Monday, April 25, 2011

Prepare Yourself for Collapse – The Self-Destruction of Western Society

People ask me all of the time…when will the economy, society, humanity, etc break down and collapse into chaos. My answer has always been the same…it is happening now.
The global economy is in depression and countries around the world are bankrupt, only being kept afloat by printing more money and issuing more debt, deferring repayment to some future date. Throw in wars, natural catastrophes, food shortages, and peak oil, you are met with a cluster fuck of epic proportions that humanity has never faced before.
How that unfolds, I am not sure, but I am sure that mass hysteria, confusion, desperation, and suffering on a global scale are going to cause a large portion of us, as a species, to perish. For the past couple of years I have been preaching about the acquisition of precious metals as a wealth protection hedge. While I am still bullish on precious metals, in particular silver,I have come to the realization that this is not enough.
I can not stress this enough. Collapse is imminent and unless you take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones, no one else is going to do it for you.
Having done some basic research there are a couple of websites that you should look at.
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  1. 1. Turn off your t.v.s (get information from sites like this one.). 2. Get to know your neighbors (We MUST relearn the arts of communication, trust and cooperation.) 3. Bring family in closer (We've been tricked by this predatory 'capitalism' into becoming isolated, small nuclear family units. They count on our isolation from each other and much of their non-stop message is for us to coninue mistrusting each other). There's nothing at all wrong with children moving back in with their parents or vice versa. In unity there is strength. 4. Do not buy corporate if you can help it. Support small business. Corporate America is behind most of the damage that has been done to our society and since the ONLY thing they care about is the bottom line, sooner or late they will begin to get the message and begin hiring Americans again, bringing their offshore wealth back into our nation and perhaps, dump the Wall Street monsters directing their operations. We have a power beyond belief if we work at harnessing it. 5. We must redefine the psychological paradigm - We have been taught to be 'consumers' not citizens; but we are citizens first and we MUST invoke our rights, obligations and abilities to re-establish the democratic process once again. We must ask ourselves questions such as, "What is important to us?" (One answer - the welfare of our children. Right now, their futures look pretty bleak). 6. We must toss away the left/right battle. All of our collective welfare is currently being attacked. It's a top/bottom struggle now. The super rich started this war against our welfare and they continue to win. Only by dropping all the left/right B.S. can we hope to stop this assault on our lives and livelihoods. 7. We must accept the fact that we are going to have to learn to live with less. Just in case you haven't noticed, but the Wall Street boyz and their friends at the banks just ripped us off for 15 TRILLION dollars. By accepting this fact we have automatically set goals for ourselves. This battle will not be easy. We will be forced to make sacrifices. Just think of your children if you decide to become involved.

    This is simply a starting point. I am not a Marxist or Bircher or a democrat or republican. I am simply a concerned citizen who understands that this is a war and we are being attacked from almost any and every direction. Also, it's best not to be too loud in your efforts to get people together. We are dealing with a group of destructive sociopaths who have no compunctions or hesitations in dealing harshly with those who do not obey. Simply ask the Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis and now the Libyans and the mounting number of Americans who are suffering beneath the terrors of their thuggish thievery and draconian programs and responses to our condition. I suggest one adopt a humble approach to one's efforts at improving our situation. Together.

  2. This person has a good point. It's good to have precious metals, but you need to stock up on supplies, too. If it becomes bad enough, and food becomes scarce enough, you might find you have to pay an ounce of silver for a meal. Better by it now while it's cheap.

    In my opinion, right now, EVERYTHING is on sale.

