Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Silver Mania


  1. where's everybody at? it's coming back...

  2. May 3, 2011 at 3:55 PM

    If there is to be a spread between fiat silver and physical soon in response the banksters laughable antics.
    Say fiat spot is $40, what will the physical be trading around initially, +75%? @$70 seems a little low, even now before the shit really hits 

  3. I have a decent silver investment. It was also nice to be digging around in box of "house junk", that stuff you know you don't need but won't toss out, and what did I find, but a 1964 Kennedy 1/2 dollar. It weighed in at .9 oz, or about $35.00. Glad I found it before my kid did, he would have bougth a Slurpee with it!

  4. I see the banksters attempts to bring down silver as pathetic. They rarely lose, but they will lose this time.

  5. WTF going on? Help!!May 3, 2011 at 10:31 PM

    help me put this in perspective.The Banksters slam silver.This drives down the price big time.This enables them to cut their loses by covering and going long.By slammng the price this creates a huge buying spree from the investment sector.The banksters are now long.All of a sudden the price of silver starts to go parablolic on the long side.The banksters now at least on paper have their cake and hit it too.They are now positioned to make huge paper profits on the upside.Damm these scumbags cant lose.This huge upward surge results in huge physical shortage and just feeds upon itself.The silver price is headed for 3 digits and beyond.
    Am I getting this right or is my conception of what has and is going to transpired all fucked up.Boy as a rookie in this game Im confused.Someone out there with a better handle on this help me to understand whats transpired sure would help me and other newbies out alot in understanding the dynamics of what is really going on.Thanks

  6. What's happening? The dollar is dying. Simple as that. Piece by piece, if you could gain a better resolution this way:

    Since the mid 1800s, European aristocrats (Elites) feared the Republics that were forming up around the world, especially in the USA. In nations with these democratic republics, people were intellectually thriving, and were in better shape than those who used monarchy or warrior kings. This had to be stopped.

    The uber wealthy aristocrats, the European ruling class and loyalists took two forms that would be used to eliminate these freedoms and stop the prosperity mankind was finally having; 1) Socialists under the Marx doctrine that would attempt to deprive people of their feeling of individuality and capability, and 2) Jingoists who would follow a more militant, Napoleanic doctrine.

    Around this time the Manifest Destiny began, where Andrew Jackson sent armies out to exterminate the natives, and then have settlers follow after to snatch the resources. This was the first Progressive president - a Jingoist, or extreme nationalist who was similar to Hitler.

    At this same time the school systems were given a state designed curriculum. The banking families, a simple spin off of the aristocrats(as were the first Socialists), were the ones who designed it and tied the states and education system together.

    The purpose was very simple. It was done to make schools a place to dumb people down and take away their independance. Each decade they worsened the education (and citizens) by minimalizing academics and maximizing exploitation.

    There's also a Eurocentric fixation in the text books. For instance, starting with Greek history - Europe is always the center of humanity. Also, those who would try to be shamans, moralists, free spirits, or self sustainable are deemed as idiot dreamers while those who will pursue an office job or seek money appear as winners.

    This was the Marxist design keep in mind. Is it no wonder kids are sent to school for six hours a day and only get about 15 minutes of learning time? The rest of that time is spent in fear of others* and learning how to conform like animals.

    Following these two trends the Elites were able to expand the military domination and weapons, and also destroy the people within each nation. The Jingos, typically viewed as the right wing, are pro soldier, and keep the exploitations outside the nation. The Marxists, typically the left wing, attempt to ruin the lives of people within the country.

    Either way the synthesis helps the ruling aristocrats. The bankers, academia, military commanders, Communists, big corporations, Wallstreet, mafias, drug cartels, sex slavers, Hollywood, technocrats, unions, the UN, NATO, and big pharma are all controled by the aristocrats and help them devour mankind.

    As far the death of the dollar is concerned, it was encouraged 30 years ago. That's when the credit cards, loans, and debt became the popular things to have. Need cash to do something? Get a grant. Your kid can't pass the tests to get into college? That's okay not many could, instead we'll dumb the tests down and let him in with a grant. Does he want a credit card? Can't afford a house? The banks can help you. How about a car?

    With all these hand outs, military spending, medicare, retirement, etc. they needed a way to pay for it. So the printing was boosted and continues to accelerate. But in the last 60 years factories and farms were no longer able to produce at the maximum level. Instead they were driven out and therefore production and manufacturing ceased. The economy has been run on retail stores and fake money. The amount of funny money printed at this point, and the accumulated debt can no longer be ignored for those "in the future."

    This will end two ways; 1) the aristocrats will merge everyone under their absolute authority with the death of the US. Or 2), mankind will gain back their genius and get rid of the human hating parasites.

  7. @WTF HELP

    Don't forget that not only in addition to the TBTF banks covering shorts and going long, they also wash out the "weak hands" - people who just bought (often on margin/leverage) and aren't yet profitable by triggering their stop losses (ie: you just bought @ $47 w/stop loss @ $45 - you went to bed thinking you had $1.50 profits one night and wake up with your silver positions liquidated after it hit $44.5)

    Yes, they win both ways.

    However, this largely affects people trading "paper" silver...buy physical and hold - hard to go wrong.

    PGH PA


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