Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Letter To The Ruling Class

You control our world. You’ve poisoned the air we breathe, contaminated the water we drink, and copyrighted the food we eat. We fight in your wars, die for your causes, and sacrifice our freedoms to protect you. You’ve liquidated our savings, destroyed our middle class, and used our tax dollars to bailout your unending greed. We are slaves to your corporations, zombies to your airwaves, servants to your decadence. You’ve stolen our elections, assassinated our leaders, and abolished our basic rights as human beings. You own our property, shipped away our jobs, and shredded our unions. You’ve profited off of disaster, destabilized our currencies, and raised our cost of living. You’ve monopolized our freedom, stripped away our education, and have almost extinguished our flame. We are hit… we are bleeding… but we ain’t got time to bleed. We will bring the giants to their knees and you will witness our revolution!
The Serfs.


  1. Though this sounds very powerful on the surface, it reeks of class warfare. I think that is the next step intended by the authors, followed by a communist revolution.

  2. Hmm, every time someone points out how the top 1% have dominated the world at the expense of the other 99%, and how we ought to fight them, the first comment is always "sounds like COMMUNISM!".... Odd, because Communism (as practiced in the FSU and China is just another form of Elitism where a different 1% controls the other 99%...

  3. Yes, 10:14, but that is not the bill of goods that is sold to the masses at the time of revolution.

  4. Sounds like the communist manifesto.

  5. Someone in this 'discussion' is working for THEM (and it ain't the commies). 10:14 is correct. The battle isn't between right/left anymore; but top/bottom. Beware of those who call everyone a 'socialist'. For one, it steers the dialogue away from what truly needs to be talked about and two, that person is most likely working for the banks or Wall St. or the gubmint. Nah, keep it going 10:14. I'm behind you all the way.

  6. You can argue semantics all you want and you can hide in the quagmire of the false “left right paradigm” but the reality is “You” will have to make a decision soon…Roll-Over or Take a Stand….Red Pill or Blue Pill? The time is s coming and this may be your last “Big” choice!

  7. Well like everything it will be bloody and the "Elites" seem to hedge their bets well.

    I say in the loooooong run we win since humans are human and no matter how special we think we are or powerful we were due to vanity and stupidity we all fall from grace.

    Elites will fall but what will take it's place? Chaos and anarchy...But it beats the poisoning of the plant and all of us dying of flouride, aspertame, mercury and radiation poisoning.

  8. You control our world

    Really - tell that to Japan - that'll tell you where the real control lies. How a bout katrina
    now that's real power.

    You've poisened the air we breathe

    Well great asshole ! 'cause you breathe it too

    You contaminted our food

    Fantastic; 'cause you eat it tool regardless of how much money you have and how hard you try; that chicken you just consumed was one of 5 million processsed that day at Auchweitz Farms

    We die for your causes

    The smart ones of us don't ! And trust me - there are plenty of us around

    You've liquidated our savings

    Haven't liquidated nothing of mine - I got gold and silver beeches

    We are slaves to your corporations

    Only if your a dumb fuck and shop at walmart, use banks and aren't smart enough to work on your own pre computer driven auto - I had to really laugh when it was announced that computer hackers had figured out how to hack into 90% of car onboard computers - I drive a 1977 Ford F250 and I only drive it when I NEED to go somewhere - bought it new and it currently has 123,000 miles on it and will easily last for another 123K.

    You've profited off disaster

    Yeah, well - ain't we all = one mans junk is another mans treasure

    Stripped away our education

    90% of a good quality education starts at HOME
    With a MOTHER and a FATHER

    You own our property

    Not really, nobody really owns anything - we merely rent it for between 1 - 100 years depending how long we live and then it passes on just like us

    we will bring the giants to their knees

    yeah, maybe - only to be replaced in a few years by new and bigger giants. It has been the way of things since man came down out of the trees and will never change

  9. I am reading a book on the D-Day invasion of Normandy. The Germans (think the elite) thought their beach was invincible, they had concrete and rebar structures with huge canons inside with plenty of ammo to go with it. They had obstacles (Congress and the Federal Reserve) in the beach, dug in deep to repel anything that tried to land. They had troops (TSA, DHS) all over the place, ready to fight. Rommel (Obozo) was sure they would never attack on a low tide or in daylight, he was 100% wrong.

