Monday, May 16, 2011

Conspiracy? Depopulation Of Earth STARTS NOW?

Today, FEMA, along with other federal, state, local, private sector and other partners will kick off a week-long functional exercise
The NLE 11 functional exercise, which will simulate a catastrophic earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, is scheduled to take place at venues in the national capital region and throughout the central U.S. These exercise activities are being carefully balanced with the current flooding and tornado-related disasters that FEMA and its partners are responding to, and adjustments have been made to exercise plans accordingly


  1. Henry Kissinger 1968 "we need to lose 1.5 billion useless eaters"
    Anything is possible from the evil creatures at Rothschild Inc, glad I have my silver and shit together.

  2. How can I get on the email blast for updates?

  3. Well the planet does need fewer humans.

    Not that I am advocating mass culling, far far better to do it over time via tax policy, education and other non hurtful means.

    But make no mistake, the world is over populated and adding (by U.N. estimates) 150,000 more each 24 hours.

  4. The slime of humanity think they can get away with mass murder again. Watch out for state sponsored terror from the same govt that is currently fighting multiple wars and made up the word shock and awe and depleted uranium along with the atom bomb and agent orange and gulf war syndrome. Yeah that's right, they have been at this depopulation for a long time.

    They just need to step it up into the millions now instead of thousands because thousands are just too small. They want mass casualties.

  5. the slime psychopath reproducers of humanity think they can force others into bondage, into living in a shitty human body to satisfy your disgusting forced genital bondage needs.

  6. "They want mass casualties"

    And you want mass bondage you cock starved psychopath.

  7. You see what these trolls are doing here ? It's call misdirection...

    I would like to know how much these warmongering alphabet agencies are paying people to actually fight what their sick minds perceive as a propaganda war. Only one trying to hide the truth would fight such a war and they are desperate to keep the truth from the American people and the world but the world isn't so stupid and sees through their lustful carnage for war and death.

    Only when these alphabet agency paid trolls meet their mortality will they understand my words.

  8. the way make no mistake that the seal team that took out a desert patsy who looked like bin laden are not safe from their own govt.

    Just like they fired on Patt Tillman will they also take out their own in a heartbeat....

    Yeah, they really are the slime of humanity like I said.

  9. paranoid NUtcases

  10. Useless Sheeple of ArmageddonMay 17, 2011 at 2:20 PM

    The Earth desperately needs mega depopulation, and the first to go is Useless Sheeple of Armageddon (USA).

  11. "Overpopulation" problems are decided by capital.
    Either profit can be extracted , or the country is “overpopulated” and unemployable.
    Any capitalist economy needs profits made from production of wealth as well as distribution of wealth to get a profit.
    But under globalism America only functioned as a consumers market, with production often only carried out in the rest pf the world.
    America, was a only a consumer of value in the world marketplace ,often only on credit ,not a creator of new exchangeable in trade industrial wealth.
    High waged American industry is no longer a source of profit.
    Its wealth producing consumer commodity production 'made in America" .new value creating productive jobs were exported by its "free trade" capitalists.
    It has little or no exportable goods to earn a profit from except agricultural products to exchange in trade with the rest of the world. Agriculture now provides few jobs
    America has had trade deficits and government deficits for years.

    But, under the dollar hegemony system America still had good consumers markets with stores like Wall Mart profiting from the sale of cheap labor goodies from China.

    Its consumer of services economy financed by foreigh credit supply and with profits still able to be realized by the middle class using the house as an ATM as long as the property bubble and foreign credit supply lasted

    America was exporting dollar paper denominated debts in return for real commodity wealth.and foreign credit supply
    But that was all dependent on the belief in the rest of the world that they were getting real value returns in strong dollars on their investments in US Treasury and property mortgage debts .
    America was a Ponzi economy dependent on CONTINUING foreign credit supply , the savings of the rest of the world , in order to keep up the promised interest and dividend payments on past mortgage and other debts.
    The finance sector turned to outright fraud exporting trillions of dollars in dud subprime and other debt bonds.
    Dividend payouts could not be met.
    The economic collapse, signaled by the collapse of the money /credit markets in 2008 exposed the nature of Ponzi America. and its debts .
    Even the housing construction industry has now collapsed along with the housing bubble profits .
    America went into government bailout mode in a desperate attempt to keep the old $ illusions of profitability and the property bubble going by using the printing press .
    But the more it prints the more the foreign investors run away from investments in dollar denominated debt.
    The US prints its "profits" for the now discredited and corrupt bankster run finance sector. A banking sector that made its profits in “free trade for globalised capital” and from usury by exploiting the dollar hegemony system and fraud for decades, has lost even the institutional memory of how to make a profit from industrial capitalism .