    -Not Sam

  3. I meant "better BUY it now while it's cheap."

    -N S

  4. It seems whenever I comment about what we need to do the comment disappears. Let's try again. In response to the above piece: 1. Turn off your tv's (Get your information from sites like this one). 2. Get to know your neighbors. There's strength in numbers and we will all need allies. We must relearn the virtues of cooperation, trust and communication. 3. Bring your family closer together. There's nothing wrong with having family members living together. They are trustworthy in most cases. We have been isolated for too long into nuclear family units - just the way the predatory government officials and destructive 'capitalists' like it. 4. Do not buy corporate if you can help it. Spend your money locally and in small businesses if possible. The only thing corporate American understands is the bottom line. When that begins to shrink, then they may begin returning jobs to us from overseas and bringing their money back from offshore accounts. 5. Shed the consumer mentality. We are citizens first and we should be exercising our duties as such. Participate in the processes of democracy and you may be able to affect these destructive trends. This isn't capitalism anymore. There's more, but this should do for now.

    I am not a socialist, communist, Bircher, Republican or Democrat. I am simply a concerned citizen who understand that the elites in this country want it all and will do ANYTHING to get it. Ask The Iraqis, Afghans and now the Libyans. Wall Street hustlers and banksters have stolen 15 trillion dollars of our wealth and they are not done yet. The paradigm is not left/right, but top/bottom. What most working people do not realize is that the wealthy have declared war on us and we are losing. It's time to change that. Together, Denny

  5. You morons don't get it. All the supplies in the world will not stop someone in your neighborhood from robbing you.

    Here are the supplies your ass better have.

    1. Sawed off shotgun - You can not miss the bastards trying to rob you.

    2. 308 plus rifle. nail the bastards at 400 meters plus

    3. .45 near your bed side and in your car.

    Oh yeah. Save the last one for yourself for if these mobs take over, then they will mame you and leave you for dead.

    No shit! HELL IS COMING!

    Gold and Silver will not save you.

    When hell comes, be ready to meet it head on.

    Kill anything and everything that does not belong on your property or you will go to a FEMA camp or either you will die.

    The moron that gives his supplies away will die also.

    You will have to be stingy as hell and mean as a junk yard dog.

    Sanford & Son

  6. Sanford & Son is "Right on Wheezy"! The time for "niceness” is gone & its time Americans stopped being PC-Pussies grow a pair (ladies too) and return to...the hard core survivalist our forefathers were. If that means protecting my family by any means possible then I’ll do what it takes, shot gun, long rifle, ax or Kbar…the bastards that attack my family are going down…end of story…Semper Fi!

  7. Semper Fudge! Glenn Beck foresaw the coming collapse, but he was ousted by Fox because he is a closet gay (see "Was Beck Fired for Telling the Truth?" earlier on this blog)

    Yes be like Sanford and Son and let all your supplies accumulate into your living room and front yard. One can never have enough supplies. It would be wise to invest in gatlin gun on an automatic turret and a few M60's strategically placed around the property including in the garage and bathroom. Most of all use your brains and you will come out of this shit storm alive.

  8. Sanford & Son has it. I have read "Patriots" more than once. I learn something new every time. The author writes of the need to have extra food, water, medical supplies and ammo for "charity".

    As it is, I do not have a "retreat" out in the middle of nowhere, with a 100 yard clear field of fire around my "compound", complete with perimeter fencing and and natural fencing in the form of bushes with thorns or needles like cactus. Dig a few holes and place spikes in the bottom, as was done in Viet Nam and you might just survive. Little 'ol me is trapped in the city. What I do know full well is I am well prepared and and most, if not all my neighbors are not. When the shit hits the fan, all those neighbors that I have lived in peace with all these years, my very well become my enemy as they slowly starve to death and they see that I'm not losing any weight.

    Between hungry neighbors and roaming gangs of thugs and looters, there could be a lot of dead bodies just outside my home in no time.

    If I were to get all "charity minded" and feed my family and my neighborhood, that would delay the starvation period by just a few days and then you would find my skinny dead body next to a rifle a shotgun and thousands of rounds of ammo.

    Basically for all those who are prepped up and ready, but trapped in the city (my 85 year old mother will not be left alone, so that means moving from my place to hers and that's about it) we have a very real set of problems.

    We have seen this all before in other parts of the world; economic collapse, societal collapse, lawlessness, looting, murder and rape, on CNN in the warmth and comfort of our homes and we were sure this COULD NEVER HAPPEN HERE, after all this is the USA!