    The first wave of Allied attackers suffered a 90% causality rate. The Navy shelled those canons positions for hours at a time non-stop and most of the shells bounced off the concrete and exploded skyward, doing little or no harm. The German troops were doing pretty well for a time, but as the smoke and cloud cover lifted they saw Navy Ships in every direction as far as their German eyes could see.

    The attacking waves (Patriots) continued and as fewer and fewer Patriots fell and the advance moved closer and closer, the enemy (the elite who think they have a chance at winning) began to lose their fighting spirit, many retreated, only to be captured or killed by the Airborne troops who dropped in behind them during the night. Other enemy troops simply surrendered on the spot. Can't really blame them, (TSA, DHS) they thought they were real bad asses with guns, till they looked out on the beach and saw hundreds of thousands of "Patriots" with rifles and machine guns and anti-tank mines, Jeeps and Tanks and all manner of weapons. They saw Patriots advancing with no weapons in hand, these Patriots were determined to kill the enemy even if they had to do it with bare hands or only a knife. The whole time Rommel (Obozo) was away from the beach, visiting his wife, sure the enemy Patriots would attack some other day.

    I wonder if years from now, Stephen Speilberg's grandson will make a movie about that day we will all witness or participate in, very soon.

  10. 3:57 The movie is already available...they won't release it due to "PC":

    RED DAWN 2010-The day our pathetic politicians allow the Chinese to attack the US!

  11. It's hard for the lower classes to acquire property and then the ruling classes can take it by eminent domain, not just for public good, but for private profit.

  12. People don't really own their houses, they just purchase a chance to pay taxes on it.

  13. Red Dawn I was bad enough, as if we need a bunch of High School kids to save the country. The only difference now is Red Dawn II has change the enemy from Russian to Chinese!

    The Chinese, Just like the Japanese learned a whole, long damn time ago, that you don't phuck with the USA, because "There is a Rifle Behind Every Blade of Grass". The real problem is Obozo and his crew have not learned that lesson yet and it's only a matter of time and that pathetic, poor excuse for a man will learn, unless Michelle tells him to sit his is half black ass down and shut the phuck up!

  14. Response to @9:41

    If you were reading you would know that JESSE VENTURA is NOT a Communist...

    But you judged it that way because that is the way you saw it WITHOUT reading....

    Again. Lowered expectations society. LOL!

  15. 9:41 here. No, I didn't see that Jesse Ventura wrote that. That changes everything. NOT!

    Look, you may not be a commie, and he may not be a commie, but let me be clear about this. It is a very short walk for some people to go from blaming "the Elite" for all of their problems to blaming "the Rich". When you do that, you're on a very slippery slope to Leningrad. Sure, it feels good to blame someone for your shortcomings. Blacks have been blaming Whitey for all of their problems for years. For others, it's the Jews. I guess it makes people feel better to blame someone.

    Now, maybe there is something to this "Elite" thing. Maybe George Soros and a handful of secret society fat-cats do pull the strings. BUT be careful, because your cause can be easily...EASILY subverted by the commies.

  16. To @6:45PM

    Now you are thinking....

    Remember that elite used to say "Let them eat cake!" but now they are saying: "Let them eat nothing!"....

    That tells you that we ARE in a CLASS WAR and we better wake up before the elites turn us all into toast.

    I'm no commie, but I know the enemy when he gets in my face and threatens to kill me and my family.

    I say let them eat Revolution. CLASS WAR AND SO BE IT...


    This is war folks, so get smart and put up a fight.

  17. The person that wrote this article is a Communist as mentioned already. Why do other Communists and Socialists get offended at what they are and against those who reveal it?

