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  1. Great speech. Its a shame most Americans won't hear it. They will be to busy with the to dos of the royal wedding and any other frivilous going ons. But even if they could hear it they would say that everything is ok.


  3. You dumb ass SOB's are going to sit on you lazy ass and let them take down the coutry. Where the hell is the rebellion? Are we dumb enough to let them take town the nation without saying a word? If so, then we deserve to be under the rule of the UN and we should have to speak Chineese.

    To hell with cowards that will not speak out or resist the hands of tyrants!


  4. Men have become mice. Mice have become ants. And nothing is restricted from the government taking over and forcing us to become slaves. Why do you think Mr. Beck was fired?

    I tell you that Hell is coming for us all for we have forsaken the truth and loved a lie.

    Now the shit is in the sun and the wind on on the way. There is no way out of this.

    Greenbacks are going to be worthless and only those with lots of ammo with rule. Those with gold and silver will be robbed and murdered unless they have lots of guns.

    The dollar is toast. Brazil, China, India, Russian and South Africa are forming a new currency. Kiss the dollar goodbye.

    Don't pray to God when this comes for I tell you that he will not save you. You let the Nazi' party destory America and did nothig to stop them.

    Now, you have 2 choices.

    1. Sit on you ass and do nothing and let it fall.

    2. Get armed to the neck with guns and ammo with lots of supplies.

    There is no way to pay off the debt. Default is coming and so is a collapse.

    Your kids will look at you some day and say "How did it get this way?? "Why did you not do something daddy?"

    Damn us all for being such blind cowards!

  5. Where are the men in Texas? Watching Porn? Drunk? Stupid? Blind? I don't know.

    I was at a Confederate Memorial this weekend and I thought about the men on both sides that fought. Both fought for what the belived in and died for what they belived in.

    I tell you that these men would execute us on both sides for treason. Both the Yank and the Reb would not tolerate what we tolerate today.

    I salute those men on both sides for they had more guts and more principles in their 150 year old graves than we do standing here today.

    We are a nation of cowards and traitors if we allow them to destory the nation without rasing hell.

    Rebel With a Cause

  6. It's pretty obvious that the entire country is mad as hell and doesn't know what to do about it. And I want you to know that the liberals are just as mad as the conservatives; we just don't agree on what to do.

    However, we do agree on some things. We need to stop illegal immigration. We need to tax companies that outsource--instead of giving them tax breaks. We need to change the laws so that mega-corporations like ExxonMobil and GE pay taxes. That's one reason why the government is going broke. It's also why the tax burden is falling on the rest of us.

    I necessarily don't want smaller government. I want a government that works. And it has to work for us and not the corporations.

  7. buy gold and silver !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My AK-47 will take your gold and silver from you.

    If you don't have weapons and ammo, then your ass is mine.

    I pick the nose of a fly at 500 meters with my .308.

    You can run but you cannot hide.

    The moment someone sees or hears of your gold, then you are dead meat.

    Better have hots of ammo and guns with that gold and silver.

    Oh yeah! The government of 1993 USA seized all the gold on a bank holiday.

    Now what are you going to do?

    Better be armed with an 50 cal and .308.

    Or either get used to Bubba at the FEMA camp.

    Either way, your ass will be cleaned either by the goverment or by Bubba.

    Your choice.


    I had rather die fighting for my gold than subject myslf to a tryant.

    And my rear has a sign on it "Exit only!"

    Yankee Doodle


    If any of you morons think that you are going to be able to buy, sell or trade with gold or silver, then you have never watched the movie "Mad Max".

    When the good go bad and the bad become worse and the worse become hell, then when they see you with gold or silver, then you will be taken away and your gold and silver taken.

    Do you think the tyrants in the government are going to let you have the gold and silver? Are you stupid?

    They will take your gold and silver way from you as candy is taken away from a baby.

    Mabye, you idiots don't get it. The rule of law will be by the end of a barrel.

    A .50 cal can keep them 2 miles away. A 308 can keep them 900 meters away. A .45 can keep them 50 feet away.

    But where are you going to live? Where are you going bank? How are you going to eat?

    You will be taken into Fema camps if you have gold or silver. You will be subject to the New World Order.

    I give it to the Russians. Noboby will take thier country away from them. Putin will kill anyone that messes with them. He will not let his country go down with the boys on Wall Street.

    USA will be run by the UN and the IMF. And we will be under the law of the militray.

    So get ready.....

    How do you fight a M16" and M4's? You better have your ass ready with one too.

    My guess is that the collapse will take place over night.

    You dumb ass men will sit there saying "What?"

    "This is America!" "No way!"

    Way dude! If you would not have had your head so deep in the goverments rear end then you would not have had it broken off when they tured left or right.

