tried - ALWAYS ending in millions dead.

    I'll stick with REVIVING America based on our core Constitutional and founding principles rather than trying to "transform" America with the socialist experiment that should permanently placed in the trash bin of history.

  11. 1:32 - So what EXACTLY do you propose we replace the current system (capitalism) with? Please clearly articulate your vision for America and how we can solve the many problems "capitalism" has caused. If nothing else, your attempt at a response will be humorous, to say the least.

  12. Noodles, good comments but you need to change that handle.

  13. 7:59 is a jim dandy hoot ! Yeah, it's in shambles alright - how did it get there? By
    the working man and woman ? Hardly Jim - it got to where it is by explotation and if your so naive to think that the rockerfellers and bilderbergers and soroses don't have the POWER
    to wield the sword we are now ALL feeling -
    brother you are sadly mistaken as there are less than 50 people running our entire globe.

    Not just left jim - left PROGRESSIVE - look it up jim - PROGRESSIVE think FDR jim the rights have them too, just to a much lesser extent.

    It is "all about them" ! What in thee hell do you think got this ENTIRE globe where it is today? I'm not saying where we're at is good or bad - I'm just saying WHAT do you suppose got us ALL here? It was the drive man! the drive to do better - to be better - to make it better - to make it go farther! faster! higher! lower!
    to make more!

    That's the american sprit

    That is what people like you just love to kick right in the teeth - that animal spirit - hell yes I can climb it ! why? because it's there!

    Your response - " well er uh no actually you can;t climb it, we'll need to see 16 triplicate documents of Insurance, 13 DEP intent forms and
    all 150 non competes signed by the 18 banks that
    are cosigneees"

    That's where we were

    And now where were at

    Once a fucking STUD

    Thanks to you - now a worthless fucking gelding
    pleading for even a sniff

    Absolutly pathetic

  14. What is left and what is right ?
    There have been many economic crisis and even complete decades long depressions in capitalism.
    In time after a cleansing in the destruction of fictionally overvalued capital not getting real profit returns and by selling off overstocked inventories at a loss and after wages were reduced by unemployment and even starvation ,but with increased competition between the workers for lower waged jobs ‘the same old shit got going again” when it became again profitable to invest capital again.
    One branch of conservative capitalist economics calls that “creative destruction “ and cries ‘bring it on” hopefully it will be short and sharp and so lets just get it over with.
    Austrian economics falls into this branch of economics and claims that pure capitalism itself cannot be responsible for its crisis as it was only caused by filthy greedy conniving bankers creating to much inflationary money supply.
    Especialy those Fed banksters printing fiat money as government debts. But tough love and let the TBTF fail will easily solve the crisis and we can all go back to living in the best of all la la land economies by adopting real gold money as problems will automatically solve themselves. The reality is that economic depressions occurred in the past when gold an silver currencies were used.
    Workers and working people often become unhappy with having to carry the burdens of saving capitalism in this way and tend to whine and may become un-cooperative
    and may even threaten revolution and socialism ,he dictatorship of the proletariat in opposition to the dictatorship of capital.

    One political solution is to abondon any democratic and liberal pretences by installing an openly dictatorial Corporate State in an alliance with collaborative unions of the labor aristocracy. In order to deliver both the promised profits for capital and benefits for the labor aristocracy.These states have an historical tendency to become fascist and racist for taming both internal minority workers or going in for expansionist wars to seize other countries resources an commodity markets.
    Some in America believe they see beginnings of this tendency of establishing a privileged and bribed unionised labour aristocracy in the Obama or Democrat camp that they feel is to close the Black sector and not supporting the traditional retired mostly white labor aristocracy, the tea party camp and the property owning lower Middle class.
    Another solution for saving capitalism and heading of any revolution is the printing of money injected as kick start stimulus into the industrial productive sector of the economy and the building of infrastructure to expand an grow the commodity markets providing unemployment relief to the working people until the economy recovers.Duringt the last depression Roosevelt applied this method it provided many jobs building dams and other infrastructure ,but the economies real profitability did not get going again till the armaments industry was able to get some sales to the British empire for their gold reserves.
    After the war economy with the destruction of competitive imperialist industry in Japan and Germany a world market for American industry exports was created . This was the American golden age and “long boom” that lasted till the end of the sixties .