    I'm sorry, but nobody put a gun against our heads or had squads of soldiers coming in our homes to force us to accept debt, loans, or property we couldn't afford. This is our fault equally. The "elites", whatever one wants to identify as being the enemy; bankers, wallstreet, politicians, CIA, Satan, etc. are merely a byproduct of the unenlightened human condition.

    I was in high school not too long ago, and I did get nauseous seeing the recruiters come in and preach to the pot smokers and drunks about how great the marines are and how much it can do for your future. Yes, they didn't ever show the vets coming back with PTSD, missing limbs, without jobs or a decent pay check, or perhaps not there at all...

    But who joins in the end? The kids do. Same thing with the commercials we see on TV. Take the trade schools, where it shows some stupid young ladies talking. One explains how she is making such huge money in only two years of this Devry or whatever, and the other of course is still a lowly waitress.

    Who would be dumb enough to fall for this propaganda? People do it, and then waste their money in these schools and come out jobless. It's a scam, most things are today. But again, nobody forced people to fall for it. Dumb people enforce bad rulers.

    Of course we can look at examples where you may not have a choice. If someone is breaking into your house, you definitely want to get your gun ready. When he enters, you shoot his ass. If you don't then you will be dead. Burglars today are just brutal. They'll not only kill you, they'll kill your children, and laugh about in court.

    A final example, even though these Communists and Socialists never learn in life so mostly I'm wasting my time here. When I go to stores or places, everyone is zooming by in stressful hurries within the parking lots. They go way faster than the speed limit and come close to smashing other cars or people. They don't care, they let themselves lose control and become controled by the environment instead of their minds.

    People who can't even control their stress in a parking lot and become a danger to themselves and others will have slight ability to avoid being duped by large groups of people repeating lies loudly and long enough.

    Look at it. I cause violence everyday. Bad intentions, letting my mind ramble or my bad emotions grip me. I'm responsible for acting on these things by letting myself yell at someone or put someone down with a verbal attack. There is nobody that can fix this within me, and nobody to blame for it except my ego.

    This same sickness in me is the same in all. This same sickness in all is the same sickness within the elites. So if they spray the airs with chemicals like so many think... they'll be spraying themselves. If you do eliminate these people with violence you'll only be making violence against yourself.

    It's time humanity identifies the REAL problem. Otherwise we may end of like Egypt. Now they are being taken over by tyrants. Violence, not acting in self defence, is always the trademark of losers who have no solutions.

  18. @9:28 PM is full of it because:

    Try not to pay your taxes and see how fast the Govt comes and puts a gun to your head to pay or else.

    They passed the bailouts with more than 70 percent of Americans saying NO or HELL NO! Yet they passed it. That's what I call a gun to our heads... They forced us to swallow the bailouts and the BANKERS debt. Not our Debt, their Debt.

    I don't know about you but I am nobody's slave.

    That gun to your head analogy dog don't hunt.

    It's WAR!

  19. 3:44 well said im with you

  20. If that's Communism then call me a Communist. They would call JFK a liberal too when he was progressive. I bet he was shot by the elite.

  21. And after the revolution, new leaders come to power and the whole thing starts over again.

  22. "And after the revolution, new leaders come to power and the whole thing starts over again."

    Yes,everybody knows the stupid people can change nothing so do not even try.

    After all ,right after the American War for independence and for modern constitional rule George The Third was back in control only a week or two later?

    Well anyway certainly after a couple of hundred years of contitutional rule ,what with patriot acts and the like ,since bush there is sem-monarchal rule anyway now.
    The sucsessful capitalist 1% and their hangers on are in control of government ,the national treasury and own most of the income producing assets in cluding the national debt in a nation of debt peons.

    This proves that in the end The war for indepenance against the then ruling elite by the middle class for a better america was a waste of effort that changed nothing .

    So just continue to kiss butt debt peons!

    There is a war for the staus quo and the current system against terrorism is there not?

    So ,dont even think about it, American Punks .


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