Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Collapse Of The Dollar: Gold To $6500 And Silver To $600

Get ready. We are now entering the final stages in the collapse of the U.S. dollar...
And it's not going to be pretty. may 2011 gold flakes on blue
The massive increases in money supplies will tank the value of the dollar and erode the very fabric of America's economic security.
As a result, gold and silver prices are will no doubt skyrocket, despite the short-term major volatility we've recently seen.
Many investors have been rushing to me asking if it's too late to buy precious metals with gold in the $1,500/oz range and recently spiking to nearly $50/oz. I keep telling them the same thing...
Despite whatever the price of gold or silver is today, both metals will be worth more than twice as much within 12 months.
That means $3,000 gold this time next year! After that, I think gold could break $6,500 an ounce.
And as you know, silver's gains will be much greater. When the bull market is all said and done, there's no doubt we could be looking at silver prices exceeding $600 an ounce.
And we can all thank the crooks in D.C. for it...
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  1. Time to call Ampex and order more silver. Fractional coins.

  2. LOL. It's not going to happen folks.

  3. Anonymous said...
    "LOL. It's not going to happen folks."
    This is an assertion a belief, but no real world facts are produced to back it up.

    Just aparently another trolling idiot pretending to be clever by LOL at his own jokes .

  4. Should such high $ prices occur soon it will be only just another indication of the decline of the dollar hegemony system and reflect the perceived falling value of the dollar itself in the world as a store of wealth usefull as exchange value .
    The growintg stengh of PM is a reflection of the fear of expected inflation by wild money printing to prop up America in debt crisis, now unable to pay off its Treasury and mortgage bond dividend debts to the rest of the world in current dollar values.

    As confidence in the dollar maintaining its value in exchange is lost, many people , including speculators at first ,turn to the "concrete"real material commodity value forms of wealth, like precious metals and trash the paper dollar even more.
    The Third world will cheer.Hopefully the Fiat dollar paper of Empire will be rapidly thrown in the paper waste basket of history, as people take out insurance by buying precious metals.

  5. 2:41, I hear Zimbabwe has a robust currency. You would do very well there with your state of denial.

  6. We shall see. The markets are doing just fine, and this talk has been going on for too long now. Nothing bad will happen.

  7. What, Max & his ilke are or ok but I wouldn’t want them running affairs, would u?

    So, in an ideal world;
    Rothschild Inc is convicted & summarily shot…
    Who fills the political, economic & realtime reality vacuum? & I guess more *NB is who get’s to decide?

    Max keiser, Ickes & their ilk I admire for his media stance, but I’d prefer a community, county, and upwards approach with an utterly independent judiciary.

    It is becoming a real risk and one can buy shits loads of PM’s & arms & shit (as I hope we all here have) & still b screwded

  8. 0736 - Then if nothing bad will happen (because something bad has ALREADY happened) you don't need to on this blog. And people like myself will call you out on it EVERY time, troll.

  9. Shocking year after year EVERYTHING gets worse yet people still think NOTHING will happen...I must admit that everything is falling apart in tiny steps but nethertheless if you do a YTY comparison it is actually a huge amount for all the people in that industry.

    I am amazed that the Elites/Super rich etc etc can continue this...Seriously I was ready for a small collapse but NOTHING happened...They literally changed the Laws of Nature with smoke and mirrors...Every chart shows complete industry death of everything yet we march on.

    At first I was angry because some friends would laugh and I wanted to prove I was right...Now I stay quiet and save and prep...This extra time is a God sent.

    I am 99% sure the collapse will happen...Not as bad as some believe worldwide but here in the US worse than people think...In the meantime buy long term commodities and hope.

    Max Keiser is great but that Argentine fellow (Ferfal)is who you should listen to...BECAUSE Americans are nothing like the Europeans...No offense but we are more violent and base like our Argentine friends...That's the way we'll go.

    Angry/confused/demanding and much more prone to violent crime than those in the EU...Reason is it will be a bigger shock to us in prices/collapse of infrastructure and lack of social programs to deal with what will be an avalanche of unprepared, fat, socially stunted Americans.

  10. Well put 12:46

  11. Expect an invasion of Zimbabwe soon.

    In response to trade and economic sanctions imposed by the forces of globalism Zimbabwe attempted to pay its government services and government workers by printing money.

    But , after their experience with hyperinflation from unrestrained printing of a fiat paper currency that went beyond the “normal” levels of inflation created by Cenral bankers ,as appears to be also occurring in America today at the US Treasury and Fed ,a top banker at the Zimbabwe national bank declared Zimbabwe a gold producing country
    should create a gold standard national currency as a freash start and way out of its current money problems.

    Now that’s a No No for the NWO.

    This kind of national banker should be watching his back for an assassins attack !
    But, if Zimbabwe does so ,goes for gold money , and escapes the dollar hegemony system backed by the worlds Central Bankers Cabal ,the economy of a newly progressive Zimbabwe will leave behind in the dust of growing poverty a still backward , hyper-inflating America, with a likely Zimbabwe style near valueless paper Dollar coming soon ,with a population of debt slaves to $ debt paper .


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