Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Currency Crash Occurring: This Has Never Happened


  1. the bernanke.
    i like that.

  2. Seems like the chic was charmed the honesty of the guy. Of course the guy is right. Of course I am sitting and waiting for the price of silver to bottom to get more of it. Not the paper silver-the real one that I can hold in my hand. I am just curious what kind of statement the Bank of Canada is preparing to justify their selling of gold and stacking up on the currencies that are falling? Hmm?

  3. What is so funny is people worried about silver or gold dropping in price and should be worried about the US Dollar dropping in value.

    Be aware the Banks want to scare everyone to sell their physical silver or not buy more. They need to cover all of their naked short selling in silver.

  4. yeah get silver now before it is too late

  5. If there is to be a spread between fiat silver and physical soon in response the banksters laughable antics.
    Say fiat spot is $40, what will the physical be trading around initially, +75%? @$70 seems a little low, even now before the shit really hits 

  6. The dollar is not going 2 crash it's all BS! It's the same ol' bait & switch. At the last minute the dollar will blow up again. This is classic market manipulation. If the dollar was really going to crash they wouldn't tell you on national tv.

  7. yeah but i admit i am not very happy seeing my hard earned investment go down 10 percent a day

    i feel like my life will really begin when shtf. I am actually excited.

  8. 2:09, I know right? Americans and their dollar, something that's only been around for less than 100 years, will be around to the end of the universe during the big crunch. Billions of years from now we'll be a big, intergalactic empire with the dollar as the currency.


    Has anyone noticed with the job layoffs, who may have been reading of all the different places that have laid people off within the last year or two, that it seems companies announce a huge number of cuts only to announce another number of cuts months later?

    I saw months back that tens of thousands of AT&T workers were cut, but recently I saw another post of a few thousand being laid off. Are businesses, schools, hospitals, and such in full knowledge they are to lay off almost all of their employees, so in order to keep their reputation they fire only so many at a time to make things look okay?

    I also like how blockbuster shuts down practically every store, but keeps only one gum ball out of a whole machine. What are they trying to convey? That they just need a nap? This brings me to another point.

    Is there any way we can actually tell for sure what businesses, banks, offices, hospitals, and schools are up shit's creek seeing that everything else happens stochastically and without warning? Could these places appear on the surface to be merry and dandy and the next day you realize they are at rock bottom? Many people are finding this pattern to be common nowadays.

    My sister only a few years back had a job at some coffee shack. After a few months, without letting anyone of their workers know - they crashed. They tried to bounce all of their worker's checks so they didn't have to pay them.

    I mean, if this is occuring on a scale of about 50 million workers, then imagine how brutal things will get. And yet, that's all just a modicum of the problems!

  9. Wake me when something important happens. HAHAHAHA!

  10. 2:17 actually companies have been laying people in small groups at a time for many years now since around 1995 or so.

    Yes you are right all companies are trying to look good up until the last minute. So you find out when they die.

    The same might be true for the US Dollar.

    Regarding... 2:09's - The dollar is not going 2 crash it's all BS! It's the same ol' bait & switch. At the last minute the dollar will blow up again. This is classic market manipulation. If the dollar was really going to crash they wouldn't tell you on national tv.

    They can tell most of the public because they are brain dead and will not respond even when told the truth.

  11. 2.17
    you hit it right on the head.
    my wife was working along fine as a clerk
    then bang laid off.
    im in ny in construction its worst than last year.
    welcome to the jobless recovery
    the depression call it what it is,
    my sister was bought out by verizon poll worker
    this year they offered the ones who stayed less
    to leave .
    im in great shape and eat nails for lunch and spit flames.
    but that doesnt get you work.
    i know someone whos been living in thier house for years without paying the mortgage!
    my silver went down but not in weight ahahahhahahahahahhhh!
    and my freeze dried food still thier.
    the suckas market is still going higher.

  12. the dollar crash
    the dollars worthless
    20 dollar gallon of milk will be more like it.

  13. FIRST:get rid of the 1913 federal reserve,put them out to pasture.
    SECOND:change the charter of corporations ;so that the corporation is for the community first and then and only then after that has been satisfied can a profit be given to a shareholder.
    THIRD:release all patents to the peoples new corporation including the 6000 that involve free energy.

  14. Interesting idea ribin21, especially your second suggestion. But that is hardly able to be implemented, due to the fact that what you are suggesting is essentially known as communism.

    Communism doesn't work.


    Hard work WORKS.

  15. 318pm i have given you and alternative to what is happenning now; what would you add or subtract and add in place of your subtraction

  16. this is communism!
    in capitol markets! thiers no to big to fail
    except raiseing margins in silver!
    the same pieces of shit couldnt see the houseing collapse.no margin
    people are dum in america dum sheep

  17. help me put this in perspective.The Banksters slam silver.This drives down the price big time.This enables them to cut their loses by covering and going long.By slammng the price this creates a huge buying spree from the investment sector.The banksters are now long.All of a sudden the price of silver starts to go parablolic on the long side.The banksters now at least on paper have their cake and hit it too.They are now positioned to make huge paper profits on the upside.Damm these scumbags cant lose.This huge upward surge results in huge physical shortage and just feeds upon itself.The silver price is headed for 3 digits and beyond.
    Am I getting this right or is my conception of what has and is going to transpired all fucked up.Boy as a rookie in this game Im confused.Someone out there with a better handle on this help me to understand whats transpired sure would help me and other newbies out alot in understanding the dynamics of what is really going on.Thanks

  18. Hi Economic Analyst,

    I followed you in Turd's forum and you suggested westminister resources sometime ago. Do you still think it is a good pick? Where can I find your picks? I find them really interesting.

    Thank you.

  19. Anon 7:44

    One thing you've overlooked is that by shorting Silver in the futures market, Bansters leave themselves vulnerable to those who buy and stand for delivery. Those folks slowly & surely are changing the landscape so as to precipitate a failure on COMEX to deliver the goods. Once that happens look for a waterfall change in psychology and an order of magnitude more to be drawn into the PM market.

    Bansters have hidden their activities in the past however a COMEX default will expose them for what they are.

    One added bonus too, and perhaps an even bigger coup ... concerns the bankster exposure to PM related derivatives. Once again ... a failure to cap PM prices could just cream the banksters.
    Perhaps lethally.

  20. Toilet paper will soon be worth more than American money!

  21. @10:10. Can I have your "practically worthless currency"then? I will even trade you one piece of toilet paper for one of your pieces of paper that is soon to be worth less. I will even make it worth your while. I will give you two pieces.

  22. to 1:22, physical silver is being bought and sold at the current market rate. The flea market I frequent has a guy selling silver jewelery who brings a scale with him. The price depends on the daily quote, and he weighs each piece before giving me a price. So there is no difference between fiat and reality.

  23. Not to fret sheep. Similar to the USSR, the US is on the same path. Unfortunately for you though, the end result will not be the same for us. The current US population lives in dream land. Those in the USSR lived in ration land and enjoyed what happened when they finally tasted a bit of freedom. Here it will be chaos as the US population will not be able to deal with not having all of their currently unappreciated luxuries. So, click the ads on this site and eat as much cheese as possible, like I do....


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