Friday, May 6, 2011

Fukushima Groundwater Contamination Worst in Nuclear History

Fukushima Groundwater Contamination Worst in Nuclear History from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.


  1. Remind anyone of when they wouldn't allow independent experts and civilians near the Gulf Coast after the oil spill?

  2. Yes they did. Many biologists and chemists checked it out. And many environmentalist shamsters did too. Not to mention the hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of doomsday articles and videos that were made by all kinds of fruitloops for about a year.

    Get over it people, nothing happened to the Gulf and nothing is happening here.

    This era of humanity should be termed the Coming Confusion. This is by far the most critical time period we (homo sapiens) have ever met.

    I know that right now mankind is at a point where millions of lives, if not maybe a few billion, are in potential jeopardy. So don't tell me I'm a government agent or someone not prepared.

    The dangers are related to 1) the economic destruction of almost every nation, especially the dollar and euro dying, 2) Islamic Radicalism, 3) Communism, 4) possibly WW3, and 5) derangement of the mind in the western world which will be revealed when we no longer get our drugs and toys.

    The simple fact is that this is not something that is a danger. This is old news now. Individuals should spend their time on better things like strengthening their intellects, discipline, and health. Removing karma or stopping bad habits would be good. You could be praying, meditating, or wondering how to eliminate the violence, hatred, and anger in you.

    Anything really would be better than watching videos of doofs tell you crap that isn't real. I've given up on TV, radio, magazines, internet videos, Hollywood, and following any kind of writer and his material.

    The simple truth there is that 98% of what you listen to, read, or watch coming from those sources is entirely unreal.

    I'm sure some Icker or Jones fan will ridicule me for believing in Islamic Radicalism. That's because I'm a big old NeoCon living in Israel training for the Mossad. Big secret agent here to get you to think brown people in the middle east are threatening us and we should attack them...


  3. wonder if the new micro bacteria introduced into the gulf will evolve and prove to haunt or long term species exposure to corexit won't effect the chain in any way, and radiation in groundwater is fine sure, just don't drink the water in the area, wouldn't hang out around there either. not a problem as long as one doesn't live there. old news...and mentions of karma and some meditation all fine while many will never return to their homes in area's of japan others lost their family and many livelihoods are hit in the gulf, ho hum. old news, so we should concentrate on ridding the problems of ourselves by meditations...another problem with today, self centered thinking. want to rid yourself of a few problems go somewhere and help someone who needs help. "get over it people", what's that mean..who cares?

    1. Fukushima is the worst disaster since the murderous bomb of hiroshima a years ago.

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