Friday, April 1, 2011

Here Comes the Government Shutdown

Negotiations are breaking down between the White House and Congress over funding the government, making a shutdown after April 8 look increasingly likely, The Wall Street Journal's Carol E. Lee and Janet Hook report. The budget will only fund the government for the last six months of the fiscal year, but several factors are blocking compromise.
First, House Republicans have passed a budget that would cut $61 billion from discretionary spending--meaning cuts of as much as 30 percent at some agencies--and they're reluctant to back down due to Tea Party pressure. Second, the White House is working on a proposal to cut $20 billion, which, when combined with stopgap measures that add up to $10 billion in cuts, add up to about half of what the GOP wants. But the administration hasn't figured out how to make an offer to Republicans, in part because it doesn't want to be rejected. Third, Republicans don't want to be caught making a deal with President Obama, the Journal reports. And fourth, attached to the legislation are several amendments that make Democrats' skins crawl: defunding of stuff like Obama's health care overhaul and Planned Parenthood.
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  1. at this point maybe the best thing that could happen, hopefully cause americans to take an honest look at gov.
    so if we're without funding, do we stop policing the world?

  2. Who needs a budget or a Constitution? I thought that Obama was our dictator now. He will rule by means of executive orders.

    Half of this country (the kool-aid drinkers who voted for this empty suit) would cheer this idea.

    We are doomed.

  3. $61 billion dollars is ONLY 26% of February's $223 billion dollar federal deficit. If this is the best congress can do then shut down the government. Based on the amount of debt, deficits, TARP, stimulus, and money we've loaned out to foreign banks, businesses, and individuals, $61 billion dollars is pathetic. It's not even a feeble attempt to rein in spending. Shut it down.

  4. Anon 1:57- I agree with you. If that's the best they can do, we're going to fail.

  5. The Republicans will make lots of noise and drama about “balancing the budget” responsibly and blaming Democrats and social security benefits, socialism etc.
    ,just as they did with Gingrich and Co in the nineties.
    As if The Republican Bush and his mission accomplished war spending was an unavoidable anomaly .

    This is a convenient 2 political party ,but same- same politics/economics gameshow ,to make it seem worthwhile in getting exited about supporting this or that set of gangsters taking turns at handing out the pork .

    Under Republicans like Reagan and the last time under Bush the government deficits soared big time .
    Both political parties including Clinton when in power claim to try to ‘balance the budget” by replacing social security funds with IOUs in order to try and cover up the extent of their deficit spending ,by robbing peoples savings for social security , thereby turning social security into an underfunded Ponzi.
    Now these polititions of both parties claim that the government has no money to meet the social security obligations that working people paid in for.
    But there is still plenty of money for babkster welfare and wars.
    But all the Politicians of both parties and the sock puppet presidents just do as they are told by Wall St and the Fed and serving the needs of the finance sector and military industrial complex welfare systems.

    The trillion dollar deficits will continue a bankrupt insovant Ponzi economy cannot function without bailouts.


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