    And dreams that its old Ponzi economy will somehow recover by the government handing out bailout money paper to replace the foreign credit supply !

    But the debt peons already weighed down by past housing, credit cards and student loans
    debts cannot afford to take out new loans from the banking sector to bring back demand to the commodity and housing markets .
    Now, useless eaters to capital for making profits as consumers on credit , from the point of view of capital the American middle class , no longer a market for credit are “overpopulation”

    The only possible source of profits left for the banksters now is by looting the past savings and housing assets of the middle class. By foreclosing on debts.

    The unemployed and those dependent on foods stamps can provide little loot and face a austerity income cuts, in the hope of recovery and capital getting its act together on banksters bailout money.

    But, all that will be achieved without a new foreign credit supply ,by printing profitability ,is the further devaluation of the dollar via inflation.

  12. One comment above is from a sick anti-social psychopathic lover of her own self and of the importance of her own superior mouth for consumption ,has not only a hatred for his own 'shitty body" , but for the rest of humanity too.

    A humanity She feels is threatening to interfere with her own consumption levels by breeding.

    Other people breeding ,she feels are threatening to block her consumption levels along with that of the elites that organize the economy today !

    A sex obsessed fruitcake that forgot to mention eugenics and man caused global warming from humans breathing out carbon monoxide and taxing them them every time they engage in sex.

    She says .
    "the slime psychopath reproducers of humanity think they can force others into bondage, into living in a shitty human body to satisfy your disgusting forced genital bondage needs."

    I can see myself that the world is clearly overpopulated by at least one nutter allied to the elites .

    A pity her own Mother was a 'breder"of such a weirdo.
    She He can end her own genetital bondage sex obsessions and her hatred for humanity by slitting her own throat to reduce the population problem .

    And take her own Mom a "breeder" along with her ?

  13. Honestly, I feel most of this depopulation talk is rigmarole. The majority of it is just garbage that spews out from the internet, no different than the crap on TV. Though, there certainly are human hating weirdos in powerful positions that wish to obstruct humanity from making progress.

    They control most of the media, education, film industry, big pharma, and many corporations. Is it no wonder America has fallen apart like this? We are a nation of brain deads now.

    A good portion of Americans still have kindness in them, and it isn't so much their fault they've been weighed down mentally. The "sophists" writing scripts for Hollywood and reality shows, with those in the academia are to blame for this obscurantism. Ironically enough, they always complain about how dumb Americans are.

    Of course the majority of those "waking up" focus on bankers, Wallstreet, and the elite families supposedly working behind the scenes. The fact is however, if the individuals of mankind or certain countries were more intelligent these suckers couldn't employ their schemes.

    Rationally there is little to gain for them by wiping out humanity. Unless these people just want to watch humans die from all of this, then maybe. But then again the means to execute it are non existent. There are no death camps, poisoned water and air, and nor are there anywhere near enough soldiers to force martial law.

    When SHTF, those on food stamps, welfare, or living in poverty will become irrelevant. The reason is because a dead currency with this kind of disconnected population leads to mass anarchy - the centralized power will be gone. No judges, cops, politicians, or license will have any significance.

    The only thing that will matter then is the people you are with. Simple. You're not going to make it with your little assault rifle guarding your door for eternity. Though, you should definitely be ready to defend yourself in case people like that do come at you, particularly if you have the misfortune of being in a trashy location.

    The elites are humans, nothing more. Nothing is written in stone, and they have to breathe the same air and have people work for the food they eat. If some of you can come back to reality (forget stuff like HAARP for a second), notice they didn't have any knowledge an earthquake would smash Japan the way it/they did?

    And 12:27, I agree with you about the schizophrenic above. However, I don't believe breeding is so wise.

    There are no global warming problems or resource shortages (besides those caused by social conflicts). There are brutal social conflicts altogether! This is why I don't think having children is wise. The next two generations, those under 18 now, and those not born, are going to live in hell.

    Those 20s - 40s now are going to be responsible for the human race having a chance to reclaim its former glory. Once the storm hits many will likely die. Family members will be lost, the way of life we knew gone. How many of us young will be strong enough to remember what is true, right, and pure, and not end our own lives by the pain we'll have to endure and possibly seeing our loved ones leave?

    Is there a Spirit that will guide certain people to triumph, and those of wickedness to doom? Or are we just the byproduct of a random evolutionary process and victims of a violent time period? I hope the former is true.

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