    I know this sounds crude, but we have bent over way too long.

    Either raise some hell now or either walk siletly to the FEMA camps.

    Good Ole Boy

  10. Do nothing! Expect nothing! Get Nothing! (So simple than even a moron can understand this!)

    Hitler is in the White House and all Americans are in a daze as if they are smoking pot.

    What the hell is going on?

    I tell you.

    1. A New World Order.

    2. A Rule of law by the elite

    3. Destruction of the Constitution

    4. Lawlessness

    5. Slavery

    6. End of your rights.

    7. Destruction of your country.

    8. End of America

    You bet.

    First to go.

    1. Right of free speech

    2. Right to bear arms


    Let one incident take place, then then wham!

    In the name of freedom, we will protect you.

    And you dumb ass men will say "here are my arms"

    And your sorry ass ministers will say "It be God's Will!"

    All that refuse to stand up and resist should go straight to hell in my book.

    The Damn Yankee

  11. Just Trust Me!

    You dumb ass men. You have not resisted those that will lead you to your own destruction.

    Do you not fear God? Do you not love your country? Do you not see what it coming? Do you not know that you are going to be slaves? Do you know that all your rights are going to the shitter?

    I have a little dog that jumbs on anything that comes near me. I named him "Little Bastard!"

    He don't care. Big or small does not bother him.

    He knows a enemy when he sees one. And sure as hell won't let them near me. He let's me know what is coming and what is there at the door.

    Do you know what is at the door?

    I tell you.

    1. Chaos

    2. Hell

    3. Disaster

    4. Bankruptcy

    5. Default

    6. End of the Dollar

    7 New World Order

    8. Anti-Christ


    Becasue you sat on your sorry ass and did not nothing.

    When a man like Ron Paul tells you "Hell is coming" then why are you still sitting on your ass.

    1. Go buy a gun or two. Piston and rifle.

    2. Stock up on ammo.

    3. Stock up on food and water.

    4.Be ready

    5. Pray to God like you never have before.

    6. Wait - It is coming...

    John the Baptist

  12. Only A Moron Would Belive This

    1. USA cannot fail.

    2. Government is for the people.

    3. Islam is a religion of peace.

    4. Global warming is caused by cows farting in Texas.

    5. We can just print more money when we need it.

    6. The Chineese love us.

    7. The Russians love us.

    8. Saudi Arabia is our ally.

    9. Iran is no threat.

    10 Iraq was a threat.

    11. Obama will save us.

    12. The dollar will never fail.

    13. God will save the USA

    14. Preborn children are tumors.

    15. Nobody would attack our country

    16. Liberty is a gift from the government.

    17. You should obey without any questions.

    18. Bending over is not so bad.

    19. Economic Depressions can be cured with WellButrin and Zoloft

    20. Martial law is good for us.

    21. Gays and Lesbians are role models.

    22. Wall Street is good for America.

    James Monroe

  13. i for one am ready in the mountains with my cache. Living like the collapse has all ready happened.When the SHTF i wont notice a thing maybe have to shoot a few people

  14. America is falling apart because Americans have become addicted to debt. Like a drug addict to crack. The banking, oil, military cartels are like the drug cartels. They're opportunist who capitalize on profit. Don't listen to any of these politicians for solutions. They are all in bed together! There is a simple solution to stop this evil system. Do what I have done. Pay off your debts and stop taking on more debt. Don't use ATMS they charge you for your own money. Take all of your money out of the banks. Don't use credit cards unless it's in an emergency. Boycott the airports so they'll get rid of the TSA(Total Sexual Assault). Boycott the armed services stop fighting for the oil cartels you're just making them wealthier with your blood! Boycott all elections don't give any of your money to any politician! A politician is a criminal who never did a hard days work in their life! I just gave you very simple solutions to change things for the better in this country. No violence no revolution no protesting. Change your ways of living and thinking. If every American did these things power would go back to the people. This system would be brought down to it's knees without firing a single shot!

  15. If we lived back in the 1930's then we could tell them to go to hell.

    Today, I don't see a way to stop this shit from coming.

    If you read the Bible, then you will find out that they will force you to use the system in the last days. No buying, no selling and no trading.

    I have a young child and the only hope that I have for him is to move to a place and live in a damn cave for the rest of the decade in the mountains of Peru.

    Otherwise, I have to be realist and know that shit is coming.

    You have to be blind and dumb to think that you can stop them. Nothing will stop them short of a revolution.

    No revolution means no change. No change means that will grow like a cancer and consume and destory every thing.

    Nothing is going to be left after this debt. They are like locast that will eat up all the resources and all the goods and then hell will erupt with chaos and destruction.

    Trust me. They are armed and they are ready. Just drive by your local National Guard and you will see Hummers with 30 cal machine guns mounted on them.