    This Keynesian “solution” of money stimulus for productive industry and job creation
    is not open to America today as the American government has already engaged in deficit spending money printing for decades in order to support the unproductive of wealth military industrial complex and wars and more recently bailouts for an insolvent finance sector by even more money printing .
    With the amount of “national debts” to bondholders and other obligations already on the books exceeding the ability of the government to pay the dividends out
    of future tax revenues.
    The only mad solution left is inflation to devalue existing dollar debts?

  15. 4:45 and 3:11 you make me laugh with sorrow. Your understanding about the world is too limited to take very seriously.

    Capitalism has always gone through boom and busts and depressions. You act like this is something new, egg head. Captialism IS exploitation and coercion. It is essentially nothing different than that of the Roman era and later the societies of kings and feudal lords. Get some fucking perspective and history about the world. You are so brainwashed that you think you MUST have a system of exploitation and slavery, and when any glimpses of it come to light, you act like it's an oddity, an aberration and you call it a unique conspiracy to take all your wealth and freedom that you never really had. Get a clue.

    I could give you many examples of what a better world would look like, even a better system in which there was more freedom and no dictators, but you aren't prepared to absorb any of that because you are too busy being brainwashed and calling anyone else who opposes you any number of tasteless words. Why? Because you are ignorant, and that's what ignorance does. It resists intelligent thoughts. That is why the handle "Paradigm" is so ironic yet fitting, because YOU are stuck in a paradigm and you can't get out. I suppose that is why you are so bitter.

  16. "I'm just saying WHAT do you suppose got us ALL here? It was the drive man! the drive to do better - to be better - to make it better - to make it go farther! faster! higher! lower!
    to make more!

    That's the american sprit"

    You sound like a robot, a machine. Who says we need to go faster? Faster than what? Farther than what? The lesson here is the bigger they are the harder they fall. The sooner you come to terms with that the better. All civilizations that get too big for their britches fall, and that includes ALL civilizations by the way.

    While you were busy thinking MORE MORE MORE, you didnt stop to think what effects TAKE TAKE TAKE would have. So now what - you left a big hole in the world - in the way of nuclear radiation, resource depletion, nature die-off, and inevitably human die-off.

    But it sure was worth it, wasn't it, punching in the time card 40+ hrs a week to get nowhere at 90 miles an hour, wasn't it?

    Ok off my soap box.



  18. 4:54 - Again, you are ALL talk, NO substance. When pressed, you can't even give us ONE example of a better system than capitalism BECAUSE we're too stupid to understand. This is typical leftist/progressive ARROGANCE and HUBRIS. Yet, your world history is so messed your comparing modern day capitalism with the Roman era and Middle Ages. WTF? Please try to articulate a coherent thought and argument before you post again. Otherwise, you're just embarrassing yourself with your leftist gibberish.

  19. Capitalism is doomed. Someone better come up with a better system if there isn't one and then implement it. Obviously it will have to be someone that has the power to do it and the access to all the information to create a system out of it, which nobody on this site would be able to do.

    It's like any product or tv show you see. If it's defective you can usually figure out what is going wrong or an idea of what you want it to do. But you won't be able to go out there and create the better product or tv show because you don't have access to the proper information to do that. That's why a team of people has to do that, and then those people, or at least the people that hired them, make a lot of money out of providing this new thing to people who recognize they needed it.

    Right now, it's obvious capitalism is a failure and we need something new. Something more based on meritocracy. It will take a lot of smart people working together to get it done, and then deliver it to the people. Then it is up to the people to embrace it, if it's the correct and best new form.

    If we never tried to improve because we didn't know what was better in advance and had the right answer all the time, we'd all STILL be living in caves banging rocks against themselves because we don't have a better solution. Some guy decided that the caves and rocks weren't good enough so he left and tried and failed in doing other things, while everyone inside the cave told him he didn't have a better plan.

    Those people inside the cave probably eventually left and became laborers for the first guy.

