Friday, April 8, 2011

China, Russia Concern Over Contaminated Water

China and Russia have expressed concern over Japan discharging water contaminated with relatively low-level radiation from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean.

China's foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei released a statement on Friday saying China wants Japan to take appropriate measures to protect the ocean environment based on international laws. He urged the Japanese government to provide China with comprehensive and accurate information in a timely manner.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Russia's foreign ministry expressed displeasure by pointing out that Japan informed Russia of its move to dump the contaminated water 2 days after it began the operation earlier this week.
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Globalist George Soros: “America Should Be Replaced By a World Government With a Global Currency Under UN Rule”


  1. One would think that our current POTUS being a big supporter of cleaning up the environment would be raising hell over all the radiation coming to US shores but on no, not a word. This guy really hates The USA. Actions speak louder than words, especially in this case.

    On another note, the day Soros crawls into his grave we should all have a massive keg party and wish him well in Hell.......!!!!

  2. this will send america into civil war.
    the congress the president bush s and clintons are guilty of treason.
    soros is a nazi the new world order will usher in the anti christ
    to think china and russia make the usa and japan look like clowns.

    obama is an idiot looks like a clown
    how clinton can get billions for a propaganda war as we have an idiot in the whitehous is unbelevible

    soros that scum and congress sold out america.

    they should be rounded up and sent to the fema camps all congress who were in office the last 20 years, bushs clintons bush and the fukin senate, guilty of sedition
    the world is a funny place anything can happen.

  3. "...relatively low level nuclear radiation..." I think not. Please check out Arne Gundersen from Fairewinds Associates. Thirty nine years experience in the nuclear industry and one of the few out there who knows what's really going on.

  4. "A global currency under UN rule"

    WTF??? The corrupt, incompetent UN couldn't manage a lemonade stand, let alone a world currency. What the UN really needs is to be abolished.

    And as for Soros, I can't for the life of me figure out why a "stray bullet" hasn't found that evil SOB's head yet. What a better place the world would be without him.

  5. I'm no Soros supporter, but would love to see a quote where he said "that a washed-up America should be replaced by a world government with a global currency under UN rule. He also advocates that China should be top dog while we play second fiddle." There should be a source for that, if it's true.

  6. Even if a stray bullet does not find his empty head, Soros will be dead soon. At 81 he has very little time left.

    So we know the date, time and location of this meeting. I sure hope some Patriots in the NH area stop by for a little visit with this scum bag and his 200 friends.

    It's funny as he'll that the whole damn world wants to live in the United States. I guess that means that we must be doing something right. The NWO will be inspired by the soon to be restored Constutional Republic of the United States, brought to you by the hundreds of thousands of Patriots, willing to fight and die, rather than allow scum like Soros and Obozo to have their way.

  7. Soros is a farsighted representative and ideological spokesperson of the cosmopolitan internationalist elite wing of capital that hopes to save or rebuild the economic
    system by creating a “Democratic” internationally organized corporate state
    NWO under the UN or IMF.
    To rebuild capitalism without an exclusive dollar hegemony .

    The result of the Free trade for capital economic system was Industrial production is increasingly in the third world (think China) while the owners of first world capital dominates and controls the distribution of wealth .
    Now, the vast majority of the worlds people are subsisting on a dollar or two a day. There is a permanent WW3 to keep control of the worlds natural resources particularly oil that creates a world wide demand for dollar paper.
    And to keep the export of commodity wealth countries like Japan,China and the local oil elites from Saudi to Nigeria willing to exchange their incomes by investment in the First World
    This dollar hegemony fiat paper system organized around the cooperation of the central banks, in recent years has turned the US and some other First World countries into credit supply dependent Giant Ponzi economies with the inability to pay increasingly huge interest and dividend payment on past Government , commercial bond debts and on private debts ,including mortgage and credit card debt . As well as dividends to the shareholders.
    This system has broken down and the incomes and lifestyles of the first world countries and elites are threatened too.

    There are two political lines and groups for managing the world economic crisis and the financial organization of capital in a globalised world.