    "Who the hell are they planning to attack with these I wonder?"




    Ask McCain how his shoulders are after they were ripped out of socked in Vietnam.

    I tell you that FEMA camps are death camps.



  16. Sons of Bitches are coming for all of us. None of us will escape the hell that is coming.

    Anyone that thinks that they will get by on good behavior is full of bull shit.

    Your bank account will we wiped out. Your property will be taken. Your job will be exported. And you will work for a wage set by the IMF.

    All those freedom loving bastards on here that talk about freedom are nothing more than a bunch of cowards that will fold when push comes to shove.

    As the flightless bird puts its head in the sand and its ass in the air so will you be when you surrender your arms and your freedom.

    All those would be soldier boys will do exactly as the government tells them. Shoot anything and anyone that is a threat to society.

    You cowards will say "Yes Master..........Thank you Master........Master is good.! while they laden you with slavery and place stripes on your back. Your children will be slaves and bound to a satanic government that fears none.





    DO YOU?


  17. sharonsj: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

    Awhile back, I mentioned I frequent some of the same sites as you…It’s quite apparent you’re still playing the blame-game on other sites and you’re singing a different tune on this site.

  18. When you were watching all those Discover channel specials about Non-Lethal weapons and surveillance gear, little did you all know that it was all to be used ON YOU!

    The jokes really on Americans now because the Discover specials are now showing urban warfare using live ammo meant to kill as in dead. Take a guess who that is going to be used on in the near future ?


  19. 6:23, will you lead the rebellion? All it takes is one doer and the talkers will follow.

    I'm ready to fight and die to save this country. I'm also smart enough to know I am not a son of George S. Patton, I'm the son of a front line combat fighter. Patton was a solid leader. Until that yet to be identified person looks themselves in the mirror and acts, we are going nowhere fast and I do not believe that leader is Ron Paul. This rebellion will not be settled without extreme violence.

    Consider Ann Barnhardt who one Sunday not long ago, made a video and told the world that islam is a complete abomination and must be removed from this world of ours. She ended her video by reciting her EXACT HOME ADDRESS and invited the islamic rapists, pedophiles and murderers to come to her home (she is not married) and try their best to kill her. She is not afraid to die and so far not one single believer of islam, (who understand that it's their obligation to kill the infidel, those who are not muslim) again, not one single muslim has visited her home to kill her.

    Ann Barnhardt is our Joan of Ark. Joan was the world's only, 17 year old female, supreme commander of her country's military forces.

    Ann is locked and loaded, are you?

  20. 'I give it to the Russians. Noboby will take thier country away from them. Putin will kill anyone that messes with them. He will not let his country go down with the boys on Wall Street."

    In case you didn’t notice ?

    The USSR like the US today was in debt to foreign creditors it had become a bankrupt
    Ponzi that could nor keep up the interest payments and rollover the debts.
    The old standard of living could no longer be supported.

    Putin took over the government control from Teltsin after the dunken Yeltsin had
    transferred the big ,formally state capitalist owned industries ,oil and other natural resources into the hands of foreign financed Oligarchs who bought up the country at bargain basement prices on the cheap as ready made monolpolies.
    As these assets were in state hands they were simply “privitised” by the olighachs .

    They are now the ruling gangster, international
    capitalist elite in Russia, often dual citizens living in London and elsewhere.

    The obviously drunken incompetent'anti-stalinist'privatiser Yeltsin was pushed aside by the Oligachs and replaced by the head of the KGB Yeltsin so they could have more competent government manager with a more acceptable image.
    Putin having joined the billionare elite cultivated the image of a ‘Russian” nationalist as its good propaganda for the sheeple.
    Even some Americans believe in that P.R. image!

    In so far as Putin appears as a nationalist he is a nationalist that defends the profit
    interests and control over the economy of the Oligarchs that appointed him as frontman.
    In America the takeover of the Oligarchs began in a different order, as industry and banking were already privately owned , after the Ponzi economy imploded in a sea of government ,commercial and private debt ,a failed capitalism justlike the old USSR

    First , under the incompetent ‘mission accomplished” dumbo Bush with the bi-partisan supported TARP takeover coup over Treasury for socializing the losses of the banksters.
    Turning the losses of the banksters into national debt for the taxpayers.

    Once in control over the printing press a “left liberal” image Manager from within the bi-partisan political management team was appointed (elected) to complete the process on behalf of the ruling bankster led elite oligarchy, Namely to takeover of the assets and savings of the middle class, turning them into enslaved hereditary Debt Peons.

    Obama or a McCain both supporters of the bipartizan bailout team are as patriotic as a Putin or a Yeltsin in the service of the Oligarchs of America.

  21. We are all screwed!



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