  20. "4:54 - Again, you are ALL talk, NO substance. When pressed, you can't even give us ONE example of a better system than capitalism BECAUSE we're too stupid to understand. This is typical leftist/progressive ARROGANCE and HUBRIS. Yet, your world history is so messed your comparing modern day capitalism with the Roman era and Middle Ages. WTF? Please try to articulate a coherent thought and argument before you post again. Otherwise, you're just embarrassing yourself with your leftist gibberish. "

    See, this is what I am talking about DOUCHE bag. I said it is essentially one and the same, but you are too dense to draw the connections, and I am not going to sit here and hold your hand and guide you. Can you at least acknowledge that it is inherited from there, and that we operate on Roman Law still today?

    And there are many examples of alternatives to capitalism. Too bad your mind has never strolled far enough out of MTV or the O'Reilly Factor to find out. But I'll entertain your question with the assumption you are at least somewhat curious or open (which may be a stretch, and way I am hesitant to waste my time).

    First of all, there was the Five Nations as just one example in America BEFORE Christopher Columbus landed here, thinking it was India and then proceeding to kill off all the "Indians". I know you will counter this with countless cartoonizations and false facts about savages killing and raping squaws and each other, but the fact remains that by and large it was a peaceful co-existence that took into consideration the earth, spirituality, and best of all the freedom of each individual. They were all each free to embrace a society or a chief (who had only leadership powers/wisdwom) or not.

    Another example would be all the agrarian farmers across europe who for centuries lived and worked together in the countrysides fighting off the land barons, kings and lords of the empires of that era. In case you didnt know, empire won out (For now) and that is what has lead to today, but in more modern forms.

    Even in more modern times we have examples, one being Spain during the Spanish Civil War, when farmers, workers, and leaders all worked together with no rulers in freedom, with the option of working together to provide and exchange, or not to (but the compulsion and desire was to do the former). The are other modern examples such as Hungary and elsewhere.

    This is just a sliver because there are many other societies that have come and gone. But you're too stuck in your selfish American, we are the best, and there is no better and will be no better system mindset, where capitalism is really just a form of socialism in which workers and individuals have little rights and the corporations and politicians have many, and you ACTUALLY EMBRACE and DEFEND it like a flaming retard! Well, if I am a typical leftist (which I am not) then find and Jim Dandy. But at least Im not a brainwashed toad that clings to half-hashed conservative ideas under the guise of some silly notions of liberty and justice. Laugh.

  21. 1:40pm you make an interesting comparison regarding how good ideas are lost in the shuffle. Basically by mediocrity and the powers that be. But I think you are wrong in saying that it will need to be implemented by one or a handful of very smart poeople. In truth, this needs to be implemented by the many for it to hold ground. When the people stand up and decide they don't want to be ruled by politicians and banker pigs, then you will have freedom. It is the power to oppose corruption and coercion that protects our liberty.

    What we really should be aiming for is a system without systems, or a system of many systems, but none of which are compulsive. We want to be able to pick and choose or not participate at all. The beauty of that is that any number of beautiful smart ideas can crop up and take root without the treat of being destroyed or repressed.

    We live in a repressive dominator society. Why not just do away with the dominator portion? Why not just lead ourselves and let human intelligence take the reins, rather than have a reign of thugs and the least intelligent individuals calling our shots for us?

    This method of approach incorporates human ingenuity, trade, collaboration, individuality and thriving without the need for wars and brutality. What is missing from this picture? The 1% owning 42% of the wealth. The boot stomping your skull asking you for another dollar bill and taking away your freedoms to "give you freedom". It's a twisted world we live in. As soon as everyone has decided they want real freedom it will all disappear.

  22. 2:16
    How did all those "other systems" work out there amigo?

    I don't give a shit whether it's algae, business, mfg. products - or your precious american indians

    In the end, the strong consume the weak - get used to it amigo; not even Soros can change that one - because you see amigo - time is one thing that, as individulas; we do not have on our side.

    Evolution on the other hand, is time and has NO such constraints.


  23. 2:16 - First off, based on your many posts, I truly believe you're a total WACKO and an angry one to boot. Your long winded remarks are nothing more than a bunch of completely crazy thoughts and gibberish spewing from an near insane mind. Politically, you're a fringe dweller and your views do not represent anything even close to mainstream American political thought.

    Your examples of "alternatives to capitalism" are totally laughable: Pre-Columbus "Five Nation" Indians? Oh yes, 300+ million Americans will return to wandering the Great Plains following the buffalo herds. But...wait...the buffalo are ALL GONE.

