Monday, April 4, 2011

Gold and Silver and The Endgame for U.S.A Inc.

I’m going to take a leap of faith and assume the reader harbours a sufficiently enlightened mind to be aware of several key facts regarding the world as we know it. The fatuous commentary suggesting gold is a bubble, gold has peaked, gold is a bad investment, etc shall from this point forward be consigned to its rightful place in the Horribly Flawed Thinking dumpster and discussion of same restricted to the hopelessly naïve (or sublimely clever and duplicitous) CNBC. Henceforth we proceed under the assumption that ;

The United States dollar is in a state of terminal deterioration, and its continuing viability as a fiat unit of trade value is for a limited time only.
1. Gold and silver, as the principle monetary metals, as well as platinum and palladium (secondary monetary metals) will be part of the formula that determines the fair value of any future global currency.

2. The new global currency must be accepted by the entire G8 block and a majority of the G20 to be viable.
But first, a brief discussion about how these metals might work. This is not a resurrection of your Bretton Woods gold standard, which from its inception was designed to keep nations from doing exactly what the United States has done; flood the world with a currency far in excess of the economy that backs it. Unfortunately, the excessive influence of the United States that evolved after World War 2 and the unprecedented wealth afforded by its huge hydrocarbon exploitation machine made it subject to manipulation and ultimately was terminated by Nixon when it became an inconvenient and malfunctioning cog in the burgeoning U.S. deficit spending policy.
Consider the United States as a public company. At this point USA Inc. has 14.3 trillion shares outstanding, and the finance department keeps issuing 70 to 90 billion new shares every week.


  1. I can hear them now in Congress:


    Next day the gestapo is ramming down your door looking for jewelry or coins... after they shoot your dog that is..

    Welcome to your life heir peon.

  2. That list of 11 emergency foods is very good, along with the comments that gave even more advice. There were a few things on the list I didn't know about.

    The other headline, about Obama snatching land, is misleading. He is asking Congress to buy more land for either environmental purposes or maybe in order to lease out for more revenue.


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