    The traditional national based imperialisms are currently organized under the dollar hegemony system dominated by a partnership between the financial centers of Anglo-US imperialism.
    Within that collusion there is also international contention for profits and power. .
    Soros was Born in Hungary it is unclear to what organized imperialist country he actually belongs or represents, because he has made his own fortune primarily as a speculator in international plunder , in vulture finance capitalism ,currency and commodity speculation , not as a nationally connected industrial capitalist.
    As an ideological and political organizer he represents the interests of the internationalist billionaire elite classes finance sector .
    B.T.W.not all of whom are “Jews” ‘working for Rothschilds”, a sector of the American elite are also traditionally internationalist E.G the Rockefeller family .

    These Factions in the elite have their supporters organized in different monopoly cartels in the Military Industrial Complex and the banking sector , and ideological representatives within the political parties.
    Even the Fascist CIA has different factions , one supporting a more traditional national US Empire imperialism ,perhaps ‘isolationist” American Firsters” and another faction sympathetic to the internationalist globalist sector hoping to preserve American privileges and career paths within the proposed NWO.

    Obama demonstrated to Soros his usefulness to the Elite by rallying support in the Democrat party for the bi- partisan coup organized by the Bankster Paulson and the republican Bush.

    With the Republicans discredited The elite believed that the economic bailout would be best managed by a “lefty” promising fairness jobs etc.
    The main contributors of the hundreds of $ Millions needed to brainwash Americans to support Obama was the “internationalist” sector of big business and banking .
    The Black faced Actor ‘community organizer” experienced in Chicago corrupt politics ,was a useful tool for getting out the Black vote and restoring some confidence in the political system that hope and change could be made flesh in a Messiah
    Afordable Medicare for the millions of pauperized underemployed Americans without access to decent healthcare was the main “socialist” bait.

  8. When is that old dog going to kick the bucket?

  9. "A global currency under UN rule"

    WTF??? The corrupt, incompetent UN couldn't manage a lemonade stand, let alone a world currency

    Should perhaps read ?..

    A global hegemony Fiat currency under US rule?


    Even with that economic advantage and military backing the corrupt ,incompetant US elite couldn’t manage the national lemonade stand and its $ credit management system profitably, let alone a world currency.

    Dead Dollar!

  10. Iran says it can use its experience to help solve japans nuclear problems .
    Japan and its US nuclear partners appear to be helpless and at their wits end in solving the problems .
    The nuclear plants in difficulty today in Japan are using old ,now second rate technology imposed decades ago on then industrially backward Japan by the American Military industrial complex company G.E. As part of the old “Atoms for Peace” nuclear export business.

    Iran is a country that has been developing nuclear power plants and technology it claims are suitable for a country like Japan that is subject to high levels of seismic activities and earthquakes .

    Because of economic sanctions and trade sanctions imposed by the west Irans claims it was necessary to develop its own safer technology suitable for Iran . Despite attempts by the nuclear countries to monopolize the nuclear plant sales business and uranium fuel supplies
    Iran has experienced a leap in the nuclear field in the last 8 to 10 years", Seyed Mahmoud Reza Aqa-Miri told FNA on Saturday, stressing that the country has specially taken longer strides in the field of the civilian nuclear technology in the last 6 to 7 years.

    "I am pleased to announce that Iran is one of the countries which can help Japan with regard to the damage inflicted on the Fukushima power plant," he added.

    Iran's ability to solve the radioactive leakage problem at the Fukushima power plant indicates that its applied capabilities might be superior to Japan due to the home-grown nature of Iran's nuclear program, Aqa-Miri mentioned.

  11. they've things to do before the mold is set, unseat certain rulers in certain countries etc, moving fairly fast now historically speaking. that crash in 2008(DXY at 71) was a dip in new pools...dip the feet, test the system of pumps and backups, heaters and water jets make sure the pool is just appears their close enough to make it happen soon seeing all paper/sovereign currencies are devaluing compared to hard assets, soon as history goes is..what within 5yrs...2? give it 3 yrs or so

  12. bush hated the usa, katrina and 911 and his no response tells the story


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