    Middle Age agrarian farmers? Oh, you mean SERFS with NO rights? Spanish Civil War farmers and workers? Oh, you mean the COMMUNISTS who fought Franco? Hungary ('56 and '89)? Oh, you mean freedom fighters trying to overthrow their Soviet-dominated COMMUNIST slave masters?

    Capitalism is a form of socialism? Really? Since when? Did you just personally redefine capitalism?

    Dude, are you even an American? (Please tell me you're a foreigner because then your wacky posts would make a lot more sense!) If you are indeed an American, you completely lack an even basic understanding of American history you're NOT a believer in American constitutional principles or American EXCEPTIONALISM. If you don't like America, please feel free to take the next flight to Havana, Moscow or Beijing. I'll chip in for the ticket!

  24. "your views do not represent anything even close to mainstream American political thought. "

    No shit, that's because most Americans (like you) tend to have their heads in the sand. Complete gibberish - are you that ignorant as to not be able to absorb what I have said or just completely dishonest? As for being "angry", that is not accurate. There are a lot of people, or maybe just one ACTUAL wacko who comes on here slinging from the hips with all kinds of remarks, telling people they are morons for not agreeing with him. I suppose you sounded similar enough with your lack of cordial engagement you might be this person.

    It's funny because first I gave no substance and no suddenly I am long winded. Make up your mind. As for Spain, no dimwit, I was not talking about the Communists. They too fought against the individuals who rebelled and sought freedom, quelling the resistance movement and the Anarchists.

    But this is a pristine example of your ignorance and arrogance: you have no historical perspective on the many examples of actual anti-authoritarian societies, anarchism, social libertarianism, or other alternatives related (outside of either Communism or Capitalism; really do you actually think the world is that simplistic?). You have no clue that in spain and in other places in europe there was an actual strong movement towards that, and people are not looked upon as WACKOS because of it, but rather EDUCATED. Moreover in America there was a similar strong movement in the late 1800's and early 1900's, that is until they were beaten into the gruond and turned into the brainwashed slave reality that you more represent. In short, the only political perspective you have is perhaps David Icke (whos the actual wacko?) and what you were taught in school: keneysian economics and capitalism.

    Your attitude is plain laughable. "If ya dont lack Americah just get the hayell out! Go to Cuba!" LOL. Yes, I live in America Dumbo. It doesn't mean I have to agree with its all politics. What a cliche you are.

    I lack a basic understanding of history? Please tell me you aren't this clueless and are just talking out your ass because you had not the patience to actually read what I said. I understand if you aren't much for free-thinking and studying the world. But if that is the case to engage in discussions in which it is important. Period.

  25. "In the end, the strong consume the weak - get used to it amigo; not even Soros can change that one - because you see amigo - time is one thing that, as individulas; we do not have on our side."

    And thus you are no different than a George Soros. Yes, the strong consume the weak in a domination based society, one in which you are certainly brainwashed is natural and necessary in order to survive.

    Oh I am sure one day you will change your mind when this great luxurious lifestyle is left in the dust and there is a different way of life you'll find yourself in. You'll realize that capitalism, based on endless growth, conspicuous consumption, and exploitation of human and natural resources simply was not tenable, and that actually you were the one crazy enough to argue it ever was. But that's life. Some lessons are easier for others.

  26. *But if that is the case try not to engage in discussions in which it is important.

  27. I'm going to provide you with a few links, not because you will have the ability or willingness to digest it per se, but to at least provide you with factual information and back up what I have said, and who knows just maybe you will educate yourself a hair.

    Here are a few examples of alternatives and well known figures associated with it:
    Also see William Blake: "A more recent (and very short) study of Blake William Blake: Visionary Anarchist by Peter Marshall (1988) has classified Blake as one of the forerunners of modern anarchism, along with Blake's contemporary William Godwin."


  28. Capitalism is based the theoretical equality and communism of capital , accumulated dead value from the past in an economic system that dominates the production and distribution of new wealth created by the living. Each share in a corporation having an equal vote and power to collect a share in the loot!
    Anonymous said.

    It is "all about them" ! What in thee hell do you think got this ENTIRE globe where it is today? I'm not saying where we're at is good or bad - I'm just saying WHAT do you suppose got us ALL here? It was the drive man! the drive to do better - to be better - to make it better - to make it go farther! faster! higher! lower!
    to make more!

