Tuesday, March 15, 2011

World Meltdown

Marc Faber appeared earlier on CNBC in response to a plunging market, and gave his latest updated outlook on QE3... and 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 (not to mention 18). "We may drop 10 to 15 percent. Then QE 2 will come, (then) QE 4, QE 5, QE 6, QE 7—whatever you want. The money printer will continue to print, that I'm sure. Actually I made a mistake. I meant to say QE 18." Faber was modestly constructive on the Japanese selloff, which at one point hit 18% down in overnight futures trading: "This huge selloff is an investment opportunity in Japanese equities, but if a meltdown occurs then all bets are off." As usual, there is no love loss between Faber and the Chairsatan (recall that today's Empire Manufacturing survey confirmed margins continue to be crushed due to surging input costs): "I think Mr. Bernanke doesn't know much about the global economy but he probably watches the S&P every day." And on Fed criticism: ""Until very recently the Feds have had very few critiques, very few people criticized the Fed's policies under Mr. Greenspan and Mr. Bernanke. Over the last few months, a lot of critical comments have come up about the Fed and its money-printing habit. The S&P drops 20 percent (and) all the critics will be silent and they will all applaud new money-printing." No fear of that here: Zero Hedge has been rather vocal in our opinion of the world's most destructive central planning buro from day one. We will continue being so, regardless how low the S&P plummets... Perhaps even to its fair value south of 500.
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Digital Geiger Counter with Wand & PC (serial) Output 

German Nuclear Shutdown


  1. First let just say that I'm a denizen of this sight, I enjoy glancing over the economic articles here and combining them with those of other sites to gain the best possible perspective on the situation which the MSM is not telling people. Millions of Americans and their lives are at risk thanks to their irresponsible journalists. But no Americans will be dying due to this "nuclear meltdown."

    This is the Gulf all over again. Overnight millions of writers, many whom didn't even specialize in nuclear physics, took to their blogs and got to work with the doomsday predictions. From there the MSM, including almost every major broadcast station and magazine; CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC, New York Times, and every media website online have been flashing this event as if it has already happened.

    This current world is ending, in a way. We certainly aren't going to recover economically, we've reached all time moral lows, and we're on the brink of global anarchy, war, or government. The old world is crumbling, however, there will be a new world to come about after the smoke is clear. But this nuclear meltdown thing probably isn't happening for several reasons.

    1) The same idiots on the MSM, possibly intentionally, don't educate Americans about the true state of our financial meltdown, but you think they'd be interested in letting people know there was a nuclear fallout!? DISTRACTION!

    2) Most of the authors of this event are far leftist groups who want nuclear energy to be ended as well as the use of oil and coal. These same bastards were the ones demanding we seize BP's assets, and in addition wrote about how the whole planet would be smothered and humans would no longer get oxygen because of the oil. Millions of dead fish, sick people, and dying dolphins all across the Gulf. REMEMBER!?

    3) Japan's facilities were not the same as those of Chernobyl. Japan's engineering was and is far more sophisticated than the Russians. Japan in other words has prepared their buildings for disasters like earthquakes followed by tsunamis. If that same earthquake would have hit New York City for example, no building would be standing anymore. Most of theirs still stand.

    In order for radiation to have any chance of heading into the air, and it has NOT started yet, there will need to be about a 2000 celsius increase in pressure surrounding the container holding the pellets. The highest the current pressure is at now only melted the rods. It has a long way to go before it can melt the solid nuke pieces into gas by penetrating the container.

    If that does happen, it still doesn't mean the west coast is in danger. Obviously those directly near the plant would be screwed. At the worst the whole island of Japan could be in danger. It's possible. But this isn't going to kill off people on the coast.

    Glad I could share my knowledge. I won't return to this site for a couple months so I don't have to see this fabricated nonsense anymore.

  2. 8:47 see you tomorrow

  3. @8:47: Seeing the coverage of the Japan Earthquake and Nuclear disasters has pretty much ruined the site's credibility in my eyes. Instead of using pure facts it's now just scare tactics and outright falsity.

    Now I wonder if many of the other articles were as wrong as these latest Japan ones obviously are. I know people out in Japan and am in contact with them. These articles are about as phony as you can get.

  4. 12:43 open your own site and put your MSM disinformation we would love to see it.

  5. 8:47. you sound like an extremist to me. Extremely stupid, that is... to think that environmentalists are wrong to bring up the concerns about big oil and nuclear energy. I dont recall any of them claiming the world would be depleted of oxygen either. And yes the gulf is still dying. And all because of types like you who see no problem with the way things are going in this world. Business as usual for you, just go back to being asleep.

  6. 4:07 - Sorry to say but 8:47 is WIDE AWAKE and makes EXCELLENT points. I think you are the one who has been lulled to SLEEP by the radical LEFT and the liberal/leftist MSM. In fact, you are EXHIBIT A for the sheep who are being led to slaughter. The little lamb better wake up from its LEFTIST, PROGRESSIVE slumber before it gets it throat cut.

  7. 7:05 you don't know your left from your right anyway. SHEEP

  8. 7:18 - Oh really? I'll take you on any day when it comes to discussing the LEFT or the RIGHT or politics of any kind. Bring on it, LAMB, bring it on! I'll skin you like a lamb for dinner.

  9. 1. If these reactors cannot survive an earthquake/tsunami in Japan where they actually HAVE response plans for such events, then i wonder what the outcome would be in USA and elswhere where no such response plans exist?

    2. Looks like new orders for reactors are being cancelled rapidly.

    3. Left vs. Right is like professional wrestling. The left and right politicians don't hate each other. They are just putting on a show, for which they are well paid. While we are distracted by "the show" and the media, their bosses, the bankers (who actually own both parties and the media) find new ways to rip us off. Whichever side wins, "control" still rests with the handlers and their bosses.

    4. As for a world financial meltdown, maybe that is coming, but when? Folks have been predicting it since Harry Browne and Howard Ruff in the 1970's. (I hear the Birchers predicted it even earlier, but haven't read their stuff). It is possible this system could outlive us all, and continue to be less fun each year, except for those at the top. It is also possible we have a "planned" meltdown that functions like a game of musical chairs for the elite, and results in a world government and a massive decrease in population.


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