Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Guide to Looting When the SHTF (And Your Counter-Strategies)

Law and order will be the first casualty when the shit hits the fan. Recent historical examples the world over, including New Orleans, Haiti, and Chile show that without policing, looting will become an immediate danger.

The following Guide to Looting When the SHTF by Thomas Northrop of No Bullshit Survival shows that survival and preparedness planning does not include just storing food, supplies, guns, and medicine, or creating tactical defense plans for your home and property. There will be organized gangs, whose sole method of acquiring necessities will be through looting. A friend recently mentioned that when discussing possible collapse scenarios at the water cooler, one of his office coworkers suggested that he would simply take what he needs from other people if it came down to it. Thus the looter mentality is not as isolated as we may think. In all likelihood, this person has already considered what he would do, how he would do it, and how far he was willing to go.

This is a reality, so understanding and accepting it as such is important now – so that you are fully prepared to deal with it if ever confronted by such a situation.


  1. I believe the looter will be a hunted commodity. When SHTF the govt will Not tolerate looting and the foreign NATO soldiers already in the country will shoot to kill all looters.

    The other mistake is looters going after goods of patriot groups who are organized and well armed. Again they are going to be a hunted commodity because they will terminated in the act of looting.

    If the food gets scarce be prepared for the military to actively go after and engage looters for the sheer reality and the perceived notion that looters will have the supplies required hiding in their hidey holes.

    A mole exposed is a mole that is dead kind of deal so all would be looters out there I say this. It won't be as easy as you think because a caught looter will be an instantly dead looter.

  2. Anonymous says:
    "I believe the looter will be a hunted commodity. When SHTF the govt will Not tolerate looting and the foreign NATO soldiers already in the country will shoot to kill all looters."

    Sorry, dude, there won't be any NATO soldiers here -they'll be busy in Europe. Anyway, non-US troops in the USA would quickly be killed off by U.S. citizens if there were a conflict between the citizenry and NATO.

  3. Societies that hit their end rarely end up in police states. They always end up being taken over by gangs, druggies, thugs, drug lords, mafias, and pimps.

    Conspiracy people always insist on using Nazi Germany as the example of what we'll become. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just look at Mexico and how cops and soldiers walk around terrified and get killed all the time. Here is no different.

    Slowly through the last few decades we've been merging into this. People reflect this in America. Right now the "geurillas" are slaughtering cops left and right. Mostly far left groups or Marxists who act out on it, 2009 to 2010 there was a 40% increase in violence against police officers. Rather than having a bunch of rebels in jungle gearr, these revolutionaries are coming right out and beating officers to death or shooting them.

    Meanwhile, since police are city workers who get financed by the state, we'll be seeing them lose their jobs despite the rising crime rates. Like public school employees, court workers, bus drivers, firefighters, and such, a bankrupt state with a whole host of debt cannot afford cops. This is not something humans can decide on rationally, it is a matter of policy.

    NATO troops on US soil to shoot looters? I'm sure there 5:41. You should walk outside more and not spend so much time on the internet. Yeah the NATO troops and European riot squads don't even gun down their protesters or criminals, why the hell would they suddenly do it to us?

    A cop or soldier on their own is going to fare no better than any civilian. If a civilian is expecting a burglar to come in and has his or her gun ready, then it will be a success. However, police are important to break up riots where public and/or private property is being destroyed. The difference here is that a single man can't just rally a group of people to stop a bunch of thugs, but the police/soldiers would have the necessary equipment and tools to do so, along with unit cohesion (obey the commanding officer and do nothing else).

    There's no way this crash will lead to martial law. All it takes to see this is the utter lawlessness that is already prevalent in our nation. Kids running around doing drugs, pounding each other, hit and runs, theivery, cheating for money and against one's lover, mindless barbarian adults only interested in what actress will be in the new Pirates movie, etc., (you know all that garbage which has helped waste us away.)

    Another reason it doesn't seem to be forming is a teleological one. What purpose do they have to suddenly decide to make us walk in big lines like robots? What does this benefit? If they've already made us dumb and obese why would they need anymore control? And doesn't this just seem to be mimicking science fiction or perhaps trying to make analogies between us and the only other police state peopel are educated on (Nazi Germany)?