    That's the american spirit”

    You confuse the spirit of a people with capitalist spirit substituted for humanity .

    The entire globe is mostly full of $2 a day people as the end result of capitalst colonialism and neo- colonialism .

    The only drive that capitalism has is the inhuman drive and the need for making more profits not increasing material production and distributing a larger ,or even a more democratic share of that wealth , for people .

    In fact its aim is the opposite to that,just individual enrichmentand the devil take the hindmost ,and human societies needs do not enter into that aim.

    Material production of increased commodity wealth in the past for ordinary people in the west was a by product not the aim. In an earlier period that was achieved by increasing the social productive powers and ability to improve production with increased application of technology and organization of labor and by making a profit in that process.

    That was objectively progressive and served the material needs of people . At one time the middle class benefited from that too.

    Owing to the competitive spirit of capitalism for profit share in “ free trade” , American monopoly capital
    and productive commodity industry for meeting the material needs of the consumers and the jobs related to that ,were mostly exported to the cheaper labor third world.
    Americans do not make a living in productive industry but from selling services to each other.
    America is an unproductive parasite services/consumer country living on foreign credit supply.

    Finance capital made its profit share by expanding credit supply so the goods produced say in the Third world could be consumed. But This credit supply was expanded beyond any ‘reasonable” or normal usury limits with government and banksters selling trillions of dollars of dud mortgage bond debts. In housing government guaranteed mortgages loans were issued to any body that could mark an x on paper even when it was clear that they could not possibly repay the loans. That was said by supporters of capitals markets to be a progressive evolution too!

    US capitalism with wealth ownership concentrated and the profits made from investing that wealth as capital
    for profit are mainly flowing to the top five % ,the elite successful capitalists that even control the government power to print money for self bailouts as well, is the spirit of US capitalism today
    To make more profits by hook or by crook .Mostly as crooks.

    The drive of that American spirit is now to make its profits through government bailouts, international predatory wars against the Third World financed by “military Keynesianism” and by looting the remaining housing and pension saving assets of the middle class, that were accumulated in that earlier period ,before the system went belly up into insolvency That insolvency is an inability of capital invested in the past to make average world profits in America as ‘honest” industrial capital and trade but only by outright criminal ,but legalized kleptomaniac fraud , by the inhuman monster squids of capital .

  29. 6:53/7:19 - Thank you very much...I've smoked you out and exposed you for EXACTLY what you are - an ANARCHIST!!! Why didn't just say so from the beginning? Because you're a coward who hides in the shadows. Well, the sun is now shining and it's to time to disinfect the germs. Like I said in previously, you're a total political FRINGE DWELLER and nuts to boot.

    ANARCHISTS like you are even more dangerous than leftists because they thrive on total CHAOS, DISORDER and EVIL. Every link you provide is to something related to ANARCHISM. Who in their sane mind even contemplates this garbage? I pray to God you're not a teacher, educator, academic or anywhere near impressionable children because you are a cesspool of very dangerous and un-American ideas.

  30. LOL 7:33, you need to drop the pipe and stop imagining bogeymen around every corner. I have NO qualms about expressing myself as an anarchist, but that is just a label. And of course you have no clue what that really means. You talk about CHAOS and DISORDER, but that is not really what it is at all. Read a book sometime. Stretch your paltry little mind. Stop being a cartoon wing-nut ironically calling others same.

    UN-American ideas? Jesus, listen to yourself. You probably wear one of those American flag t shirts, and maybe those baggy football pants. While you aren't drinking beers, letting your gut hang out, and watching game shows on TV, you probably beat your kid senseless if you have one for not worshiping the flag enough and reading the bible. What does it all mean? It means you are brainwashed.

    You say Anarchists are evil? What fucking planet do you live on, anyway? Planet Leave it to Beaver? Earth to Six Pack Joe, your Jet Packs have run out of fuel. You are descending into the flames of your own stupidity. Put the bible down for 2 seconds. It's time for a mind/reality-check.

  31. It's just a wide umbrella for those who desire something besides rulers running the world, which includes both bankers and politicians. An-Archy: essentially without rulers.

    Time to put the sheep back in the pen.


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