Monday, April 4, 2011

Hegelian Dialectic

One of the most important weapons the Elite use to enslave humanity is the Hegelian Dialectic. The Hegelian Dialectic is a framework to guide our thoughts and actions to a predetermined solution. Understanding how the Elite manipulate us into their clutches is vital if we are going to be free. When you are aware of how the Elite use this Dialectic to steer societies, you have a pretty powerful tool in staying ahead of not only them but the crowd also.

The Hegelian Dialectic is designed to get us into a frenzied defense or offense of a particular idea or thesis. The natural outgrowth of the original idea is the opposite idea or anti-thesis, which will breed it’s own defense and offense. The predetermined answer of the Elite will be the synthesis of both sides of the conflict.
In America, the most familiar Hegelian Dialectic is the Republican and Democratic parties. On the right we have the Corporatist, Fascist, Republicans that are pro debt, pro war and pro corporation. On the left, we have the Socialist, Communist, Democrats that are pro tax, pro social issues and pro labor. Both of these two fight back and forth every year in a contrived scripted drama known as Washington politics. The synthesis, of these two seemingly opposite ideas, is this middle of the road “lesser of two evils” mess we have now.


  1. but the meat industry tells us meat glue is safe.
    there is no radiation in drinking water. there is no oil inside the oysters and shrimps from the Gulf catches.

  2. The article claims that in this society .

    “We fight for or against all sorts of ideas like mortgage deductions or minimum wage that just end up slitting all of our throats because we are stealing from each other.”

    The only constitutional right this “Austrian economics” style article supports is the rights of unregulated ,unrestrained capital ,as in the rights of the “invisible hand” to the profits of greed. This is called economic freedom, said to be in an original, constitutional way.

    Stopping the working people from “stealing” a minimum wage is seen as picking your pocket by “Stealing”.
    Well after all the original Constitution did allow for slavery!
    Until American capitalism was civilized somewhat .It took a civil war to do so.

    Getting even a minimum share in the distribution of the social wealth created by working people is portrayed in this article as if they were wages for deliberate welfare slackers picking the pocket of the profits of productive capital. Stealing!
    Constitutional freedom is unregulated capitalism ?
    Not even the rights to a minimum wage for survival as in a third world USA ?
    Sure ,after doing away with the minimum wage ,what about a return to the 14hour day?

    It is no good having working people “stealing” some time off when the should keep the nose to the grindstone is there?

    Sounds like a recipe for a Silver and gold backed brand of “Constitutional” unregulated Fascism to me.

  3. Is this an example of twisted “Hegelian dialectics” as reality being used for politicized fear mongering by a potential candidate for the Presidency pandering to the AIPAC lobby ?

    "Former House Speaker and Republican presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, has said the United States under President Obama is “dominated by a secular, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish elite.”
    “Until you replace this president and until you have the Congress and the new president replace large parts of our bureaucracies, we’re going to continue to be dominated by a secular, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish elite, which is seeking to impose on us rules that make zero sense,” Gingrich said at the American Family Association’s pastors’ policy briefing in Iowa on March 25."

    Is a reality check and logic test needed here ?


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