    My 2 cents worth, Jesus said to his disciples "sell your coat and buy a sword", I say "sell what ever you can and buy a 12 gauge shotgun and at least 1000 rounds of both bird shot and buck shot. You can still miss your target (if it is too far away) with "00" buck shot, bird shot may not kill, but it will take a person out of the fight. Only after you have done this, then work on your food and water supply.

  9. Additionally, make sure your newly purchased shotgun has rifle sights on it. You can't shoot a 12 gauge slug without rifle sights. A slug will take out a radiator and disable a car or truck. The disabled car or truck could become a natural road block.

    Take a look at the old Mel Gibson film "Patriot". There is a great segment where you can see just how much damage a single man and a battle axe can do.

    Last week I bought a "Cold Steel" throwing knife ($24.00)and after viewing a couple of YouTube videos, I am now a competent knife thrower.

    I can no longer have pity or sympathy for those who have had a life long anti-gun, anti-violence attitude. You keep that attitude and you will be one of the first to die when things really get sporty.

    I also have a cross bow, a wonderful, silent killer. High end break barrel air rifles with a well placed shot can penetrate a human skull and drop your enemy who had raping your wife or daughter in mind.

    Things are not gonna get any better than they are right now and as soon as the 44 million Americans that rely on "Mail Box Money" from the government, stops, there will be civil unrest faster than you can say "WTF"?

  10. The collapse is coming, guaranteed! Less than 20 months left if not less!

  11. 20 Months!?
    Hell man, I'll probably be dead by then ! Can't ya speed 'er up just a tad?

  12. I love the people that say your nieghbors are just gonna steal your preps,,, Go and try. I think the few of us that are prepped, have the means to protect it.

  13. Unless you have known and frequently associated with your friends, extended relatives and neighbors for the past 15-20 years I would not trust them when SHTF.

  14. 4:56,

    for the sake of humanity I really do hope you're just a high strung idiot who always wished this to happen just so you could play out your boyhood fantasy.

    This comment here gives me some sense that you're just hot air;

    "Take a look at the old Mel Gibson film "Patriot". There is a great segment where you can see just how much damage a single man and a battle axe can do."

    The Patriot was a grossly inaccurate movie. The part you're talking about where he shot down an entire British unit was one of the most bogus things Hollywood ever put in a historic film. If you knew history at all, particularly the concept of battles (battalions), you'd see how these samarai type scenes don't exist in real life.

    In real life back then, he would have been lucky if he could take one soldier out before being quickly caught and apprehended. Soldiers back then were far more trained than they are today as far as their physical conditioning and coordination is concerned. They also had more periphery vision since there were more trees and humans had yet to deactivate the cells in the corners of their eyes.

    If you were really the badass you make yourself out to be, I don't see why you'd have to blab about it to people who can't even see what you look like. Why would you need to come on here to explode on the people you HATE, which seems to be people of peace and empathy, and praise the sadistic-undeveloped aspect of humanity as a winning path of life.

    People of violence only prosper in prison or on a battlefield, but in nature they are an abnormalcy; a disgrace to God and Earth. I wonder if you were an inmate before? You sound like a you're mentally ill.

    I could understand being in a city where there are lots of drug users and perhaps "strangers" everywhere, this would be scary. But all you guys are really doing is looking for trouble.

    Well, since you all are looking forward to killing other men, I wish you the best of luck in finding other like minded individuals to play with you.

    You criminals will all get your dream come true. How long do you all think you'll last?


  15. This is great news. But only for us that know that more millionaires were created out of the last depression than any other time in history. Yes, almost everyone went through hard times. That's because they were not educated about economy, money creation, and wealth cycles. Lucky for a few there is a website called that I learned from. If you are standing in line at a soup kitchen a few years from now, it's your fault, not the government, not the politicians, not the president. It's your fault for simply being to lazy to educate yourself on how to turn economic crisis into opportunity.

  16. guns are the reason of western destruction

  17. Illegal use of guns is one of the principal reason of western destruction. We should reduce it. Thanks for the information.


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