Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Radiation: Over 7 Million Times The Limit, Fish Will Be Unedible


  1. Thanks for destroying sushi business GE.

  2. First is was "GE, we bring good things to life."

    Then it was GE's Ecomagination.

    Now it's GE's Global Death Clouds, thanks to Barry's butt boy Immelt.

    Boycott GE

  3. This guy is a fool and a knave - he calls for the abolition of all nuclear power plants. He later says that there could be "digital tsunami" next time. This is the ranting of a uninformed, dishonest person whose purpose is to mislead people. Sure, a "digital" (aka computer) tsunami could possible shut down the transmission of electrical power, but it could in no way produce a nuclear meltdown at a power plant. This is completely false and misleading.

  4. 1.32 Says digital sabotage meltdowns is impossible !!

    Somebody indeed is being "false and misleading"here.

    Stuxnet type virus programs as seen in Iran show nuclear equipment malfunctions can be engineered remotely .

    Israel/US mossad /cia intelligence being the prime sabotage suspect by Iran.

    Or, malfunctions could already be pre-built into to nuclear plant operating systems or in individual operating chips in equipment parts, or even in national electrical power transmission grid systems and triggered on demand or over time in certain operating conditions .

    Some Russian conspiracy theorists even suspect that this may have occurred in the past , triggering of the Chernobyl meltdown events as part of a cold war economic sabotage of the Soviet Union???
    The CIA specialises in "plausible" deniability and coverups .

    As we saw with 9.11

  5. South korea is already begining to complain about the massive discharge of nuclear waste into the sea in order to avoid confining the contaminated material on japanese soil.

    That is, it puts the interest of private companies profits and survival, the Tokyo power company and even GE as the responsible parties
    and even Japans national interests above the interests of the whole world to a clean food supply from the Ocean for generations to come

  6. We should be using thorium, not blaming nuclear, no more Uranium, just thorium. Problem solved, now back to sanity.

  7. We need to get together NOW.

    No more wars, just civic-minded spending.

    All nations need to put their heads together and collaborate on green energy ideas.


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