Monday, May 23, 2011

The End of Europe Is Nigh

That’s basically how one can summarize the situation in Europe. Several (South) European countries are on the brink of collapse. Greece is as near bankruptcy as can be. At the same time, Western and Northern Europeans are becoming increasingly disturbed by the irresponsible behavior of the Greek, and of other nations.
Other nations, you ask?
Why yes. You see, Spain is almost in a state of civil war.* Spanish youth have been protesting announced economic reforms for some time now, because once again they are the ones who have to bear the grunt of the government cuts. This while the unemployment rate among the youth is up to 40% (or more).
Meanwhile, the ones actually responsible for Spain’s economic mess – the middle-aged and the elderly – are not asked to make any significant sacrifices.
If I were a Spaniard, I wouldn’t quite accept that either.
Having said that, reforms are desperately needed. If the Spanish continue living the way they’ve lived for decades, they’re doomed – and so will the rest of the European Union. After all, Europe’s economies are interconnected. If Spain falls, the Euro suffers a major blow. And if the Euro suffers a major blow, the other Euro-countries are in deep trouble indeed.
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  1. Fuck yeah. Let the revolution begins.

  2. Right & if those young fuckers had gone to school for something valuable, a marketable degree instead of partying and blaming others that they can't find a job then thier future would be much brighter. Too too bad mom and dad did not blister thier assses and make them go to school for something other than bull shit courses. So you get what you sow. So come after us older people,,,,,,we did not get old by being young stupid and ignorant. Come on,--- we got something for your whinny asses

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  4. america for a long time has been a joke.
    by beating the hell out of someone doesnt make you the winner.
    fools great for spain!
    start old vs young as the rich plummet and steal .
    good tactics
    pe0ple are so dum
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  5. You been sayin' things will get ugly quick for 3 fucking years dude - exactly what is your defintion of

    QUICK ?

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