Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Consumers and Investors Seek Protection With Guns and Gold

Even after last week’s steep selloff in the commodities markets, the “Flight to Safety” trade is still on…big time. Gold may have retreated from its all-time high, but applications to purchase a handgun continue soaring to record levels.
According to the FBI, background-check applications for handgun buyers are on a record-setting pace so far this year. “In this year’s first quarter,” Bloomberg News reports, “the FBI’s Instant Criminal Background Check System processed 4.25 million requests on prospective gun buyers – up 16% from a year earlier.” If the current pace continues, the number of “gun checks” would hit a seventh straight annual record.


  1. This is no surprise. All indicators point to the eventual and total collapse of the dollar. Corruption in DC could not be any worse, consider Goldman Sachs keeps breaking earnings/profit records and guess where the last 2 treasury secretaries came from? Goldman Sachs. Osama Bin Obama has a new "energy czar" and where did he come from? General Electric, the same company that earned billions in profits last year and paid ZERO income tax.

    I suggest all who read this go to You Tube and view some of the videos from the LA Riots of 1992. The Korean business owners defended their businesses with guns and they survived, while all the other businesses burned to the ground.

    No one will stand a chance of messing with me or my castle. A looter, or thug or dumb ass will get one warning and only one.

    Never forget, Osama Bin Obama has no loyalty to this country and it's citizens.

  2. Gun control is the holy grail of the Democratic party. It is the reason that Democrats wake up in the morning. They want everyone disarmed when the SHTF so we will be dependent on the government for our very lives.

  3. 2:05
    Don't even think of worrying about it

    With well over 100 million firearms in this country; I'd sure like to see "them" try!

  4. One thing about being old is, every day I get closer to my expiration date, so if the day comes that a bunch of government thugs drives up and demands my guns, they can take them from my "cold dead hands". I'm still a very good shot, so maybe none of them will survive the attempt. Either way someone will die that day.

  5. 5:38

    And I'm hoping it ain't you.

    Cheers !

  6. Here's a video of some riots from Ohio and California, including shots of the infamous Korean merchants fighting back:

  7. Gun rights are of the utmost importance for Americans to maintain. Even if it isn't for self protection or defending against a tyrannical government. No group of unqualified stupid liars with undeserved political power should have any right in telling others they can't have firearms.

    I don't see this police state coming, it looks far more like anarchy to me. And I'm aware of the concept that the anarchy is only tentative to force martial law on the people. I just don't see it. It usually doesn't end up that way. And for the most part people don't really analyze the things they are told or read about. This is just as true for the conspiracy circles as it is for the morons watching CNN.

    The only combat trained (and capable) soldiers are the men under 40 in the marines. Considering half of them are overseas, if they ever come back before the caliphate and the Islamic Radicals slaughter all foreigners, moderates, Christians, and Jews in the regions where they enforce Sharia Law, they'll be coming back with PTSD, missing limbs, and being entirely exhausted.

    Police departments in cities all across America are forced now to let go of cops since the states are bankrupt and can't afford them similar to teachers, nurses, and firefighters. (Not that there isn't already too many of these pointless types of workers.) So that means when SHTF Swat Teams will be scarce to form.

    A population of 300 million, minus the illegals, children, old, disabled, and incarcerated, will be perhaps 150 million. All this spread out in very different terrains both rural and urban won't be easy to observe where there needs to be supression. There will be no where near enough manpower or tools for them to put down chaos at this level.

    Police states can only come out about in nations where the people are less diverse, closer together, and fewer in number. America is the complete opposite. This won't stop cities from becoming warzones - a worse type of nightmare scenario.

    All it takes is a bunch of tweekers to find out they can't get a hold of their dealers. If not that then a few hundred teenagers finding out youtube or their cell phones no longer work. Then of course there are the fatties whom will have a physical upheaval when they aren't able to eat the burgers from McDonalds that they're used to taking in every day... their TV (babysitter) will be gone as well!

  8. 9:53. Agreed, the military will never be able to get control of the situation, once the collapse comes, unless they choose chemical based WMD's.

    So few people are self-sufficient, that it will really get sporty when these pathetic souls are cut off from their addiction, whatever it may be.


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