    See, the truth is that Alex Jones and such people were totally thrown off when the far left Socialists came in and broke their theory that the USA government is Zionist, anti Arab, only wants oil, and is becoming fascist. The current administration (far more fascist than the last), is more Communist. Nobody ever discussed Mao killing 70 million of his people, or how nasty it was to live under Stalin, Castro, and other left wing governments.

    They're more in numbers and generally worse! Strangely, as horrible as Hitler was, at least the Germans prospered until the Allies bombed them. In Socialist/Communist governments nobody ever prospers, especially the minorities and women. Women will get a fine job selling their bodies for drugs, men will perhaps make shoes or lift bricks for a piece of bread at the end of the day.

    If the Socialists get their way, we'll all be equal because we'll all be eating dirt.

  4. I have to agree with 7:18.

    I don't care how well-intentioned foreign troops may be in this country when SHTF. If they are armed they WILL be killed on sight. Any attempt to arrest American citizens or assist in any way with martial law will be met with lethal force.

    I am not the only person who feels this way.

  5. 8:47, This is how the people in other countries worldwide feel when USA, Inc. comes to protect them from CIA induced unrest.

  6. Cops aren't much better than the mafia anyway. Different name same thing. Instead of taxes it becomes protection money.

  7. "Societies that hit their end rarely end up in police states. They always end up being taken over by gangs, druggies, thugs, drug lords, mafias, and pimps."
    Right on 8.14 Bro !
    support your local police saviors not the marxist ,pinko Commie pigs!

    I myself know one society that is already well on the way to being a proper Corporate police state and avoiding takeover by gangs because its laws and wars are now properly determined by semi-monarchial executive orders and patriot acts protecting a ruling elite fronted by banksters owning corporations that are granted the human rights once formally guaranteed to persons known as ‘we the people”. These corporations are legally entitled to pay for the elections of their own political creatures .
    Their current president was elected in a political circus by using $600 million dollars last time but expects donations mostly from the corporate persons and their owners of a billion dollars next time.
    In this country “Free speech is in the hands of a small number of oligarchs that own the so called ‘mainstream media that continuously assure the population they are free and protected by the benevolent police in the best of all possible countries from anarchistic gangs, druggies, thugs, drug lords, mafias, and pimps."
    This country is a country of peace that only makes was against countries that are known to be corrupt and have weapons of mass destruction.
    Torture may be used on suspects who admit to all the lurid crimes as earlier stated in the MSM media justifying the wars . Therefore proving the necessity to fight these wars, that of course it only fights reluctantly in order to keep its military industrial complex employed and profitable.

    In earlier times war was only declared against countries that were a real threat and danger or that had carried criminal aggressive acts by an elected congress, but now the Semi –monarchial president is free to do his own thing for whatever reasons he deems fit like a real King.

    The banksters in that society acting as kleptomaniacs have carried out a politically approved financial coup over the governments Treasury department so as to extract trillions of dollars in TARP loot and bailup money with the help of their political agents who are dependent of the banksters money for election so the can keep their snouts to the pork trough in turn about ,according to their party branch of political pimping.

    This is called the free enterprise system and the coup was entirely necessary owing to the financial sector becoming insolvent unable to make a profit after exporting the countries industry for a quick buck and then the dammed foreigners cut of the credit supply for their ’ criminal sub-prime housing Ponzi bubble
    But.nobody of course will of course go to jail because the Police and laws are so good.

    And besides in this best of all free countries the taxpayers are happy to pay .
    Indeed millions of the people prefer to lose their own life savings and even their houses for the benefit of their beloved banksters.
    The police and security agents are known to be corrupt and connected to gangs, druggies, thugs, drug lords, mafias, and pimps, it is so hard to differentiate between them that the all appear as one mob, At various times the police and gangs
    practice drug turf wars and other harmless pursuits for a buck , for example when say police may be shot over the proceeds of CIA branded drugs like heroin from supply countries that are militarily occupied by the Government and the where growers connected to the installed local war lord government like in Afghanistan.
    Wherever the military goes the drug supply improves like in Vietnam and Air America Columbia etc.
    But the people of that country are told thing could be worse as if not for the heroic police ,homeland security and big brother generaly the people are threatened by ‘gangs, druggies, thugs, drug lords, mafias, and pimps." If they do not support the police.

    1. Wow! My compliments to the Anonymous poster of April 26, 2011, this is the most articulate and (alas!) truthful rant I've ever seen. It gives me hope, actually. I mean, the fact that "somebody" can see the truth - in an admittedly confused world - gives me hope for mankind.


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