Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Democrats Want 62 Percent Tax Rate

If the Democrats get their way on taxes, the top combined tax rate would soar to 62 percent, warns economist Stephen Moore of The Wall Street Journal.

A combination of higher income tax rates, phasing out of deductions, payroll taxes, state taxes, new healthcare taxes, and a 3 percent “millionaire’s tax” would add up fast, Moore says.

Essentially, the Democrat’s plan is more Jimmy Carter than Bill Clinton, he writes in an Op Ed for the newspaper.

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“If the Democrats' millionaire surtax were to happen — and were added to other tax increases already enacted last year and other leading tax-hike ideas on the table this year — this could leave the U.S. with a combined federal and state top tax rate on earnings of 62 percent,” he figures.

“That's more than double the highest federal marginal rate of 28 percent when President Reagan left office in 1989. Welcome back to the 1970s.”

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  1. Bullshit!!! Reagan is the reason we are broke, tax cuts paid for by robbing social security. Nice plan Ronnie

  2. 3:22 is another libtard if there ever was one! Is TCD blog liberal/progressive/leftist in residence "Sharonsj" now posting anonymously?

  3. And so fucking what?

    Fuck the rich...and anyone / everyone who supports them.

    They have been systematically cutting the throats of Americans for the last 40 years (easily...and in many instances longer...it is just a coordinated and government sanctioned practive these days)

    The tax rate for these millionaire pigs was 92% under Eisenhower...and the only way to get out of paying it was to re-invest your "income" in the U.S....does not sound like too bad of a plan.

    You idiot middle class morons out here who defend the rich's right to screw people just because you too think that you might be rich some day need to screw your fucking head on straight...these motherfuckers are the biggest welfare queens out there...they have been getting obscenly rich at the commom man's expense sine 1972...and you still want to defend them. I suppose you think it would make more sense to GUT medicare and social security than to ask these rich pieces of shit to pay MORE than their fair share for a while? Because we ALL know they have been taking home on average about 250 times more than the average working FAMILY has been for the last 30 years.



  4. Let me lash out here for a second to offer my opinion on matters. I'm not lashing out at anyone in particular.

    First let me make it clear that I'm not for socialism or anything like that. Now, why do those on the right insist they defend the uber corporations, banks, and wallstreet?

    Are you guys retarded!? I couldn't figure it out until 8:20 put it into words. Simple, you guys dream of wealth that much that your worst fear is the money system would burn altogether.

    You aren't capitalists. How about Glenn Beck, he complains about the reality shows and lack of hard work to get money, and says anyone can get rich with hard work, and he despises the lottery style schemes that exist. Fine. I agree.

    Go back two years ago and be reminded of his utter hypocrisy. Remember the Natalie Dylan SCAM anyone? That little slut girl who publicly offered her virginity for the highest bidder, obviously just to get some fame - rich men could have pretty much any slut girl they want, so why would they want that skanky little thing?

    Anyways, Glenn Beck had her on his radio show and announced how she was good for capitalism. WOW! Can you imagine what God thought about that? Or John Adams in his grave? Talk about a lack of hard work! Just lay down and take it in a hole...

    You see, these modern "conservatives" only have one thing in mind... money. That's why they are so opposed to defaulting on the currency, people that are dreamers, and people whom discuss the need for a new system/world.

    The socialists have slowly worked with this super capitalism, that every decade the real workers, the middle class, are stripped of their fincancial independance, freedom of enterprise, and ability to succeed. Beck still claims, like all the other fake conservatives, that nobody is holding us down.

    How can they say nobody is holding us down and we have just as much ability to succeed as ever? How can small people thrive with their ideas when it's the multibillion dollar corporations that control everything on television?

    Your voice isn't heard, so instead we have to be represented by empty minded, millionaire patriots like Sarah Palin, to help us get back to the 90s... so this can all happen again. Your utopias don't exist, they are not possible, and why in hell would you want this compartmentalized, socially disconnected way of life to continue!?

    We've lost God, we've lost our souls, we've lost our hearts, we've lost our spines, we've lost our minds, we've lost our morality, we've lost our ability to communicate, we've lost our sobriety, and we've lost reality!

    You can go back to the Constitution, vote in whoever, repair the economy, and get job growth going. Note that none of that is possible. Even if it was, you still aren't going to fix anything. This is, ineluctably, going to get worse until hell comes and goes.

    The people in this country are so fucking stupid. God help me... God help us! The only thing I hear of are movies and TV shows. This crap isn't even real, it has no relevance to real life, it is all brain washing, unFUCKINGreality!

    Sometimes I feel like a sponge being dried up under the Sun. Perhaps I'll go watch one that talks do so on my big screen TV.


  5. You're right dude. The left and right are two legs of the same som'bitch who's been kicking our ass for decades. They brought in foreigners, threw the WASPs/white Americans out of power and then set them against each other. What can we do but hoard ammo and bide our time? Really. This place is being loaded up with mongrel brainwashed zombies. They know how divide and conquer works, and they know how to play the divide and conquer game. We're all Palestinians now.


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