Friday, May 13, 2011

Gerald Celente - Gold Standard Won't Save US


  1. this video needs more cocksucking. it's the only language you clowns understand.

  2. I understand that when TSHTF, some of us will be OK, and alot of others will be begging for hand outs. Just wait till the first panic and the stores get bought out. Then the real inflation will kick in. Trust me the elites are not going to do without. Their secret weapon is Inflation.

  3. Gerald Celente tells it the way it is - not the way he or anybody else wants it to be.
    The elites that run this country have traded our manufacturing base for the military industrial complex; because they own that

    Lock, stock and bloody barrel

    And you can trust Celente when he tells you - soon they will be taking us off to War - 'cause the big one, she's acomin'

  4. There's no recovering from this next one.

  5. How much would gold be if it was repriced to back the dollar? With all the money that is floating around, I think it would have to be $10,000

  6. I'm 52 years old.

    I recall clearly when I was about 7, gas prices in Southern California were about $.24 cents a gallon. By the time I hit 16 in 1975, the dollar had been off the gold standard for 2 years. Gas in 1975 was about $.80 cents a gallon. In 1973, pump prices were in the $.50 cent range and inflation came to visit and never left.

    Gold will have to go to $10,000 a ounce or higher before we can return to the gold/silver standard. Even then, it's hard to vision a return to the "good old days" when paper money had real, hard value.

    The house my parents bought in Huntington Beach was 4 bedrooms and it was new at $11,000.00. Dad earned about $80.00 a week and the house payment was $127.00. We were basically poor, but I hardly recognized it. Everyone back then, including the federal government was responsible. To hear that a neighbor was bankrupt carried the same amount of shame and sigma as adultery. It was just not socially acceptable.

    2012 the movie, is not what I expect to see 19 months from now. When I first heard about the Mayan calender and 2012, it was in 2007. 2008 started the beginning of the end as we know it. I really do expect total global economic collapse to happen before Dec. 2012, then we has a Family of Man will have no choice but to "reboot" and start over.

  7. I know this is very serious issue but damn she has a nice rack...Errrm...Sorry but she does.

  8. I remember in the late 70s my Dad told me he made $50 a day. He bought his first house for $10,000.
    Supported 2 kids, a wife that did not work and could afford a new car.

  9. 6:46

    If your dad pulled in $250.00 a week in the late 70's, I sure hope you mama did not have to work!

    My first job in 1977, paid $6.36 per hour, $254.00 a week. I had a new Kawasaki 650 and a nice apartment and plenty of money to stock the kitchen with all kinds of excellent food and lots of extra cash for Cannabis!

  10. Good comments! I am also 53, and remeber when my friends and i could fill our hondas for pocket change 1972! After that the cost was a dollar or more and we had a hard time raiseing hell, we were told that the world was running out of oil in school, mom and dad could only fill up, even or odd days!We belived that we would never get a car because there would not be enough gas by then? What a load of bullshit all that was!I know alot about the gold and silver standard now, funny how we did not learn that in screwool! I do wonder why our parents didnt rebeal when nixon signed off the standard? Although the viatnam war keep the country busy and seperated, also the push for womens rights to work probably made the women feel important! Well there out of the house now and working round the clock, very little time with there family and the money does not go as far as it did in 1973! Dam those banksters and rockafellers are good!

  11. 10.19 asks .
    "How much would gold be if it was repriced to back the dollar? With all the money that is floating around, I think it would have to be $10,000 "
    it it is an illusion that gold is valued by dollars ,it is dollars that are valued in their purchasing power against gold and silver, traditionaly used as world money ,or against other commodity wealth including oil .
    The fiat Paper dollar is a standard of value accepted in world trade and finance that was based on confidence in the US government and Central bank maintaining a strong dollar in value exchanges with the rest of the world.

    In "normal" times People were even prepared to invest in US government debt treasury bonds for dividend payouts denominated in the US dollarand expected to get their investment value back too!

    Such confidence in con men private banksters at the cental bank!

    But now the US government and the Fed run a scam whereby they buy Treasury bills to finance government deficit spending by money printing of dollars.

    It is after all only government debt paper.

    It is legal tender for paying taxes claimed by the US government, but it has no 'intrinsic" commodity value it is simply paper and ink.

    A dollar or a debt claim denominated in dollars is a debt claim on American assets.

    Most Physical dollars circulate outside america.
    They are $ value chickens that may return to roost in america in a sort of a bank run.
    As confidence in the value of dollars is fast declining owing to the turn to the printing press there may be a rush to cash in the $ debt claims against american assets, before the value of the dollar completelty disapears in inflation.

    While Gold and silver value have a material basis in the cost of the labor and invested capital necessary for their production.
    They are pervieved by many as a good store of wealth and a recognised money form for exchange .
    But money itself is not capital unless loaned for interest or title claim to a share in future profits.

    On the markets precious metals value is price as measured in dollars .
    But this price may be effected by speculators and its price even manipulated deliberately to certain levels , for example by those like cental bankers wishing to maintain the perceived value of paper currencies like the $ in comparison to gold price .

    Small investors in Precious metals may even find ways to benifit ,or lose , in that manipulation by the elite if they pick the winning sides in their trades . This investment decision can be based on political judgements too!

    That manipulation in price can be expensive to maintain even for the elites.
    So ,eventualy after manipulations and fluctuations in supply and demand, the real production cost of gold and silver,Golds material value, will eventualy re- asert itself in the markets and its true value will be refected in its price .
    Its cost of production.
    This average cost of production includes the labor cost of subsistance living by small
    panners and diggers in the third world.

    Should Gold be eventualy be valued at $10,000 dollars an ounce that is only a measure of the loss of purchasing power and loss of confidence in the purchasing power of the dollar paper.

    It is my belief that Gold @ $1500 an ounce is already way above its real world procuction cost.

    Without the financial Elite controling existing gold stocks and gold supply, gold will never be manipulated to $10,000 an ounce in dollars that have todays purchasing power.


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