Friday, April 8, 2011

Bank of America to Cancel State of Illinois’ Company Cards

Last week, an e-mail went out to all employees in the Illinois Department of Public Health to let them know that their corporate cards will no longer work after April 22nd because Bank of America is not renewing the contract and the State cannot find a replacement.
Like most major companies, the State issues corporate cards to employees to charge travel expenses and other charges related to their work. In the case of the State, this has to be done via your typical procurement processes. The below e-mail shows that Bank of America is fed up with the State and they have yet to find a willing sucker bidder willing to deal with the State’s payment cycle.
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  1. LOL, we the people should be feed up with BOA and all the other Wall Street cabal that has looted the American trust all these years. The day all banks implode freedom will once again rule the USA.

    What a dumbass to have written the above article, shill...........

  2. 10:44 Corporations are bad, proper small banks and credit unions aren't...You need capital to lend credit to make and built things.

    Illinois has not paid it's contractors I believe in over a year...It has some of the worst spenders, liars, hypocrites and lets be honest black entitlement demanders in the country.

    They want things but don't want to pay for them...A country with no credit dies on the vine like most in Africa or post USSR countries.

    Complete anarchy means nothing gets done...I've lived through a currency collapse have you? Or is it all rant and rave till YOU get hungry, want a cop, need medical care?

    Hate banks but you do need moneylenders in a society.

  3. The only thing Illinois has in its arsenal; raise TAXES! Suck the population dry. Never, never, never do they think about cutting back unless there is a crisis and then its too late. America prepare to bailout Illinois.

  4. For all the white power people that read here, let's not turn this into a racist issue. I'm sure it's not coincidence you mentioned black entitlements and then whole countries like in africa (and USSR) in the next breath "dying on the vine" without our credit. Give me a break. African nations would be thriving if they were not enslaved and robbed of their resources for so many years. Nigeria is one of the most petroleum polluted places in the world. All so you can drive your Ford F 250 around town, with rebel flag loudly displayed in back window, hootin and hollerin like a hill billy. LOL...

  5. 12:42 We'd still be a drivin' our fords around alright ! On OUR friggin' oil - and them stupid
    cousin's O Yurn would still be sucking blood out of cows necks.

    call it like it is - had we not given them free liberties - they's still be fighting each other with spears

    worst thing that ever happened to this country & will pay for it forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever

  6. You have the brain of a cow, LOL.

    "We" didn't give anyone any liberties. We merely took them away for our own greedy desires. How did your account of history get so twisted, little friend, are they teaching you from the KKK handbook out back near the outhouse?


  7. My account of history is the truth - not how I'd like it to be. Mankind has been dominating
    his bretheren since the beginning of time. The
    whites do it, the red man did it, the yellow man
    does it, but some of the worst human rights violators of all time are the tribes of Africa who basically committed amazing genocidal acts
    against warring factions of themselves - just google it for some quick number comparisons.

    This country is unique in that we conquer and then try to assimilate - it's such a large, diverse country that it takes a long long time for all these problems to come to a head. Ask
    Germany how their melting pot is going

    Japan bombs us, we nuke them, we rebuild them, we buy all their stuff, they have natural disaster, we help rebuild country - we have repeated this scenario over and over again


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