Sunday, April 17, 2011

Entire West Coast Of North America Should Have Been Evacuated

note: left is a graph showing the ocean conveyor belt

46:55 "We should have been evacuated from the West Coast"
"Avoid the rain for a year, avoid ALL dairy products" "rub iodine on your thorax area" ($2.50)

Japan’s nuclear crisis could last another six months under new recovery plan

Spike in Iodine Levels May Signal New Leak

14 States With High Radiation In Drinking Water


  1. Leuren Moret - excellent well-rounded vid on Fukushima, earthquakes, Government-Corporate connections, HAARP Covert Wars, and nuclear weapons soft-killing everyone on the planet.

    The end times look more and more manufactured by Humanity.
    ----there is a part one to this video - You Yube search for it.

  2. I think, this woman will shortly advise all of us to evacuate to Moon and not to eat anything except of sand.

    Just fear mongering.
    All what needs to be evacuated is 30-50 km radius zone from the plant.

  3. 10:47 you're kidding right? Or just a gov't plant. This is 10 times worse that CHERNOBYL and 1 million died. Cancer rates around the world has skyrocketed. Do some reading instead of trolling

  4. 30-50 mile radius around the plant...that puts half the area smack in the ocean. Where do the fish evacuate to?

    Things are getting interesting. Global warming equals erratic weather, plus high gasoline prices plus bee colony collapse, equals food shortages. No plants, no cattle, no fish. I guess we'll be eating other soon.

  5. That's "eating each other soon."

  6. One of very few people that will ever tell you the truth, the govt is all lies, only someone with integrity will tell you the truth.

  7. You people are such gullible little children. What mess of retards the internet has helped create. Get a fucking life, nothing's even happening. Yup just like the Gulf oil spill where nobody was harmed. Chernobyl killed 60 people by the way, but one source said 150 million.

    Amazing how idiotic peopel become when they don't have anything better to do with their time than look into Joe Blow articles about each natural disaster being a big evil CIA operation.

    Fucking Retards!

  8. Despite their wealth making from illegal drugs and others questionable activities, no the CIA are not responsible for or quipped to create our natural disasters. People should realize that nature works in cycles and not everything is explained by HAARP or Chem Trails. But to say no one was harmed from the Gulf disaster and scarcely anyone form Chernobyl is sheer stupidity.

  9. 3:22 you're just one of the dumb common Americans that exist on this planet. At least you're staying consistent in your stupidity.

  10. It's amazing how you people who call Americans dumb did not land on the moon, you stayed here with the chimpanzees.

  11. Did americans land on the moon in a landing craft with plastic walls and then played Golf on the moon ?

    Oh yeah, I remember that, it was LIVE on TV.

    Did you see the Apollo 11 film ,the one where americans with inititive and american can do know how fixed a space rocket with 3 M scotch tape and a bit of prayer ?

    True americans refusing to be lost in space.

    I did like that video too!

    Even better than the 9.11 live on tv show starring Osama bin boogeyman and the congressional "investigation" and WMD reports on TV .

    Those are all-American classics of the political film makers art!


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