Sunday, April 17, 2011

World Bank President: 'One shock away from crisis'

The president of the World Bank has warned that the world is "one shock away from a full-blown crisis".
Robert Zoellick cited rising food prices as the main threat to poor nations who risk "losing a generation".
He was speaking in Washington at the end of the spring meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
Meanwhile, G20 finance chiefs, who also met in Washington, pledged financial support to help new governments in the Middle East and North Africa.
Mr Zoellick said such support was vital.
"The crisis in the Middle East and North Africa underscores how we need to put the conclusions from our latest world development report into practice. The report highlighted the importance of citizen security, justice and jobs," he said.


  1. Well bilderburger zoellick should know he and the other Rothschild lackeys created the "crisis", no doubt part of kissingers 1968 goal of ridding the world of the 1.5bn "useless eaters" as he put it.
    I wonder what they will do to create shock?
    I am not preppy but I have my 500oz's silver (EVERYONE BUY SILVER!) and firearm etc God is this the culmination of thousands of years of so called civilization?
    I live in south Africa where no one has a clue what is going down currently.

  2. By poor nations he means the US right? Because we are pretty much finished now.

  3. U r ok in the USA, yanks are pretty resilient, down here in Africa they slaughter each other as hobby, can u imagine 250mil macheting there way towards the last crumbs available. I guess media will be out of action so u guys won't get to watch.
    Why are sheeple sheeple, I have given up trying to tell folk, ignorance is bliss and all that.
    Here is a question I would like answered if possible;
    3 biggest economies on earth, 1. military industrial complex 2. Oil 3. The "illegal drugs" trade.
    No3.... Has been estimated to be worth at least $2trillion pa, ok, so if at a whim the banksters can find and freeze countless dictators etc assets/money when told to...why can the trillions banked by supposed drug barons not be seized/frozen etc...could be the the elite control the trade? the illegalisation is an attempt to eliminate the competition?

    Under Taliban control Afghanistan's heroin production stopped, period, now under "UN...Rothschild" control it produces 84% of the worlds heroin!!!

    There's nearly 7bil of us out there, how many understand how we are having a enema unknowingly?

    Anyone remember Clinton pardoning his brother when he was caught with a planeload of cocaine?

  4. yep the culmination of man's run.

  5. Oh brother - you gotta love these fucking NWO types - "the report highlighted the importance of citizen security, JUSTICE and jobs".

    Cradle to grave baby, that's what we offer you
    a lifetime of cozy, posh living.

    Africa - what a fucking joke man. Yeah, send them a couple more billion dollars so the inbred pricks can spread some more HIV

    Incredible man - we had better soon decide to eother get REAL or let mother nature take her course; because it has become VERY apparent that
    this nation cannot prop up the whole friggin' planet

  6. April 18, 2011 at 4:00 AM

    With u on the NWO assholes.
    Africa, sometimes, only sometimes I feel sorry for the poor bastard masses here, then they go and "vote" for the same prats that have been ripping them off...tribalism is still core here so reasoning is not a factor for most so sympathy for them goes out the backdoor with the garbage.

    Mother nature with helping hand from the Rothschild Inc's NSA/CFR

    OK so the USA helps out everywhere, but it's flag is burnt everywhere also, a contradiction yes?
    But the whole point about what's happening now is that 1 USA is Rothschild Inc 2 Rothschild Inc don't do charity for charities sake, only to gain control 3 the aid is fiat money designed to grossly indebt the receiving country then becoming a servant to the master Rothschild Inc

    You r right, Rothschild Inc long ago got tired of looking after everyone, wars, disease etc haven't done the job so far so they r planning a big one, all the stuff about the economy, food crisis, selective pharma research, hard drug trade etc is all moving towards the goal of ridding the planet of Xbillion "useless eaters".


  7. Mandela proved that the Blacks of africa were not simply tribalists with machetes ,but willing to try and work in capitalism with the Dominant White tribe in South Africa who had earlier insisted on owning everything for their own tribal advantages ,while protected by the force of arms in the hands of their own White tribal state .

    Not that it has done the blacks much good as the same old exploitative system and the dominant white tribes economic system is still in its place.

    But there are now a handful of Blacks from the Anti-socialist Mandela wing of the ANC, ex trade unionists and the like ,that have joined the elite and the corruption feast as Black millionare capitalists.

    The so called Mandela "Communists" in the ANC that made the deal with the "White Tribe" were not even up to the nationalist or socialist standards of the muslim Anti -communist Gaddafi.
    Who at least nationalised Libyan oil .

  8. April 18, 2011 at 7:47 AM

    Please don't get me wrong Mandela is great man, but apartheid would alive and thriving here were it not for the callapse of the soviet union as rothchild Inc arranged a nice little conflict down here over uranium, gold etc that we have in abundance.

    The former govt here had a awesome army, MOSSAD like intelligence service & nukes, so whatever u read there was no way any revolutionary success was going to happen unless Rothschild Inc without it's support, which after the end of the cold war is exactly what happened (our local RInc representative family is the Oppenhiemers).

    But R Inc are doing there thing being the conduit for Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) which is a perverse title for what is going on, but anyhow they take a 5% stake in every company they arrange transfer from white to black ownership, often the controlling stock.

    The country in 1994 had 1st world state hospitals, tiny non political crime figures, a working, if unfair educational system, 1st rate army, 50% independent energy sources, fabulous road/rail infrastructure etc ad nauseam, we have now 17on after "liberation" none of these things....we have a few very rich co opted Africans instead, if Orwell's Animal Farm was predicting anywhere it is here, all animals are equal....

    We are all tribal I guess, but it took Rothschild Inc to industrialise the process of us killing each other and to then, as now play us like the sheeple we are.


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